Kevin Kolb, Stewart Bradley still haven't passed concussion test

Eagles starting quarterback Kevin Kolb and starting middle linebacker Stewart Bradley did not participate in team meetings on Wednesday because of the concussions they suffered against the Packers in the season opener.

The Eagles won’t make any declarations about the status of either player.  At best, they could return to practice on Friday.  Coach Andy Reid said the players are “making progress” but they will have to pass an evaluation on Friday before returning to the field.

Micheal Vick is taking the first-team reps in the meantime and looks like the heavy favorite to start on Sunday against the Lions.  No matter what happens, Reid is adamant Vick can’t play his way into the starting job.

“Kevin knows he’s the guy,” Reid said, via the Philadelphia Daily News.

Reid also defended how the team treated both players’ concussions during the game.  Kolb and Bradley returned to the field after initially getting hurt.

“I feel very comfortable that we followed the protocol,” Reid said.
“The most important thing that happened was that [trainer] Rick [Burkholder]
followed up.”

33 responses to “Kevin Kolb, Stewart Bradley still haven't passed concussion test

  1. Reid also said McNabb is the guy. I think when he’s saying “Kolb/McNabb is the guy” he conveniently leaves out the rest of the sentence which is: that will be replaced soon.

  2. Video of Bradley video stumbling off the field speaks volumes. Reid and everyone else knows he shouldn’t have gone back.
    Over/under on Vick turnovers in Vegas is 3. Think easy net taking over.

  3. Reids idea of “passing the concussion test”.
    Pit Kolb against Bradley in the “Oklahoma Drill”
    Repeat. Over and over.
    Last guy standing passes!

  4. Reid is adamant that Kolb is #1 guy! If Mike leads the team past Detroit and Jacksonville, the return of #5 to Philly with Vick starting is gonna be must see TV!

  5. Brett Favre…….sexting Jenn Sturger??? Where’s the story Florio? You crucify Tiger Woods yet sweep the Farve story……are ya racist???

  6. As a huge McNabb fan, I’m loving this! What are the Eagles gonna do when Vick goes down with an injury too, rely on rookie Mike Kafka? A Vick injury will happen if he continues to run on every other play. He missed a lot of playing time in Atlanta. Reid bet the farm on Kolb, and now he’s gonna pay the price!
    Go Skins!

  7. if he wasnt alright, he wouldnt have been able to play football at the nfl level. which he did. its clearly just a really strict safety precaution because 60s nfl players are becoming half retarded just now and everyones worried. the fact of the matter is he did fall down, he did sit for a short while. then somebody, be it him or reid, said bradley is good to play, right now. then he went back in and played professional football. it couldnt have been that severe of a concussion

  8. Reid is an ass for letting Bradley back in that game. Who cares what the team vet said. We all saw that guy stumble and obviously punch drunk. Much as I hate the eagirls I dont applaud a players injury especially concussions. Bradley had a big heart returning but that was not good coaching IMHO.

  9. Am I the only one who sees something wwrong with a guy who couldn’t walk to get off the field is allowed to re-enter the game and now he can’t pace any of the concussion tests? Sounds like progress to me…

  10. Clearly Andy Reid just doesn’t get it.
    What the hell does he care if these guys have long-term issues? He wants to win a super bowl, and he’s not gonna let a handful of stupid concussions get in his way.

  11. craigmack says: September 15, 2010 1:23 PM
    “Am I the only one who sees something wwrong with a guy who couldn’t walk to get off the field is allowed to re-enter the game and now he can’t pace any of the concussion tests?”
    Question is…. can you pace the tests?!?

  12. Put Vick in there & let Kolb heal!!! seems that the Eagles played better with Vick anyway & might win this week???

    every coach knows what he’s gonna call before the QB breaks the huddle.
    Running the same O for 11 years is a great way to ensure mediocrity

  14. Not many teams find success when they have a QB controversy. When the Eagles got Vick everyone knew this day was coming.

  15. If the guys passed the initial tests, and then a short while later you discover they really did have concussions, how can you avoid the conclusion that there is a problem with the initial tests? “comfortable following the protocol”??
    Smells of trying to avoid being at fault… but failing to avoid looking like an idiot.

  16. Hey Greggy, listen honey, I know you’re panties get in a knot when i comment about the remedial writing class you have yet to take, but when i used the word “jackass’ in my previous post, I was talking about Reid, not you sweetheart. No reason to delete my comment.

  17. In all fairness to Kolb, Reid has to give him at least several games to show what he can do before annointing another starting QB. Anything less than that, and the entire Eagles organization will have egg on their faces. You can’t judge a guy based on one bad half of football.

  18. I am no Mike Vick fan, but if the Eagles want to win, he should start this Sunday. The Lions D-line will roll Kolb and if he is still a little “slow” they could end his season. At least for this game, Vick’s mobility would be superior to Kolb’s passes.

  19. The ‘gold standard’ in coaching:
    1)Have the NFL’s lead trainer on head injuries on your staff and still send a concussed player back in after the “hold up 2 fingers” test
    2)Consider starting Kevin Kolb after the the Dogkilla almost singlehandedly beat the “crown they-ass” champions.
    3)Have the NFL’s “best” offensive coordinator on your staff…only to have the worst offensive lineman and even worse run blocking schemes
    4)Hire Marty Morningwheg…or however you spell his name.

  20. It’s pretty funny to see so many people drawing conclusions for the season / career of Kolb after one half of play. Not to mention the ridiculous redskin fans who have already put McNabb in their ring of honor after one game without scoring a single touchdown.

  21. I like how Eagles fans were screaming McNabb won’t last the season, and yet Kolb didn’t last 1 quarter. Go Figure

  22. Big Red is an idiot for letting bradley back in the game. If Bradley were a boxer the ref woulda stopped the fight after seeing him try to get up and his legs turn to jello and hit the turf again. I know his job is to be a warrior but he also like to function when he retires I’m sure. To say he was confortbale with Bradley going back in the game is assinine. Reid will be exposed for the fraud he is now that the fans/media don’t have mcnabb to rag on.

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