Polian likely will discuss Calvin Johnson rule tonight

With a trio of members of the Competition Committee replacing former V.P. of officiating Mike Pereira as the league representative for the “Official Review” segment on NFL Network’s Total Access, the Week One segment airs tonight, with Colts president Bill Polian in the hot seat.

In his debut podcast on NFL.com (it’s excellent and worth a listen, by the way), Total Access host Rich Eisen talks at length about the Calvin Johnson rule, and we assume that Eisen will be ready to ask Polian plenty of questions about the situation.

So tune in to NFLN at 7:00 p.m. ET.  I’ll be taking Florio Jr. out to dinner for his birthday, but MDS will be watching the segment and breaking down Polian’s comments.

12 responses to “Polian likely will discuss Calvin Johnson rule tonight

  1. The only question i have about the catch is this! If getting two feet down no longer constitutes possesion and the rule states that a reciever must keep the ball through the process of the catch when going to the ground. Can a reciever catch the ball in the middle of the field run ten yards down field get tackled and lose the ball as he hits the ground and still be ruled a catch or is it incomplete? Cause he caught the ball had two feet down then his butt hit the ground and he still had possesion. then the roll over would be considered as a secondary act and like running down the field before being tackeled. I think even with the way the rule is now that its still a catch. Because when he first hit the ground he still had possesion. when he rolled over and pushed to get up is when he droped the ball. The refs and head of officiating messed up and they all know it they are just to high and mighty to admit they are wrong.

  2. Worst BS call ever. I don’t care what that stupid rule says. The zebras aren’t supposed to be robots. Look at the dam play and with a little common sense you see that it’s a catch. Unreal. He loses the ball getting UP! The dumb rule is for recievers going to the ground. Not for 1 second did CJ think he didn’t catch that ball. The sad part is once the d-bags get together and change this stupid rule that their idiot officials can’t handle we won’t get a win back and in the D wins are at a premium.

  3. Any chance Eisen will ask Bill ‘Break His %$#&ing Leg’ Polian about why he prevents radio stations from streaming his weekly radio show? Will he address Roger Staubach’s remarks about how Polian’s rule changes have ‘wussified’ the game? As a Pats fan, I respect Peyton and the Colts, but I effing hate Polian.

  4. it wasn’t a catch…what if that were in the middle of the field and not the endzone…no way it’s a catch..

  5. Nothing wrong with the rule, they just have to inform the refs of what “touching the ground” means.
    Two feet, an ass, and a hand is definitely “touching the ground”.

  6. While it should have been a touch down, the ref’s probably made the right call because Johnson did not do enough to protect the ball. Great receivers don’t give the ref’s anything to make the wrong call. Johnson appeared to be more interested in showboating Michael Irvin style one handed with the football and it cost his team the game. Best reciever in the NFL, not anymore, in a previous play Johnson caught the ball and did not get out of bounds costing his time time and a down because they had to spike the ball; not very smart on Johnsons part.

  7. Napolian will be completely objective and totally unbiased in his evaluation of this rule. He will then use his power on the Competition Committee too change the rule so as to best benefit his team. The history and his track record are plain. He should be removed from that committee because of his manipulations to benefit his team in particular.

  8. What do you have to do to get a comment posted on this site????? I see people swearing all the time and their crap gets posted? WTF doesn’t make any sense

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