The door opens for Mike Vick

Setting aside the words of coach Andy Reid, which he has proven in the context of Donovan McNabb can never be trusted, the truth is that Mike Vick has become the Eagles new starting quarterback.

And he’ll keep the job until Kevin Kolb is healthy.  And Kevin Kolb won’t be healthy until Vick shows that he can’t get it done.

For more on the realities of a suddenly-jumbled quarterback situation in Philly, we give you another brand-new PFTV segment.


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  1. Even though its fun to get on Philly fans about how bad Kolb was and how he’ll never amount to anything, I think its time to look at reality now. Vick has proven to be very inconsistent and can not be trusted as a starting QB, week in and week out.
    Then again, its not like Kolb is a model of consistency himself, either

  2. This is a lawyer’s writing?
    “Setting aside the words of coach Andy Reid, which he has proven in the context of Donovan McNabb can never be trusted, the truth is that Mike Vick has become the Eagles new starting quarterback.”
    Nice sentence. You guys need an editor. One who knows, among other things, that the past tense of prove is proved.
    Now what was the article about again?

  3. oh just write the article…. i hate the tv segments…
    some of us are at work and cant “watch tv”… its much safer to read.

  4. Vick sucks, thank God Dallas can suffer that loss to the Skins because the Eagles are 4-12 at best with this idiot at QB.

  5. i guess being a journalist doesn’t require actually researching and reporting the story so much as it involves you simply posting opinions on your website. it is asinine to say that mike vick will be starting for any reason other than kolb being unable to play due to injury, not that he “can’t get it done”

  6. You are again trying to make news out of a non-story. Michael Vick will start because Kolb is not physically able to. It’s not like Vick went into the game and lit it up. He is a terrible passing QB, a poor leader and makes awful decisions when throwing the ball.
    Kolb will be starting Week 3 guaranteed.

  7. I’d rather poke needles in my eyes than watch one of your PFTV segments. Can you just cut and paste the break news please?
    There are rumors (I have heard them here in my home office….so get off your tail and get to work Florio) regarding Mankins possibly being traded from NE to Dallas. Any truth to this? Can you get on it please and stop filming PFTV segments from your guest crapper down the hallway in your house.

  8. when kevin kolb is healthy, he is the starter regardless. andy reid didnt let mcnabb go so he could fall back to michael “hi im ron mexico” vick. this sounds like the nutjobs that call into philly sports radio shows, utter nonsense.
    when kolb is healthy enough to start he will, period. and who really thinks that mike vick has suddenly become a top 10 quarterback in the nfl all of a sudden.
    vick is a great athlete, not a great qb.
    he was a better athlete in atlanta than now and what did he do??
    nonsense florio, vick is average at best overall.
    there are about 5 teams in the NFL that vick Might could start for on a regular basis, philly isnt one of them.

  9. Kolb is the starter, period. Granted, Vick may very well be the best backup QB in the NFL and I suspect he’ll do a fine job holding down the fort, but the job is Kolb’s.

  10. Lions are getting 5 for this weeks matchup vs the eagles. I’ll take that as my upset special. Vick has a career 74 qb rating, and while the lions defense is undersized(outside of Suh) they do have some speedy linebackers/DE’s which will give Vick some problems.
    24-20 Detriot

  11. Vick tries playing Randall Cunningham like he did in the 2nd half against a Packers prevent D…he’s going to wind up in the same shape as Kolb. He opens himself up to way too many hits when he takes off that much. With that O-line…that’s all he’ll be able to do.
    I’ll say by week 8 or 9 he’s getting booed off the field along with a slurry of stuffed animals in dog or puppy form and some C batteries.

  12. McNabb, Dawkins and Westbrook were leaders.
    I do not see either Vick or Kolb having that virtue.
    It’s early, but it sure doesn’t look good for the organization.

  13. i live in philly territory and some fans are pro Dmac and others arent.
    what almost all the fans agree on is that Reid is terrible for never running the ball.

