Mike Singletary smells a rat

49ers coach Mike Singletary won’t spent time trying to find out who talked to Yahoo! Sports about the team’s playcalling problems.

I don’t want to deal with a rat,” Singletary said.  “I
don’t want to spend my time trying to find out who said this, who did
that. The article is not factual, No. 1. Number 2, I don’t want to spend
my time trying to find a rat. In time, the smell will come. If the rat
is in the building, it will show but I’m not going to go try and find

Singletary says he can’t spend his time on unimportant matters.  But he wishes any issues were not aired publicly.

believe in our country, in society, the saddest thing has happened. One
thing that I want to teach our guys is to be men. If there’s something
that you have to say, go say it, and say that you said it. But don’t go
say a bunch of stuff, ‘But don’t tell him I said it.’ To me, that’s a
rat, that’s a coward, so those things I can’t spend my time on.

“Wherever that story came from, I don’t believe it’s in the building,
but if it is, it will find itself out in time. Am I pissed off about
it? I would say this, it’s just something that’s disappointing. Pissed
off maybe is a little more immediate reaction. You’re just disappointed
something like that is written.”

We respect Singletary’s message and think he handled the questions well.  But the coach should keep in mind the problems were first mentioned publicly by quarterback Alex Smith, not the Yahoo! article. Singletary needs a solution.

Offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye prefers to stay in the coaching booth to make calls, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.  Singletary hasn’t yet decided where Raye will be on Monday night against the Saints.

On Thursday, Raye tried to accept full blame, with Singletary sitting nearby.

my responsibility. I bear all the responsibility for the way we operate
on offense,” Raye said.  “I’m the leader. It’s my watch. I have the responsibility
for the things that occur where it concerns the offense.”

53 responses to “Mike Singletary smells a rat

  1. How is this dude a head coach.
    Last yr against the Vikings he was standing in the middle of the field during a play. Wasn’t flagged. It was crazy.
    Pants dropping nutjob.

  2. The guy is creepy. He’s the second coming of Mike Ditka (new orleans) as a coach. He’s a wack-a-doo alright.

  3. This goes to show that Singlefairy has no clue on how to be a head coach.
    Perfect place to be for him is San Fran….have fun!

  4. Would Singletary be this pissed off if it wasn’t true? Not even close. Of course its true. This guy is Cucko for CoCo Puffs.

  5. OH, you mean the same game that the Vikings only won on a prayer of a bomb by Favre with no time left? I wish every hater had to face the music when things turn out opposite of how they “predict”.
    But if hating makes you feel better…

  6. The Yahoo article went too far by intimating there were issues between coaches, players, etc. within the organization. The playcalling delays are one issue…that piece by Cole took it to the next level by embellishing the so-called “source” in order to get views

  7. Mrsteve: Why make cowardly comments on the web, giving your internal ego a boost? Singletary said something most coaches would say. Just like the rat in the building, your a coward for speaking with such asinine comments. Give me a ****ing break. This ‘dude’ is a head coach because he’s earned the right to be, through hard work and dedication to his craft. My question to you would be, why is Brad Childress, Raheem Morris, Norv Turner, Wade Phillips a head coach. GTFO, loser.

  8. This is yet another issue that can be easily dealt with by dropping trouser so the Niners are in good shape.

  9. Hey Mike stop pontificating about society and teach your players how to win period. You will not have a platform unless you win.

  10. Speaking on behalf of PETA I protest the continued singling out of Rats as if they are a bad thing. Rats are wonderful, playful creatures that deserve to be treated with respect. At least all Media Types recognize the value of the Rat.

  11. If there were any doubts before about Singletary’s abilities ad a head coach, the chaos this week in SF should speak for itself.
    Right now, the NFC West belongs to Seattle. San Fran is a coach and qb from ever seriously contending.

  12. Jimmy Raye isn’t the only OC with guts enough to own up to bad play calling. Isn’t that right Jason Garrett (OC Dallas Cowboys)? Jason? Jason?
    He must be studying film, but he’ll be back and own up too.

  13. Singletary the dingleberry is a loser! Everyone wanted thsi overrated man to eb a head coach because he had “eyes” for the 84 Bears! I want to see what he would do if the “rat” was Pat Willis!

