Jake Delhomme still not practicing

It’s starting to look like Seneca Wallace will start at quarterback for the Browns’ home opener on Sunday.

Jake Delhomme missed practice for a second straight day because of an ankle injury.  Coach Eric Mangini said Delhomme could still start, be the team’s backup, or be the team’s emergency quarterback.  So that narrows it down.  (Mangini also wouldn’t rule out Delhomme long snapping or singing the national anthem.)

Mangini said he spoke with Mike Holmgren about Seneca Wallace a lot this week as the team readied Wallace to possibly start.  The offense will certainly look different.

“You don’t try to take the things that Jake really likes and force them on Seneca and you wouldn’t do the same with Colt [McCoy],” Mangini said. 

Browns linebacker D’Qwell Jackson (chest), guard Shawn Lauvao (ankle), cornerback Derrick Roberson (hip), and defensive tackle Shaun Rogers (ankle, hip) also missed practice for Cleveland.

Meanwhile, the Chiefs could be thin on the defensive line.  Defensive end Tyson Jackson (knee) missed his second straight practice, while his potential replacement Wallace Gilberry (back) also missed practice after participating in a limited fashion on Wednesday.

I took the Browns to win this week, in part because I think their running game can get rolling against Kansas City.  The Chiefs’ defensive line issues should only help.

20 responses to “Jake Delhomme still not practicing

  1. I can’t tell you how happy I am that Seneca is in Cleveland and not Seattle. It’s almost as if Holmgren wants to get rid of Mangini and went about constructing a roster which will allow him to do just that next off season.
    Good luck with that!

  2. I predict Delhomme doesn’t get his job back.
    also, that was my first comment in about a week. You know, that job, Masters program, and girlfriend get in the way.
    if I consumed such a portion of my time typing insults about an NFL player who doesn’t know me, couldn’t care less about my opinion of them, in an effort to act “tough”, “shrewd”, or “witty”, I’d f’ing shoot myself.

  3. Please continue with hourly updates on the league’s least relevant quarterback, pft. Now at last I can rest.

  4. I’m comfortable with S. Wallace. @buddyd: you do realize that Wallace threw 11 TDs and only 3 picks when he had to start, right?

  5. I read that Jake Delhomme once took money to throw a game, but when tried to throw the game it got intercepted.
    I’ll be here all week.

  6. Wow
    As I read this there are 4 comments. All four are either derogatory to the players or the Browns. It is truly a national sport.
    It’s cool though. When this comes together…and it will…the last laugh will belong to Cleveland and laugh we will.
    Hate on. It makes what we are going to do that much more rewarding.

  7. Jake Delhomo is really not very funny at all and certainly not the greatest nickname in NFL history. In fact, it is not even the funniest nickname I have heard in the last 4 minutes. Anyway, the Browns suck and the real question is if the 2011 coach will be Gruden or Cowher.

  8. rcunningham says:
    September 16, 2010 9:14 PM
    Jake Delhomo = greatest nickname in NFL history.
    No I’d say Tony Homo is the best nickname. It fits better.(Thats what he said)

  9. Seneca is a solid backup, one of the best in the league. Is he the answer to a successful Browns season? Probably not as there ar elots of holes still on the team, but he won’t lose a game for you, and he won’t win a game for you all by himself either. But he can minimize mistakes, play smart ball and be competitive. With him at QB the Browns have a chance.

  10. Okay, Brownsfan 19. Why don’t you quit whining/complaining, get your genius ass into the locker room, and make some goddamn halftime adjustments to the opposing defensive schemes, stunts and coverages that are making Mangini look like an “idiot?”
    That’s right. You’ve never coached football at a level higher than youth (if even that). STFU.

  11. Fire Mangini mid season? are you an idiot?! Every good replacement for him is currently under contract elsewhere, whether it is with a team or as a broadcaster. The only possible option with a mid season firing is that the walrus comes down with the head set. Let the man bury himself this season and get a coach that will call a timeout at 4 and 4th next year. Now if you want to get rid of the moron who refused to call running plays the second half of the game against the worst team in the league against the run, be my guest. Gruden… Cowher… time to come out of retirement!

  12. Wow Sweed…harsh…but good points.
    Most of us if not all of us have never coached at this level. Most of us have never coached. Many never played the game.
    But it sure seems like all of us have the definitive answer for any given problem on any given day.
    Mangini is not doing a terrible job. I agree that there need to be more adjustments made than have been made at the half to this point…from MY vantage point anyway….but I am not Mangini or his staff. So it becomes my opinion and certainly not the definitive answer.
    I see Mangini here in 2012 and beyond honestly. Again my opinion, but it is as valid as any other opinion…and worth as much. Nada 🙂

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