  14. This has been a non story for awhile.
    Philly would have faired no better with Vick as QB than with Kolb has the Packers known which they were going with. For one the Pack would have had more DL active.
    Rewatch the game and you’ll see they threw in Vick before Kolb got planted. It’s hard to get a rhythm if you’re a QB. Philly also has a lot of penalties which stalled drives.
    When Vick get in he mostly runs out of a collapsing pocket. Without those runs the Eagles go no where. And when it came to crunch time… Vick was just like his old self and came up way short.
    In short, if the Eagles wanna be contenders they need to shore up their O-line, because whoever they put back there is just gonna get hurt.

  15. You don’t know Andy Reid, Florio.
    Kolb is his boy and that’s how it’s going to be no matter how well Vick plays.
    That said, what is the likelihood that Vick will play well on a long term basis? Zero. He never has. He’s more erratic than McNabb ever was and that’s saying something.

  16. Vick will tear it up for the next two weeks and then (hopefully) we can trade him for some value.. Take it from us THERE IS NO DOUBT that Vick gives us the best chance to win a game or to have a decent season, but he’s in the last year of a deal. What then, then next year we are bitchin again. Kolb needs to get his reps AS SOON AS HE’s HEALTHY. They have devoted too much to this kid & i still believe he can get it done.
    There are 3-4 teams that really could use his help and have a great situation for the one year deal with an option to re-sign next year.
    1-Buffalo can use as much help as they can find. He would bring money to that dying market.
    2-Carolina is an option, just so he can lead them this year and have Clausen come along next year.
    3- Detroit needs a serious answer to thier problem now. & there’s no question that Stafford has the job when he comes back.
    Then these two
    4- San Fran, simply cause Alex Smith is garbage.
    5- Oakland. AL Davis caught wood (1st time in 20 years) watching Vick run on sunday.

  17. The Eagles’ season will be pretty much over if Reid allows a QB controversy to ensue.
    This is precisely why I would NEVER keep two decent QB’s on my roster – it creates more trouble than the injury insurance it provides.
    This is why Whisenhunt was smart in cutting lose Leinart. You cannot allow the media any possibility of undermining the way you run your team.
    Vick will perform OK until defenses start to game-plan for him, then he’ll be back to his usual tricks – around 50% completion with few TD’s. Vick’s a one-trick pony.

  18. Man, so many of you posters are such nonthinkers. What Vick did in Atlanta has no bearing on what he does or doesn’t do in Philly. He has different coaches (maybe someone who actually knows something, as opposed to Jim Mora, Jr.), different offense, and way more weapons. He had zero WRs in Atlanta that were the caliber of Maclin or Jackson. He doesn’t have the be the whole show in Philly the way he had to be with the Falcons.
    This past Sunday he completed 67% of his passes and put up 270+ yards of offense in a single half. What’s wrong with that? If Philly got that kind of performance out of its QB every week, they’d never lose a game.
    And I’m saying that as a Packer fan. The Pack was damn lucky to get out of there with a win. Sure, Vick made the one poor decision, but you expect that with a guy who hasn’t QB’ed an extended series of downs in several years.

  19. Bingo Mr Florio you hit the nail right on the head if Vick does well then we’ll hold out Kolb another week, then if Vick goes to Jacksonville and gets another win then see ya next year Kevin Kolb.

  20. Gotta love it when people who’s teams lost last week talk smack. STFU you are making yourselves look foolish!

  21. RacerX says:
    September 15, 2010 3:24 PM
    This is a lawyer’s writing?
    “Setting aside the words of coach Andy Reid, which he has proven in the context of Donovan McNabb can never be trusted, the truth is that Mike Vick has become the Eagles new starting quarterback.”
    Nice sentence. You guys need an editor. One who knows, among other things, that the past tense of prove is proved.
    Now what was the article about again?
    Tortuous, syntactical train-wreck of a sentence aside, you’re wrong:
    prove -present tense
    proved –past tense
    have/has proven –past participle
    For once I agree with Pervy–Vick does suck Doberman dick (of course, Pervy does, too), and he’s nothing but a more herpes-infested version of T-Joke.
    Good luck with that, Beagles. Better hope the coaches keep him on short leash, because along with Ron Mexico’s flashy runs and lucky completions, he’ll also choke harder than a pitbull in a noose.
    BET on it.

  22. vick is a great athlete, not a great qb.
    he was a better athlete in atlanta than now and what did he do??
    Two pro bowls and I believe he lost to the Eagles in the NFC championship. Like I said, please, please, please get healthy Kolb. I don’t want my Skins to have to play against Vick.