  14. Singletary needs to realize he isn’t running a Boys & Girls Club, he’s running a damn football team. How about game planning rather than hoping your motivational tactics will be factor once the game starts.

  15. Man, it’s a good thing that Singletary is so focused on getting his team to play better and not worrying about a bunch of crap going on in the media!

  16. During the preseason, Singletary was heavily critical of every QB on his roster except for Smith and after the very first game Smith throws Singletary under the bus.
    So Smith personally tells Yahoo this stuff and then Singletary blames it on Yahoo?
    Something just doesn’t seem right here. It’s not like Smith has earned any free passes by his amazing on-the-field performances. Makes no sense.

  17. Singletary is not an NFL-caliber head coach, period. He’s constantly putting out fires that start up because he does not have a handle on things. He’s learning as he goes and he’s not all that sharp to begin with.
    Jimmy Raye has a checkered resume at best as an OC. He’s old, he’s slow, he never was very good in the first place, and his ability to make game adjustments is piss-poor. He’s as unqualified as Singletary is, although at least in his case he’s been on OC — just not a good one.
    The team’s “GM” is a Keystone Kops, three-headed mish-mash of 1) the owner’s son, 2) a Stanford MBA there to “crunch numbers” and 3) a glorified scout. The reason this franchise sucks since 2002 is top-down due to ownership/management and the decisions they make. They simply do not know what they’re doing.

  18. If I’m not mistaken, QB Alex Smith openly discussed the issue of calling plays in a timely manner. Not exactly a rat. Speaking of rats, by speaking about such critters in the locker room.. isn’t he admitting this was an issue (in a roundabout way)? Too bad he wants to focus on a rat (shifting balme), rather than “be a man” who accepts responsibility for a problem (and fix it). I loved Singletary as a player, but am not sure if he’s head coach material.

  19. Barry Sanders are you gay for me swinging from my nuts?
    Yeah Tre Fizle that game
    The dipshit Singletary was standing in the middle of the field during a play. What’s up with that.
    How did he not get penalized. I think he’s not all there.
    Oh yeah tre. Step off bitch.

  20. @Mrsteve
    I have seen every coach do that from time to time and if you actually watched football or any basketball you would know that happens a lot. You just make your self look stupid when you say comments like that.

  21. Mike sounds like Tony Soprano, he’s going to find the rat, lure him a hotel room with a big breasted Russian whowa, shoot him in the back of the head and dump him in the garbage with dead rat stuffed in his mouth. That’s an intro to MNF I would definitely watch.
    To all u homophobes and closeted queers. ‘ not that there’s anything wrong with it” making jokes in regards to san fran and homosexuality is getting older than your grandmothers’ C@&$!
    Go Niners!!!!

  22. Outfoxed says:
    September 16, 2010 5:20 PM
    I have a great deal of respect for mike…but am having some serious doubt about his coaching ability.
    Ditto. He handles some of the issues very well (Davis) but there are times like this where it seems there is an empty bed at lights out in the mental hospital.

  23. He Wants to teach his players to be men??? What to say and what not to say??? Isnt he the head coach af an NFL Franchise? Try teaching them to block, read coverages, your playbook, etc. Its their parents job to teach them to be men. if they havent, its too late, and THATS NOT YOUR JOB!!!! What a MORON! well this is the same guy that dropped his pants in the locker room to “motivate” his team. The question is, motivate em to do what? with your pants at your ankles????????

  24. Have you ever heard of a question mark Mrsteve?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  25. Why is that the 49ers always seem to fall apart after playing in Seattle (at least during the Singletary era)?
    They’ve got rats running loose in the locker room, Vernon Davis pouting in the shower, Singletary dropping his pants, some mumbly old OC muttering to himself in a room upstairs somewhere, Jerry Rice giving pep talks to the Seahawks a week before they play… man, 49er fans gotta be HATIN life right now.

  26. Middle linebackers, by design, are crazy … Hall of Fame middle linebackers are certifiable … nothing Singletary has said or done makes me think anything different …

  27. Moron. No one notices a QB staring at the bench with his hands stretched out and then the offense rushing to the line on every play.

