Albert Haynesworth helps to muzzle Clinton Portis Thursday

C. Portis.jpgClinton Portis must be in a good mood after Washington’s season-opening win.

For the first time since he dressed as different characters every week for his press conferences, Portis treated Thursday’s media’s session as theater.  Washington reporters wanted to get Portis’ thoughts on women in the locker room after he was forced to apologize for statements made earlier this week on the Mike Wise Show

Instead, reporters got an INXS video.

When Portis was asked a question, he held up a sign that said “No comment,” according to the Washington Post.  Then Albert Haynesworth — Portis’ new Ed McMahon — came over to put black tape over Portis’ mouth. 

Further questioning brought about more tape and signs like “Have a nice day” and “God bless.”  I want to see the video before making a final judgment, but I’ll probably agree with this interpretation from the Post’s Twitter account:

“Rather than talk to the media, Clinton Portis turned his availability into lame performance art.”

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  1. It’s good to see that FAT AL has let his guard down and is having a little fun. Now maybe he will start showing up on the field.

  2. Isn’t that what the NFL wants? There’s no such thing as freedom of speech in the NoFunLeague. They don’t even want the players to have freedom to think for themselves. So why say anything at all? The TMZ style media in sports does everything they can to get these players to say something that can be spun as contreversial, then the players get fined for giving their honest opinions.

  3. good..i dont care what this “insider” has to say but i personally think its funny.
    sounds to me like this “insider” is just bitter that Shan is going to clamp down on the rumors that flow in and out of Redskins Park.

  4. I, frankly, am entertained by these antics. Portis’ original comments certainly were inappropriate, but he’s got a point about having female reporters involved in such an intimate setting. The lines of professionalism are bound to get blurred.
    Also, Rosenthal, I know INXS is “your generation,” but I would hope you’re worldly enough to know the original:

  5. Not being a big INXS fan, I had never heard the song “Mediate” nor seen the video before.
    Now I know why Michael Hutchence hanged himself.

  6. Good for him. And on a sidenote, this is probably the most productive thing Albert has done as a Redskin…..

  7. I think it’s perfect…the league is clearly scared to death that a player will say something innapropriate, so Portis played it up- using exaggeration to make the point that they’re being told politely behind closed doors to SHUT UP…………..Thereby lambasting the stuffed shirts that are acting silly being scared of this incident with the self-proclaimed “Hottest Sports Reporter In the World”, who is getting famous by acting like she doesn’t want the attention.

  8. This is the first intelligent thing Portis has ever done, considering how you media hacks twist, distort, and blow everything up. Try reporting the news instead of sensationalizing every little comment and maybe you will get better results.

  9. Players should do this stuff more often. The media likes to twist what they say and use it as ammo against them.

  10. Clinton Portis is a knucklehead. At this point the press just throws things at him because they know he will say something stupid and they can then jump all over it.

  11. portis comments werent bad if you brought that girl into my office all the men would have noticed her what he is saying is true. if you parade that girl through the mens locker room at the gym what would you think would happen. people just get bent out of shape over the truth. some people say it but everybody thinks it

  12. about damn time they did something clever to keep their mouths shut! You reporters trying to already cause distractions with a team that was just 4-12 last season. Go get some stories from another organization. Last year sucked atleast give some of us idiots a chance to get some wins before you guys turn the locker room into turmoil once again. I spend a lot of money on being a fan of the Redskins just give us some slack or I will be forced to sleep with your wife… I dont want to do that, but I would if this continues. () (=====8
    Rico Suave

  13. I think it was funny, but would have liked to see another page in the notebook read, “Look at my” and then a picture of a Fed Ex Package.

  14. Someone need to put duct tape over Fat Alberts mouth so he stops eating all that fast food and becoming more of a lush.

  15. I am not a big fan of Portis, but I hate that the NFL wants the media to have complete access to the players, but then fines and otherwise punishes players for answering questions with their actual opinions. Hypocrisy.
    Secondly, I have never understood the necessity to allow media access to an NFL locker room. This applies to MEN and WOMEN reporters.
    Is this absolutely necessary to talk to these guys as soon as possible after the game? Why not make all players available after the game in a press conference?

  16. This is hilarious! Love it when players have a sense of humor. Of course he should speak his mind about anything he wants; that doesn’t mean his opinion isn’t asinine or just ethically wrong.
    And Portis has been good FOR the last five years. Just wish they had established the run more against the ‘Boys instead of leaving him in to block on 2nd and 3rd downs. Best blocker they have, but still.

  17. The objective media is dead.
    Access to athletes in the locker room has turned male reporters into jock-sniffing sycophants, or jealous, vindictive bitches and females into victims.
    Ban all “media” personnel from locker rooms, regardless of gender.
    The objective media is dead.

  18. gbsn3219 says:
    September 16, 2010 12:20 PM
    Both of them are disgraceful human beings.
    You really need to STFU you self rightous azz.

  19. What, no Cowboy fans chiming in? Is Alex Barron holding them up?
    On another note, we can now state Haynesworth has interacted with a teammate.

  20. Portis tells it like it is, there’s no problem with that. What he said about men and women in general is the way it’s been since the beginning of time. What the media turned it into is a joke.
    Keep telling it like it is Clinton…If people can’t deal with the truth shame on them!

  21. I agree with the Channel 7 sports reporter who said that no reporters should be allowed in the locker rooms.

  22. Jason Reid of the Redskins Insider is just upset that he can no longer spread vitriol (like under the all-too-revealing Zorn) now that Shanahan prefers to run a disciplined and tight football team. Reid is more obsessed than Florio when it comes to Haynes-hate, and now the beat writer’s upset that Haynesworth didn’t act like the prick he’s always depicted to be.

  23. redskinz1 says:
    September 16, 2010 1:45 PM
    Portis tells it like it is, there’s no problem with that. What he said about men and women in general is the way it’s been since the beginning of time. What the media turned it into is a joke.
    Keep telling it like it is Clinton…If people can’t deal with the truth shame on them!
    Just because things have ‘been like this since the dawn of time’ doesn’t mean things shouldn’t change. In fact, that’s the primary argument right there, in favor of.

  24. “Portis is a terrible running back..”
    Not that I’m saying anything most of PFT world doesn’t already know, but Chapnasty you’re an idiot homer.
    I don’t get why all the angst over Portis’ antics…if his teammates are down with it (like they were with the costumes) then who the hell cares? It’s harmless -if not a little goofy- fun.

  25. “I want to see the video before making a final judgement”
    Hopefully the world won’t fall off it’s axis, as it patiently awaits Greggy’s “judgement”…….

  26. Redskins were not thrilled with the performance. According to team spokesmen, Haynesworth may be docked the cost of the tape. “Why waste it, when there were lots of dirty socks around?”.

  27. @mama tried….September 16, 2010 12:55 PM
    Texans are looking to shut you up too Clinton, you grade A moronic fool!!!!!
    Houston – 27
    Danskins – 9
    You want to talk about a moronic fool just look at the two morons that coach the girls.
    Skins 1-0
    Girls 0-1

  28. sorry but NOOO females in the mens locker room. We’re damn near naked. Can a male reporter go in a WNBA post game locker room when they are lounging in nothing but towels. Noo they can’t. (not that those females would be appealing ) but i hope you get my point.

  29. It figures the only headlines Portis and Fatso can make have nothing to do with playing football…………………….

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