  23. All the excitement over one flashy Vick game will quickly subside when he’s rendered ordinary again by better-prepared teams.
    Does anyone really think Vick has somehow magically transformed from the dope we saw against Dallas last season to some magical version of his many-years-ago self? That every team will be as comically unprepared to handle him as the Packers were?
    Sorry, that simply doesn’t happen. Reality will set in again quickly, the Eagles will sputter, and even if some other team is dumb enough to pick up Vick, he’ll just keep declining as time wears on, quickly to the point of being no use.

  24. Andy Reid is tied to Kolb like Bill Billick was tied to Kyle Boller and we know what happened there. Kolb will cost Reid his job if the McNabb trade already hasn’t!

  25. PFT, although being around for years, has simply never gotten the grasp of the Eagles organizational philosophy. A successful season for the 3 stooges (Lurie, Banner and Reid) is every seat in the stadium filled, and the bottom line. They could go 4-12 and as long as home games are sold out, they can continue with their Gold Standard. It doesn’t matter if Vick, Kolb or Roman Gabriel is the starting QB. As long as Lurie’s portfolio increases, as long as Banner wins the capology Super Bowl, and as long as Reid still gets millions for incredibly, incredibly BAD game day clock management and decisions, they will continue to act as if they invented football. And now, the stooges have added head trauma to their already impressive resume. I personally despise Vick, and Kolb looked like shit, but none of this has any bearing on this organization. Vick is the best option for what basically is a swiss cheese of an O-Line, but Reid in his arrogance, will never admit to that. Perhaps, they should get Howie Roseman with his impressive fantasy league credientials, to offer up a few ideas..;..

  26. Hauschild says: September 15, 2010 3:42 PM
    The Eagles’ season will be pretty much over if…… BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!!
    THE SEASON IS PRETTY MUCH OVER!!!! Weaver is done for the yr and Jamaal Jackson is out for the seas too….. PLUS our OL blew b4 Jackson went down!!!
    REBUILDING!!!!!!!!!!!! 7-9 at best!!!!!

  27. If you want to start Vick, why get rid of Mcnabb? The whole premise of getting rid of Mcnabb was so Kolb can start. Any NFL fan should know that a young QB will cost some games, but that is part of the learning process(Aaron Rogers, Carson Palmer). It would be unrealistic to expect a Matt Ryan Flacco, or Ben type performance. I personally think the trade of Mcnabb was a mistake. The only reason Reid traded Mcnabb to the skins is because he plans on getting fired and leaving for Cleveland. Why else would Holmgren keep the dumb and controversial Mangina? Holmgren is waiting for his boy to become available and the Eagles will see the guy they traded twice a year once Reid is gone. I am gonna love it.

  28. Aside from his off-field extra curricular activities, I have always been intrigued by Vick’s athleticism. There were, and are, several teams that could benefit from his capabilities. I hope his performance last week, and anticipated performance against Detroit this week, open some opportunities for him.

  29. I am not an Eagles fan at all but while I was flipping channels I heard someone mention Kolb got knocked out the game and Vick was QB {probably ESPN}…… I then immediately rushed to watch the game…..
    Michael Vick MADE that game worth watching!!!
    Down 3-20 and then “The Vick” mounted a come back just short of a win.

  30. Vick has one great half against arguably one of THE worst defenses in the league and everyone’s on the bandwagon. Koy Detmer could have run for over 100 yards on that swiss cheese d-line.

  31. it doesn’t matter if the eagles win this week one hundred to nothing if kolb is healthy he will be the starter of this team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Everybody that says Kolb sucks…you may well be proven right eventually. However, there is no way in hell to logically take that leap right now. The guy started two games last year (1-1) and played 1 half this year.
    Do you people ever think for yourselves? Do you ever use reason when forming an argument? Is it that you know there is no way to grade the Kolb era in Philly based on 30 min of football, but you have to say something rediculous anyway to keep your cred’ with your internet cronies?

  33. Vick is a gimmick QB, they won’t win with him.
    This season is 100% about Kolb – find out if he can play or not. If he can’t – draft a new one. If he can, he gets some experience under his belt.
    What does starting Vick do for this team? Win some meaningless games and put off rebuilding for a full year? That is what we did last season.

