Leroy Hill also violated terms of suspension

Bucs cornerback Aqib Talib wasn’t the only suspended NFL player to violate the terms of his suspension last weekend.

Seahawks linebacker Leroy Hill attended the Seahawks win over San Francisco at Qwest Field Sunday despite his one-game suspension, according to the Tacoma News Tribune.  Both Hill and the team could be subject to additional fines and punishment for the violation.

Look, we understand the players aren’t hurting anyone by watching their team. If anything, it’s a nice show of support. But the NFL suspension rules are clear, even if no one seems to know them.

Agents and team representatives need to do a better job in the future making sure players understand the terms of their suspensions because they are throwing money away.

(An assist on this post goes to commenter “Deanot” for the link.  Thanks.)

12 responses to “Leroy Hill also violated terms of suspension

  1. I like how official and direct you sound when you start your sentence off with, “look.” Very matter-of-fact of you.

  2. (An assist on this post goes to commenter “Deanot” for the link. Thanks.)
    No one likes a kiss up! (just kidding)
    Hey, good job, again!

  3. Agents, team officials, coaches, etc…….how many more does it take to “hold the hands” of these idiotic players. Shouldn’t they be held accountable for their actions…couple years ago Jerry Jones had to hire someone to babysit Pacman…….they all want to be treated like kids except in the locker room where they can show off their “packages” or when they’re out hitting the club scene…..pathetic sissy’s.

  4. If Hill bought a ticket and sat in the stands to watch the game , I don’t see the issue . It says he ” attended the game” , but doesn’t say he was on the sidelines with the team . I don’t see the problem with him sitting in a seat and cheering on the team . If that’s a rule violation , then it’s a retarded rule .

  5. Leroy Hill is trade-bait. We don’t even need him. Guess he hasn’t learned much watching over half of his teammates lose their jobs over the summer.

  6. Considering they showed up to the game wouldn’t it also be
    likely they were at the team facilities as well. If they were unaware of one part of the rule who’s to say they knew te other.

  7. I’m proud to be a Seahawks Fan. Deanot why does it cause you pain to mention you are a fan of the team?? Are you a big pussy who can’t take a little criticism from fans of other teams?

  8. Sounds like he showed up in the stands only but that it is against the rules.
    Carroll said he wasn’t aware of the rule.
    Hey, just like college.

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