Aqib Talib violates suspension by showing up to game

File this one under: A player doing something dumb, even when he’s trying to do the right thing.

Rick Stroud of the St. Petersburg Times notes that Bucs cornerback Aqib Talib violated the terms of his one-game suspension by attending last week’s game.  (He watched it in a suite at Raymond James Stadium.) 

“Suspended players cannot attend games, even as a spectator,” NFL director of communications Greg Aiello confirmed to Stroud.

The Bucs could face sanctions because of the infraction.  Talib could possibly face future fines. It’s a major brain fart by Talib, and even more so by the people around him.  Someone should have known the rules and told him.  

The team’s best cornerback — sorry Ronde — should be back on the field this Sunday as the Bucs try to go 2-0 in Carolina.

46 responses to “Aqib Talib violates suspension by showing up to game

  1. He may be back by this Sunday, but he’ll be out of the league in the next 18 months. This guy couldn’t avoid stupid or trouble even if an ocean separated them from him.

  2. I’m sorry I can understand not being allowed in the practice facilities but not being allowed to watch a game as a fan at the stadium is stupid especially since it was blacked out in Tampa bay anyways how else would he watch his team

  3. Yeah, this is completely insane. His agent and the Bucs made a massive oversight here. They could should have put him on the blackout bus to watch the game in Fort Myers.

  4. How does the NFL have the right to tell the guy he can not buy a ticket and go to a game?
    I think the NFL is over steping its rights with this one.
    Whats next you can not watch a game on TV?
    This is abuse of power

  5. honestly, it doesnt sound like it was his fault. he didnt try to get in the locker room or on the field. he was simply in a suite that he was most likely invited to. his agent or the front office should have known better and should be held responsible.

  6. Something bad has to happen to Mr. Talib.
    Wait, something already did; he had to watch the Buccaneers play a football game.
    Come on, you know that you were thinking that!

  7. i can understand him not being on the field, or in the locker room, but let the dude watch it from a suite. hes suspended, not expelled….

  8. Guess he didn’t feel like driving 75 miles due to the blackout. Talib is absolutely stupid, but if it is a team suite, so is the ownership/management.

  9. OMG don’t tell me Aquib did that, this is a joke right? I know he probably meant well and wanted to support his team but the rules are very clear suspension means no where near the team….

  10. But…but he said he watched the game at home on TV…? Even though it wasn’t, ya know, on TV in Tampa. He obviously knew he wasn’t supposed to be there if he’s lying about it.

  11. Interesting…I guess he meant the couch in the suite?
    “I just was jumping off the couch, really excited to see him come out and have a great game,” Talib said of Biggers after his interception

  12. Ya he should do what’s best and go to a sports bar to watch it on Sunday ticket and drive home drunk.

  13. @Bigbluefan
    Are you dumb? When people get suspended from work, they’re always banned from showing up to the building.

  14. # Lavasse says: September 16, 2010 4:07 PM
    Well at least it shows he wanted to be there to support his teammates.
    Unlike the “fans”, who stayed far away and caused a local TV blackout
    Too funny

  15. from BenRap… Are you dumb? When people get suspended from work, they’re always banned from showing up to the building.
    but the stadium is open to the public…. kind of like going to the mall. anyway, if he was in a team-related suite, suspend him another game (with pay) and if he was in a neutral suite then it’s time for the NFL to relax their rules some.
    I’m sure the NFL wants to avoid the hard to monitor grey-area between suspended from all team activities and attending the game neutrally as a fan… sort of like the NFL avoiding the Johnson TD catch by making arcane rules that a team of 50 lawyers can’t explain and then explain the rule with language not in the actual rule itself. It’s usually described as “micro-managed to the point beyond all absurdity”.

  16. Well anyone is pretty recognizable in a crowd of only 7 or 8 people.
    Plus he’s probably dumb enough to have worn his own jersey.

  17. He wasn’t at the company building at One Buc Place, but at a public facility and not on the field or locker room. Even if he was in the locker room after the game, his suspension was over when the game was over.
    Stupid rule.
    Where else could he watch the game in Tampa-it was blacked out.

  18. man what an idiot… so among him making all these promises about how hes changed he went and lied and told everyone he was watching the game at home in texas… what bs

  19. Being banned from the game even as a spectator is meant to be a punishment. If you love what you do, then keeping you off the field and out of the stadium should make you think again regarding your transgression, the one that got you suspended in the first place.
    Now, someone in the organization or teammate may have known what he was going to be there and should have said something.

  20. NO NEED TO DEFEND THIS GUY. HUNDREDS OF PLAYERS HAVE BEEN SUSPENDED BEFORE. HE IS THE 1ST To get in trouble for showing up. I cant believe nobody explained the rules to him.

  21. Dumbass could have just watched it on a closed circuit in the locker room or at club facilities wherever that is. Just plain stupid.

  22. ROCKSTAR_ says:
    They should be made to forfeit all division games this season for just being stupid.
    Ya and lose all the money from attendance and tv rights. You should be forced to forfeit life just for being stupid.

  23. # fresh says: September 16, 2010 5:39 PM
    He should have taken the bus with the rest of the fans to the sports bar outside of Tampa!
    He would have just ended up punching the bus driver.

  24. Deanot says:
    September 16, 2010 6:59 PM
    Leroy Hill did the same thing…
    I think you got that up before PFT. Great scoop!

  25. Am I seriously seeing posts asking how this jerkoff could watch the game when it was blacked out in the Tampa area?
    Has no one heard of streaming? Are there really people still that dense out there?
    Dayum….I be even CornFlorio and the rest of the minions at PFT know how to find NFL streams…..

  26. _ROCKSTAR_ says:
    September 16, 2010 4:14 PM
    They should be made to forfeit all division games this season for just being stupid.
    someone’s a little nervous, eh?

  27. This is such a non-story…
    If I’m a teammate or coach of Talib’s I respect him for doing this…anybody remember shockey not even on the sideline to support the giants in the superbowl or other “problem” players not showing a support of their team? This is what builds camaraderie and unity in the locker room.
    The media just loves to bring crap like this up…why even ask Talib where he watched the game? Who cares…
    I have to believe media rats were the one’s that kept track of who broke the rules in high school when the teacher was out of the classroom and make sure they got in trouble…

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