  34. “The past participle proven, originally the past participle of preve, a Middle English variant of prove that survived in Scotland, has gradually worked its way into standard English over the past three and a half centuries. It seems to have first become established in legal use and to have come only slowly into literary use. Tennyson was one of its earliest frequent users, probably for metrical reasons. It was disapproved by 19th century grammarians, one of whom included it in a list of “words that are not words.” Surveys made some 50 or 60 years ago indicated that proved was about four times as frequent as proven. But our evidence from the last 30 or 35 years shows this no longer to be the case. As a past participle proven is now about as frequent as proved in all contexts. As an attributive adjective proven is much more common than proved.”

  35. its intresting two main guys that got injured played the same game.. kolb for grant lol.. but in all honesty speaking of grant i think the packers should trade for MARSHAWN LYNCH!.. i think it makes plenty of sense.. send over a 4th or 5th rounder or jackson plus a 7-8th rounder and call it a day.. lynch is a beast and is tough runner and produces somthing that packers need. i think a 5th rounder for lynch is a steal let alone anything else..
    jackson has had plenty chances to take the starting spot but hes nothin more than a 2nd stringer.. so packer traded w my team giants to get grant .. packers would be smart to ge lynch plus hes played w rodgers in move

  36. Me thinks the Qb situation is irrelevant so long as the coaching staff continues to waste timeouts and not give the team a fighting chance to win. Eagles would have won had Reid not been…… what is the Progressive way to put it… “time challenged”.

  37. Vick is nothing more than a running back trying to qb (small case intended). He cant read a defense even if he used dick and jane readers for qb. Hail Redskins!!!

  38. It doesn’t matter who the QB is as idiot Reid keeps swapping them out. A young guy like Kolb and a guy who was away for so long like Vick need reps and consistency. Kolb didn’t even take the first snap of the season!!!!

  39. Vick’s probowl years weren’t really all that impressive. Guys that create highlights are always going to be nominated for the probowl even if they’re not as good as the hype. Roy Williams made 5 Pro Boawls as a safety and does anyone think he was ever any good?
    Vick sucks as a passer, but has some highlight reel runs. He won at Lambeau in the playoffs, but he, by his own admission, didn’t take the NFC Championship game seriously.
    Personal opinion of that dog killing scumbag aside, I think Mike Vick makes the perfect backup QB in the NFL. A backup QB won’t get the reps the starter gets, so he needs to be able to make plays with his legs if he’s called upon. Your backup QB has to be able to run, because if he could throw he wouldn’t be a backup. That’s why Seneca Wallace follows Holmgren around the NFL as a backup.
    Holmgren has said this in the past, and Reid learned how to coach QBs from Holmgren. Is it really a stretch to think he took that tip from his mentor and when he saw Vick was available he decided that he’d make a heck of a backup?

  40. Hahaha damn it’s good to be a Skins fan, bet y’all Eagle fans wish you could say the same right.. Yall over there in Philly want Mcnabb back don’t ya haha suckas
    Hail beeeaches

  41. Hey Florio, setting aside your attack on Reid for using coach-speak (which all coaches do, hence the damn name), you seem to gloss over the fact that both Kolb and Bradley failed their post-concussion tests. That’s kind of a serious thing. Watching Bradley struggle to stand and then collapse after two or three steps on Sunday was particularly disturbing. Screw the start this week, I just want to know that these guys are going to be ok.

  42. You’re seriously suggesting that they are going to give up on Kolb after one half of football? You yourself have said several times that week one means nothing, that it should be thrown out. How about the first half of week one? It’s not like Kolb can’t play – he did well in his two starts last year. He has proven he can do something…something at least better than what he showed last week. Even if we miss the playoffs this year, Kolb will still have gotten that first year under his belt. You’re not going to become a good quarterback in the NFL without experience and repetition at game speed in a real game setting. Starting Vick would be a waste – essentially throwing in the towel on the Kolb gamble after one half of football.
    You are jumping to conclusions way too fast here, Florio. If what you’re suggesting is true, the Eagles would have already admitted to making one of the worst moves in NFL history – after one half of football. I’m sure you know this and just need something to talk about to meet your quota and keep those clicks coming, but let’s be a bit more realistic from now on, how bout it?

