Bob Sanders, Colts face tough decisions in 2011

With Colts safety Bob Sanders out indefinitely after surgery to repair a torn biceps tendon, it’s not too early to think about what may happen with him in 2011.

And so we’ve thought about it. 

And we’ve talked about it.

And the end product is today’s edition of PFT Daily, in which we ponder whether the Colts are willing to risk letting Sanders leave — and seeing him show up again at some point in another team’s uniform.


18 responses to “Bob Sanders, Colts face tough decisions in 2011

  1. How is it tough, you pay the guy several million bucks for a few games a year. That should be the easiest decision to make.

  2. This is an easy decision. No way you bring him back next year at 5million. No way anyone will risk paying Bob Sanders decent money. Melvin Bullitt is a good starting stron safety in the NFL. He’s unrestricted next year, so there is no way the Colts bring Sanders back and risk losing Bullitt.

  3. IMO its not hard at all. Players hold out because of outperforming their contract. Thats fine. This guy needs to take a pay cut or re-work his deal so its incentive laden based on playing time so he could earn his salary by actually playing. If not cut his @ss. What are you atcually losing if you do? NOTHING. Your gaining money because your not pissing money away paying a guy to sit on IR every year.

  4. How is this a tough decision? Dude’s good for 3 games (tops) a year. Let someone else take that gamble that’s sure to lose.

  5. You ended the last sentence too soon:
    “…in which we ponder whether the Colts are willing to risk letting Sanders leave — and seeing him show up again at some point in another team’s uniform for a game before he goes on IR again.”

  6. The guy has played in 48 games in his career and missed 49. That ratio should be around 48:64 by the end of the season at least… it shouldn’t be that tough of a decision.

  7. Don’t think this is a tough decision at all. This is a guy w/ high potential – who hasn’t proved he can be counted on – I expect this will be an easy decision for Indy. They have invested way too much into him

  8. … if there IS an NFL Season in 2011 that is…
    As a Patriots fan, while I can appreciate the frustration with the amount of time Sanders has been injured, it’s got to be acknowledged that he’s the type of player that other players and fans have a ton of respect for…
    He gives 100% all the time (enough of this BS about “110% – no one gives more than 100% – but Sanders 100% is worth twice as much as must other players) – when he’s healthy
    Heck – the reason he may be injured so much is precisely BECAUSE he gives everything he has on the field
    If everyone played the game like Sanders it would be a much better league. Whatever happens to Sanders he should be proud of the way he played the game and Colts fans should give him a bit more respect

  9. It’s a no-brainer. He hasn’t played a full season since 2004 and there are gingerbread houses that are more durable.
    Time to pack your bags “Demond”

  10. Its a tough decision because Polian doesn’t want another draft pick or horrible re-sign go against his resume. So far Bill…..You have sucked as a GM, I’m sorry bro, what you’ve done in the past don’t give you the right to be a complete idiot now and you are and you have been since 2006. Won a superbowl? Bullshit, put an asterisk next to it because Peyton Mannning was on your team. In fact loser…How in the hell can you have Peyton Manning, Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, Edgerin James, Dwight Freeney, Robert Mathis, Dallas Clark, Thurman Thomas, Jim Kelly, Andre Reed, Bruce Smith, Cornelius Bennant and ONLY with one superbowl? I’ve watched the Colts and Bills choke big games away and the only constant is your idiot ass.
    You put Peyton Manning on any friggin team with just good talent and they are undefeated. Average talent their 12-4, horrible talent well I guess we’ll see what happens this year. Any Gm can have a Peyton Manning on their team and collect regular season win after win after win then gloat about it. Bill’s a fraud.
    Bob Sanders situation is a “tough” decision? How is this tough? Is your IQ bad or something? You can’t see what the rest of the world sees? His body can’t hold up.
    Bill…I want you fired so bad and the only way its going to happen is if the Colts lose more games on the account of its glaring weaknesses you’ve promised to correct. Run defense and Offensive line.

  11. This guy is a great football player. I hate the Colts but always respected this man for his ability to know where the ball was going and hitting hard on every contact. Injuries, injuries

  12. DONNYBOY..
    Indy and Buffalo do feel a little similiar. I’m afraid the same thing that happened in Buffalo is happening in Indy as well. Bill keeps the core players intact and thats his motto. He can take a team with number one picks and draft a competitive team in the beginning but the after that he gets lost on how to strengthen it I beleive. For example the Bills were the best team from 90-93 and he never did anything to strengthen those teams he kept them the same. What has gotten you this far won’t get you farther, in the NFL it gets you older.
    The Colts have been doing the same thing. I’ve watched Bill re-sign Marvin Harrison, Jeff Saturday, Bob Sanders and overpaid them for their age and they were in times of injury, very questionable, you can argue Dwight Freeney at the time didn’t deserve the contract he got and was a huge gamble playing on an already low rated defense. In return he forteited Jake Scott, Lilja, Nick Harper, Marcus Pollard, Edgerin James, Cato June, Adam Meadows, Brandon Stokely, Dominque Rhodes, David Thorton, Rob Morris and for whatever reason lost Tarrik Glenn, Corey Simon, Quin Pitock.
    Bill Polian is REAL loyal to the players he has drafted, especially ones he went out on a limb for and will give time and time again and run the water out of a cactus until he’s absolutely convinced they won’t produce at a high level case in point Tony Ugoh, Roy Hall and your watching it right now with Tony Gonzales, Bob Sanders and this whole offensive line fiasco he put on himself to fix and so far failed. He will put himself and his ego first before ANY team and he’ll take this Colts team down with him you just watch, he’ll get his quarterback killed.
    The talent on that offensive line is about as bad as you can get on paper and he knows it, but because he gave Saturday a big contract, drafted now bust Ugoh and made questionable moves to not re-sign Lilja and Scott, hell will freeze over before until he admits he made a mistake and sign someone via free agency suitable.
    People in Indianapolis are dealing with one of the worst egotistical P.R people in the NFL business NOT in his prime anymore. The game has passed this jack-ass by and everyone of the real sees it. Remember what happened to the bills shortly after their window closed 1989-1994….Colts 2004-2010……
    Bye Bill you’ll be fired soon and your very own city you saved will run you out tar and feathered on how you robbed them of their undefeated glory and will blame you for not making their quarterback go down as the best of all time….

  13. Sanders is done. He tore the opposite arm from what he tore last season. One play, one injury and he’s out again. There’s something wrong with him physically that I doubt he’ll be on anyone’s roster.
    Sadly, I think he should be cut loose and his contract not renewed. At this point he has been out more games than he has played for Indianapolis.

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