Jets start process of replacing Kris Jenkins

Acquiring Albert Haynesworth seems like a longshot for the Jets, to put it mildly. 

Instead, it appears the Jets will go the trusty veteran backup route.  The team signed Howard Green on Wednesday, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Green played 12 games for the Jets last year when Jenkins tore his ACL last time around.  Green will back up new starter Sione Pouha. 

15 responses to “Jets start process of replacing Kris Jenkins

  1. The real question is, if this guy was good enough, why wasnt he already on the team? And considering he wasnt already on the team (not including practice squad when I say on the team) why didnt somebody else sign him?
    If I was Belichick, I would have signed him 10 minutes after Jenkins went down on Sun night, just so that the Jets couldnt sign him as a replacement for Jenkins. Plus it wouldnt hurt to know the Jets system…. Because if the roles were reversed, that is what the Jets would have done, and then they would march him out as a capt. (side note, what is the point of the players voting for team captains, if the Jets are just going to send any schmuck out there as a capt?)

  2. Enough of the wild speculation about Haynesworth to the Jets. Kris Jenkins was a big run stuffing NT for the Jets, which is exactly what Haynesworth refuses to do in Washington.
    Given Albert’s performance thus far, the Jets are much better off bringing in a guy of the street for nothing than wasting a 3rd round pick on a backup NT with a big contract who doesn’t want to be there to begin with. Even when Albert was in demand the Jets didn’t want him.

  3. No Haynesworth please, we have enough loudmouths to deal with in that locker room. I just take consolation in the fact that our D was nasty without him last year, so nothing says that we can’t be nasty this year in the same situation. Pace, get well soon buddy!

  4. What a bloody shame! As a Baltimore fan, I really enjoyed watching the big man dominate the line of scrimmage for many years. But it looks like this colossal Nose Tackle’s days are done…….too bad

  5. He played 12 games last year, he can’t be on the practice squad. Jenkins is a huge blow. Man looked to be on a mission, until he got rolled up.

  6. Losing Jenkins will hurt more than some of you may think. The Jets went 3-0 with him but 6-7 without him in the reg season (Note: That includes the 2 games that were “given” to the Jets at the end of the year…) Playoffs are a little different but they did manage 2 wins without him

  7. DeVito is a classic overachiever, he proved very valuable to the D line last year and hopefully can do the same this year.
    Just say NO to Haynes-worthless.
    It really sucks though to not have Jenkins.

  8. By the way, Marino rules nothing. As a quarterback he was nothing short of a failure. In 17 seasons he won nothing. He had saudy numbers because Miami never had a running game, was often behind, and had Marino throwing on EVERY DOWN. Dan Marino wishes he was Joe Namath.

  9. Enough of the Haynesworth talk. Why would they trade for him to play Nose Tackle when that is the reason he isn’t happy in DC.

  10. losing big jenks is such letdown man… i was so excited to have him back this year, he’s the leader of the D, leader in the locker room, he is exactly what the jets need in their NT. pouha proved last year that he can play at the level of a competent starting NT, but he’s no kris jenkins. the d line had some guys step up last year though, and its gonna have to happen again this year.

  11. Sanchez already has more road playoff wins than Marino. It took him 17 years to get his only one and they must have been spent because they lost 62-7 the next week.

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