  43. OPENS for michael vick and CLOSES for eagles fans. I thought it would take at least until November, DAMN. OH well WE CAN STILL HAAAAAAAIL!!!

  44. haller0 says:
    You are again trying to make news out of a non-story. Michael Vick will start because Kolb is not physically able to. It’s not like Vick went into the game and lit it up. He is a terrible passing QB, a poor leader and makes awful decisions when throwing the ball.
    Kolb will be starting Week 3 guaranteed.
    ——Agreed that he will start when he is healthy. But saying Vick didn’t light it up on Sunday is just wrong. He looked like freaking Steve Young out there, with the exception of the one he should have run in. Is that enough to make a judgement? Of course not. Kolb is the starter. Period.

  45. This is going to be interesting. Can the Eagles handle the inevitable distractions associated with a move like this?
    PETA stands for:
    People Essentially Tormenting Advertisers…

  46. OH YES!!! I’d want a starting QB who can’t tell he’s got a SURE touch down in front of him….and decides to force a throw for an incompletion!!!
    Where can I sign up for that first stringer???
    Sorry Philly, you’re gonna have a LONG next couple of years.

  47. I love how ppl act like they know what Vick is going to do, or what Kolb is going to do, or whats going to happen in general.
    I wish ppl were held accountable for their words….because then we can come back and say…”Did you really say this?! Look at you now idiot!”
    All we can do is wait and see with both Vick and Kolb. Period.
    And to all the Skins fans…NO, we don’t want McNabb back. That 46 percent completion percentage and 170 yards passing was less than attractive.

  48. Read my name. It’s been that since i first got on the internet and will remain until I die.
    Now that’s out the way……. Kolb is GARBAGE anyony with a shred of football knowledge knows this. Yet, some use their illogical hatred to spew illogical sentiment regarding who should be the starting QB of the Eagles. As I have said numerous times there is no way in hell Kolb beats Vick in an open competition for the spot. That being said Kolb did not EARN the right to start it was GIVEN to him. And contrary to UNpopular belief it was not to SEE what the youngster could do. It was to keep ASSES IN THE SEATS. Every SMART person knows Vick puts the Eagles in the best possible position to win NOW.
    As a fan of the Eagles do you want to wait a whole year ( lose 12 games) Not make the playoffs only to start all over again next year. Then wait another 3-4 years for that draft pick to get acclamated to the offense (barring a coaching change during that time) only to see the talent around the new QB get old and irrelevent and again have to restock/rebuild/retool whatever you want to call it?
    Vick is 30 years old with more playing experience than 52 out of 53 players on this team. His ability to run will not only keep defenses honest but will open up holes in the passing game the defense has to assign a player COMPLETELY to Vick. Don’t believe me check out the 2004 NFC championship game.

  49. haller0 says:
    September 15, 2010 3:30 PM
    You are again trying to make news out of a non-story. Michael Vick will start because Kolb is not physically able to. It’s not like Vick went into the game and lit it up. He is a terrible passing QB, a poor leader and makes awful decisions when throwing the ball.
    I guess you missed the 101 qb rating which was 7th best for week 1………. ha ha ha.
    Don’t be mad because “The Great Hope” failed……….
    HA HA HA.

  50. Gravy Makes Sconies Fat says:
    September 15, 2010 4:14 PM
    Vick has one great half against arguably one of THE worst defenses in the league
    The same defense that knocked “The Great Hope” out of the game, but not before he stunk up the place with his 5-10 passing and no trips to the redzone.
    Your statement only makes Kolb look only worse.
    HA HA HA

  51. Give it a rest guys, there is a new breed of qbs in the NFL, in the mold of Mike Vick and he has clones just waiting to be drafted 1st and 2nd in the up coming drafts, Robinson of Michigan and Pryor of Ohio State are leading the way.
    Brady, Manning and Favre – it’s over.
    The boring one dimensional qbs rein is over. It was a good run, but like the NBA, Tiger and the Williams sisters – it’s O-V-E-R.
    Thanks for playing. But I have good news – there is water polo and table tennis……… HA HA HA

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