Mike Zimmer takes the blame: "I thought we were the '85 Bears"

The Bengals defense didn’t know what hit them last Sunday when the Patriots put up 17 points before Cincinnati could settle down.

“The whole thing was my fault. The whole fiasco was my fault,” defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer
said.  “I know better than what I did. I’ve got big enough shoulders to
take it.”

This isn’t just a case of a coach taking the blame because that’s what coaches do.  After the game, Bengals players said they were tentative, overwhelmed.

“We were worried about so many different things we weren’t playing fast,” defensive tackle Domata Peko told Geoff Hobson of the team’s website.

Zimmer says he will simplify things this week against the Ravens as Cincinnati tries to avoid an 0-2 start.

“This week it’s on them. This is the last time I take it,” Zimmer said.  “They played hard the other day. I
had them [thinking about] too many things.  Paralysis by analysis on a
lot of things . . . We forgot to play football. My fault . . . I thought we were
the ’85 Bears.”

Zimmer will happily take the ’09 Bengals defense this week.

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  1. Zimmer then went on to say, “Do me a favor. Just kick my ass, okay? Kick this ass for a man, that’s all. Kick my ass. Enjoy. Come on. I’m not asking, I’m telling with this. Kick my ass. “

  2. I seriously doubt anybody could confuse the 2010 Bengals defense with the ’85 Bears defense…except for their DC. Maybe he needs to be checked for a concussion

  3. I don’t undertsand this–the 85 Bears defense was hardly “paralysis by analysis” football (although the 46 scheme was pretty great)–it was really just simple “paralysis by brutalitis”.
    Check the 1:40 mark:

  4. I’d say it was to complicated.. They looked the little chicken’s with there head’s cut off.. I guess there must have been some trial and error coaching there that should have been done in the pre-season.

  5. I really hope they show up this week. Week one shocked me. They were definitely paralysis by analysis- preparing for the Patriots would seem to lend itself to that problem. Ravens are not as complicated and we do much better in the AFCN because of that fact

  6. Really? No blame on their USC max contract QB that can’t get over the perverbial hump? Batman n Robiskie have nothing 2 say?

  7. “We ain’t here – to cause no trouble – we’re just here – to try and win a playoff game for a change”
    (Saxomophone solo)

  8. @BP
    I’m no fool the Patriots are well the Patriots, they are freaking good, but their offense was anything but unstoppable on Sunday. It was defense and special teams that won it for them.
    Why are we putting so much emphasis on the Bengals D? How about we dont throw interpceptions for TD’s and give up kickoff returns for TD’s. Take that away and its 24-24. (of course brady could have just thrown 2 more td’s if we take away the the def. and special teams td’s)

  9. The Pats offense will be great this year. But I think that victory had even more to do with game planning for an opponent. Belichek is great at it and I think he just caught the Bengals with their pants down.

  10. The Bengals lost because – like usual – they were thoroughly out-coached. I’ll never understand the prognosticators and Bengals fans who think this team stands a chance with Marvin Lewis lumbering around the sidelines. The guy has been out of his element since he arrived in 2003.
    Not to mention the QB stinks, too.

  11. @ FinFan
    The comment about the 85 Bears was tongue in cheek.
    (By the way, the expression “tongue in cheek” is used to describe a statement that is meant to be viewed ironically and not meant to be taken at face value. He wasn’t really pressing his tongue into his cheek when he made the comment, as this would make one’s speech unintelligible. Just wanted to clear things up since you lack the ability to comprehend anything but the literal.)

  12. Goetta-Head says:
    “Ravens are not as complicated and we do much better in the AFCN because of that fact”
    And now, the facts:
    28-53 vs. Steelers all-time
    13-15 vs. Ravens all-time
    38-35 vs. Browns all-time
    79-103 All Time record vs. AFCN
    More alarming…last week’s beat down was at the hands of a team that’s in a rebuilding year and the Ravens are many expert’s favorite for the superbowl.
    You might have seen what they did to the team that bounced your boys from the playoffs last season.

  13. The Bengals D played with no intensity at all. They lack the killer instinct that the Steelers and Ravens defenses have.

  14. @ CougarHunter. Thanks for pointing out the obvious. Zimm does not think they are that good…he was actually distracted during the game because he was watching the cell phone footage of PacMan makin’ it rain

  15. @ BroJackson
    You can rationalize game anyway you wish…but NE took Bengals to woodshed.
    You forget their safeties were 20 yards downfield all 2nd half..and while not in prevent, they certainly were not letting anyone behind them.
    The score was much closer than the game actually was…this was a butt whipping of a ‘potentially’ strong Bengal team…who are poorly coached [ HC anyway]

  16. Carson Palmer may be mediocre at best againt everyone else, but he absolutely OWNS Baltimore (they’re actually kinda his b****). 8-3 lifetime against that “incredible” defense led by RayRay.
    Zero chance they lose on Sunday. Bengals 27-Ravens 17.
    Btw, Ravens fans, your secondary is terrible. Watch for it to get lit up this weekend!

  17. In the last 10 games against the Ravens the Bengals are 7-3.
    Carson Palmer is 8-3 all time as a starter against the Ravens.
    Let’s not go throwing “all-time” records around Ravens fans.
    Also, I’d rather put up 24 points against the Pats (who were NOT on cruise control as those who saw the game know) than have virtually no offense against a stagnant Jets defense. It’s still the Bengals division and they’ll prove that on Sunday.

  18. Trash talking is all good and fun, and the Bengals are an easy target…
    ..but seriously. You Steeler and Ravens fans should probably make sure you can at least beat the Bungles this year, which neither of you were able to last year – a year when the Bungles also started 0-1.
    Wait until after the Ravens win sunday – IF they do. Until then, keep in mind that their “overrated” QB is 7-3 against them.

  19. Aren’t those kinks supposed to be worked out in preseason?
    That’s right, starters don’t play in preseason.

  20. The Bengals are just not that good….I blame the offense for not taking some of the heat off the D. Palmer, who is overrated, missed wide open guys, threw behind guys on 3rd down and forced balls into coverage during the first half. The pats looked better than they were. Lets see the Pats drop 30 on that Jet D then I will give them there props.

  21. The Bengals constantly go for athletes with character issues because they get bargains on them. Those types do have great talent, but most times they have low footbal IQs.
    It’s fine to mix one or two of those guys in there, but when you build a whole team around those guys, you wind up with a dumb team.
    That’s exactly what you saw against the Pats. The bengals are dumb and the Pats coaches must have giggled watching the bengals fall for every trick they threw at them.

  22. Laxative37,
    Patriots lead 13-8; at home 8-2, 1-0 at Gillette.
    AFCN all time 77% winning percentage (based on your figures)
    Bengals v Patriots all time 61%
    But what is more relevant is the RECENT history
    Bengals v AFCN since 2005- 19-11
    Bengals v Patriots since 2005- 0-3
    Plus the Patriots are 8-0 in home openers
    Put that in your pipe and smoke it
    We’ll see how the Bengals respond. I certainly am not convinced that we will win against Bmore, although I hope we do.

  23. How many Playoff games has Carson Palmer won?
    How many has Joe Flacco won?
    What have the Bengals ever accomplished?
    Ravens-41 Bengals-10 on Sunday

  24. “Maybe the Pat’s offense was just that good.”
    eh they lost the 2nd half. moss didnt break 60 yards on the day. and an a defense interception for a td and special team TD won the game. aside from that, the pats offense was out played.
    seriously, where do they hand out the crack pipes here.

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