Dismissal of protective order could pave way for Sharpe's return

On Tuesday, former NFL tight end Shannon Sharpe stepped aside from his duties at CBS pending the resolution of a protective order entered against him last week.

On Wednesday, the situation apparently was resolved.

TMZ reports that the protective order has been dismissed.  Though there’s no indication yet regarding whether Sharpe will be back on the air on Sunday, the dismissal of the order and the absence of any other investigation would suggest that Sharpe can return.

As we pointed out on Tuesday, an “ex parte” protective order is obtained without the party against whom it is entered even appearing in court.  While it’s not clear how or why the order suddenly evaporated in advance of Monday’s hearing (and, yes, there’s a chance that a financial settlement was reached), the matter looks to be concluded.

28 responses to “Dismissal of protective order could pave way for Sharpe's return

  1. I want to hear Terry Bradshaw go off on a fellow anyalist like he did against Ben! Bradshaw shoudl dtick to his words saying CBS should fire Sharpe since he was accused of doing ill will towards women!

  2. hay steelers rule poor little benny you don’t like when he sticks his pee pee out to show little girls he just didn’t do ill will toward women
    he did it against drunken little girls what a big fat pig

  3. @MrSteve – Careful, you might incur the wrath of Deb as I did yesterday! LOL
    Would be nice to know who had it dismissed, a smart judge or did the woman realize she would be made a fool of and drop it herself?

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  5. Yes, this order was dismissed. But what about all the other ones. If it’s multiple women, there seems to be a pattern of abuse here. Sound like network material to me.
    It looks like PFT doesn’t want the story. Somebody else will get it. They got Tiger’s tail… er….trail.

  6. “the dismissal of the order and the absence of any other investigation would suggest that Sharpe can return.”
    Didn’t work out that way for Roethlisberger.
    Oh and connie, pull a bag over your head and get laid, please?

  7. And yet another Baby Momma gets paid (off)!
    And I would like to echo what others have said: Please, for the love of all that is Holy, no more of Mr. Ed! And it’s not a racial thing either — In my office there are a large number of minorities (African Americans and other) who regularly blast this guy and his inability to speak clearly. Not sure if it’s a speech impediment, or what, but between the speed at which he tries to talk and the way he does it, it’s a real challenge to understand.

  8. Steelers fans,
    Your owner considered trading him, after 2 SB victories. His f**cked up police officer bodyguards were relieved of duty for the incident. Countless comments were posted on this website and others from Pittsburgh locals who saw Big Ben out on the town acting like a womanizing, non-tipping, drunk asshole. You don’t think there was evidence for a reasonable person, or someone in a better situation to know the facts (i.e. Rooney, Goodell, Tomlin), to believe he did something unlawful and immoral to that college girl and hotel employee (Screw me once, shame on you; screw me twice, shame on me). You didn’t even like him after it happened. It really put a damper on the wonderfully beautiful and progressive city of Pittsburgh. Don’t act like he’s not a rapist.

  9. I would wager most ex-parte orders are either dismissed or dropped before the evidentiary hearing.
    Probably because most ex-parte protection orders are bullshit, and are being used by one party to gain legal leverage over another party to further some sort of unrelated goal.
    If a woman or child is being abused or otherwise assaulted, there is is legal recourse available through the criminal justice system, or the civil courts.
    Yes I speak from experience, my wife’s ex-husband (as I stated in the last thread) filed no less than three ex-parte orders for protection (on behalf of my wife’s son). No matter how outlandish the claims, judges will sign the initial order.
    In our case all three orders were dismissed after the initial hearing. But after occurring fees of $5,000-$6,000 each time.
    These ex-parte orders are widely abused simply because they are so easy to initiate. Also they cost the filing party next to nothing to start.
    The general public usually has no understanding of how these work. It is a great way to smear somebodies name, and cost them money.

  10. # Bronco4life says: September 15, 2010 7:00 PM
    “Steelers fans,
    Don’t act like he’s not a rapist.”
    Law enforcement authorities would like to have a word with you, being as they found no cause to pursue charges, yet you seem to be in possession of some evidence to the contrary.
    By all means, do your part.

  11. steelers rule says:
    September 15, 2010 5:15 PM
    I want to hear Terry Bradshaw go off on a fellow anyalist like he did against Ben! Bradshaw shoudl dtick to his words saying CBS should fire Sharpe since he was accused of doing ill will towards women!
    Bradshaw knows “Ben the Rapist” is lucky —- this time; can’t say the same for his victims. It’s a shame you are a Steelers fan. I used to think they were a bit more classy.

  12. @FloriosHairCut:
    If you had any comprehension of the rules associated with civil or criminal procedure, you would realize that a trial of this status with the resources of someone with a $100 million contract would take years to prosecute, and would neither be worth the resources of the city nor the limited resources and time of a college student. Because the ownership of the Steelers and the management of the NFL made the decision to suspend him, I have reason to believe that enough evidence existed to demonstrate Roethlisberger’s violation of the personal conduct policy. He did something wrong. Sorry you’re in denial.

  13. Two sides to every story. The Duke lacrosse case taught everyone(if not well before) that don’t take anything that is reported seriously in this gossip media society. There is no such thing as “real news”, just speculation by so called reporters to put anything out as fast as they can on a twitter account, blog, etc.
    Sharpe had to “resign” because some woman can get a court order, then she drops it. What are her penalties now from the court? Large fines or jail time should be handed down for wasting everyones time and money.

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