  28. Singletary is like the creepy middleschool gym teacher that wore his shorts a bit too tight and would yell at everyone to climb that damn rope!

  29. ECS – Brougham Boys 74 says:
    “Right now, the NFC West belongs to Seattle. San Fran is a coach and qb from ever seriously contending. ”
    That comment goes up as one of the dumbest things I have ever read here.
    Seattle fans shouldn’t be ripping or commenting on anything regarding head coaches. The Seachickens have the biggest douchebag coach in the league.

  30. “But the coach should keep in mind the problems were first mentioned publicly by quarterback Alex Smith, not the Yahoo! article. Singletary needs a solution.”
    He has the solution already. And it goes by the name of TROY SMITH.
    Just hang on a couple more weeks, and you shall see.

  31. You know people recognize as one of the all-time great NFL franchises when so many fans of different NFL teams post on the Niners articles. Already fans of the Raiders, Cardinals, Seahawks, Vikings, Steelers, Cowboys, and Dolphins have chimed in. When there is an article about the Seahawks or Cardinals…there is less than ten posts because nobody cares.
    Thanks for all the love and attention.
    Go Niners!

  32. I will disagree with the majority & say he is a good coach. He got a young, inexperienced, & pretty untalented team to play pretty solid football last season. He has turned V. Davis from a Diva Dud to the highest paid TE in the game.
    Most times it is not the coaching staff that is bad, hell, they can’t get on the field & execute the plays dialed up. Its not like he has made a bunch of bad personnel moves. This team just got outplayed & failed to execute properly. There were some coaching issues from a coordinator standpoint, but as far as anything falling on Singletary’s shoulders, I just don’t see it.
    It is falling into week 2, if I were most, I would reserve judgement. Anyone thinking that KC is really that good with Matt Cassel throwing for 65 yds & Thomas Jones getting 11 carries for 39 yds? I think not…. And I don’t think Seattle is a SB contender nor is SD a team that is going to lose like that regularly. Week 1, many teams come away with cobwebs that need shaken. Weeks 2, 3, & 4 are where you find what coaches are good & which ones suck goat balls!

  33. I wonder how awesome the reaction is going to be when the 9ers get humiliated on national television, and end up at the bottom of the NFC West at 0-2?
    Maybe Singletary will get up and motivate the press to stop asking him questions by dropping his pants during the post-MNF press conference, live!

  34. Maybe he should hire Ron Turner as his OC. Now there’s a dynamic play caller if I ever saw one. His play calling ranks right up there with paint drying. LOL

  35. It was interesting to hear all the coaches deflecting any blame from the quarterback. Complaining about the play calling because the calling fits the personnel on the field? The goal is to win the game.
    Perhaps, the time for Troy Smith’s emergence draws near?

  36. I think he might be the main reason for the concussion rules they have now. We are watching real proof that those dude’s get wacked out.. lol

  37. They’re only starting to get some difference making talent in San Fran, so HOW they played wouldn’t be so bad if SOMEONE would have had a decent day. But no one really did and they looked unprepared. But it’s week 1. If they’re looking this bad after week 4, there’s a pretty good chance the season is totally lost. Yes, some teams have shaken off a bad start but the 9er’s looked REALLY bad.
    There are a lot of coaches, past & present, that continued to get better as they went along. The teams that consistently do well are the ones who keep their coaches even when they start out with some rough years (it worked in My Cousin Vinny !). And Iron Mike didn’t exactly inherit the Saints. He’s frustrated, his team is probably less talented than most and the organization he inherited is dysfunctional from the top down.
    I’d give him a mulligan until mid-2011. If he can’t show improvement in all phases of his team’s play and his managing said team, I think he’ll have proven he’s not the guy. Until then ‘9ers fans, you might just have to bend over and take it …

  38. “I don’t want to spend my time trying to find a rat! In time, the smell will come. If the rat is in the building, it will show, but I’m not going to go try and find it.”
    A Rat?
    Was Mike Shanahan in San Fran lately?
    “The problems were first mentioned publicly by quarterback Alex Smith.”
    Very strange team.

  39. You gotta love Mike……or not. Dude has taken too many blows to the head in his football days. Back then, a concussion just meant a good days work.

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