Chad Ochocinco wonders why he keeps getting drug tested

Last month we noted that Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco had tweeted a photo of the notice put in his locker when he was required to provide a urine sample, perhaps exposing a flaw with the league’s drug-testing process.

Today Ochocinco tweeted about drug testing once again, this time wondering aloud (at least if tweeting is considered “aloud”) why he keeps getting randomly selected.

“#random i’ve been selected again for a random drug as i get to work, pissin excellence isn’t a problem but they trippin, 3 test n a month,” Ochocinco tweeted.

The league office took issue with the criticism that stemmed from Ochocinco’s tweet last month, and the league office has taken issue with Ochocinco’s violations of league Twitter policy, but on this one the league is likely to give Ochocinco a pass. He doesn’t seem to be suggesting that the league is targeting him, merely that he finds it a little annoying that three times in the last month, he has shown up to work only to be met by someone demanding that he pee in a cup.

I’d find that a little annoying, too.

36 responses to “Chad Ochocinco wonders why he keeps getting drug tested

  1. Chad loves the media attention…but an article on each of his tweets…really? Damn it must be a slow news day! We already follow him on Twitter, do we really need a TMZ report about it too.

  2. i dont follow him on tweeter let pft post stories about whatever they want its easy enough to not open one you don’t have an interest in

  3. Duh — of course it’s not “random.” The NFL knows that Ochocinco will tweet about how often he gets drug tested every time he gets tested, thereby making their drug testing program look more legit than it really is. Free advertising at its best.

  4. Someone from the League office must have watched one of the latter episodes of his reality show, The Ultimate Catch, and noticed that some of his family members (brothers, perhaps) who were on the show appeared to be under the influence of marijuana when playing pool and discussing which babe Chad needed to send home. It was fairly obvious (half open, bloodshot eyes) that they had just fired one up…

  5. I don’t know, Chad. Some of the stupid things you do make me wonder why you’re not tested MORE often.

  6. i dont get it. #85 hasnt had a drug violation in the NFL. i thought the CBA says players with no history of drugs do not get randomly tested.

  7. any player with a break out game or a record setting performance should be tested directly after the game. before they even hit the locker room.
    There should be no room for cheaters and not even a blink of hesitation when testing the top performers. If they have nothing to hide, then it will be a regular post game piss.
    Juicers should be permanitely banned fromt he league.

  8. Aren’t drugs detectable up to 6 months after you use them? If so, why would you need to test someone more than on a seasonal basis?

  9. myeaglescantwin says: September 15, 2010 11:25 AM
    Juicers should be permanitely banned fromt he league.
    Have you seen Chad’s body frame? He’s not juicing. They’re testing him for recreational drugs.

  10. Welcome to the real world…thousands of us “regular guys” are randomly drug tested by our employers. I’ve been randomly selected by a computer to pee in a cup 6 times in 2 months. Big deal…get over it.

  11. Same old Bungles. Paper Champs at the beginning of the season never to be heard from once the season actually starts…..Them and the Jets
    That would be reserved for true teams like Steelers, Ravens and Patriots.

  12. I love how people are expected to just grin and bear it for intrusions into personal space. just because you get paid, that doesn’t make it right.
    it’s amazing how we have no problem with voluntarily giving our rights away. i guess we do have a herd mentality though.

  13. I don’t know who should be tested…..CHAD OCHOCINCO…..or the idiots that have never heard the phrase “Piss Excellence” before this thread.

  14. Because of my job in the Navy, I had to pee in a cup on a regular basis PLUS be subject to random testing. Unfortunately, one of my good friends failed his test and it was the squadron’s unofficial policies that they be treated as non-beings and you were expected to ignore them if they talked to you , even in an official capacity unless you were one of a few people in the squadron that were authorized to talk to them but ONLY in an official capacity.
    Not being the kind of guy to treat a friend like crap, I continued to talk to him and I was told in no uncertain terms that I should stop talking to him (not an order but a “suggestion”) but I ignored them. Then the increased “random” tests began. Before a flight, after a flight, just before I came back to work after 18 hours off and on and on it went. I finally got tired of it and threatened action against everyone involved and the “random” tests magically stopped.

  15. WHY is he getting tested so frequently?
    Well, maybe if he didn’t act like he was on psychotropic drugs, the league office wouldn’t pursue it!

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