PFT's Week Two picks

[Editor’s note:  Each week, Rosenthal and I will go head to head,
picking the winner of each game.  The guy who does worse each week gets
to be the one to copy and paste together the text the next week.  Last week, we tied.  The NBC Competition Committee decided that I should have to copy and paste it all together again.  And so I’ll take the high road and accept the ruling.  In three days, after everyone applauds me for taking the high road, I’ll bitch about it on the radio.]

[UPDATE:  As it turns out, we didn’t tie.  Rosenthal won.  And I should have kept my damn mouth shut when I realized that he’d counted his victories incorrectly.]

Bills at Packers

Florio’s take:  In Week Two of the 2009 season, the Packers hosted an AFC team, and the AFC team stole a win.  In Win Two of the 2010 season, another AFC team comes to town.  But there’s a big difference between last year’s Bengals and this year’s Bills.  Even with Packers running back Ryan Grant done for the year, Green Bay has too much talent — and the Bills don’t have nearly enough.

Florio’s pick:  Packers 42, Bills 19.

Rosenthal’s take: This reminds me of the blowout specials Florio used to get to pick last year when we split the workload.  You could try to make a case for the Bills, but you’d be trying too hard.  Buffalo doesn’t have the receiver depth to test Green Bay’s secondary.  The Bills’ three-headed running game was oddly underused last week.  Their screens were predictable.  Holes closed on C.J. Spiller a lot faster than they did at Clemson or in the preseason.  Don’t expect daylight this week. 

Rosenthal’s pick: Packers 27, Bills 10.

Dolphins at Vikings

Florio’s take:  The Vikings’ offense and the Dolphins’ defense cancel each other out.  So this one will come down to the ability of the Minnesota defense to bottle up the Miami offense.  Given that the Bills were able to keep the attack largely in check last week, the Vikings should have no problems shutting them down.

Florio’s pick:  Vikings 24, Dolphins 12.

Rosenthal’s take: Miami’s defense was impressive in Buffalo.  Mike Nolan did a lot of fun things with Karlos Dansby and Cameron Wake; they can get pressure on Brett Favre. Even short a few players, this is an improved linebacker group.  Favre also may not be ready to take advantage of a Dolphins secondary that features Benny Sappy a little too prominently.  There’s an old axiom that you shouldn’t pick a team to cover the spread unless you think they can win. 5.5 points feels like too much.  So let’s just go all the way and take the Dolphins in an upset special.  (I changed this pick at the last minute, which is the kiss of death.)  [Editor’s note:  Hey, Rosey, if you’re gonna pick the upset, just pick the upset and be done with it.]

Rosenthal’s pick: Dolphins 23, Vikings 21.

Chiefs at Browns

Florio’s take:  With former Patriot Scott Pioli running the Chiefs and former Patriot turncoat Eric Mangini coaching the Browns, this one carries a strong undercurrent of hostility.  Then there’s the fact that Browns running back Jerome Harrison shredded the K.C. defense for 286 yards last December.  Look for the new-look Chiefs to bring their new attitude to Ohio, and to send the Browns to a loss in the second of two games that most expected Cleveland to win.

Florio’s pick:  Chiefs 20, Browns 13.

Rosenthal’s take: Remember all the positive energy in Kansas City on Monday night?  Imagine that, but the complete opposite happening in Cleveland if the Browns fall behind Sunday.  Jake Delhomme’s injury doesn’t hurt the Browns, though.  Seneca Wallace is different, and could force the Browns coaches to get creative with a roster that begs for creativity to make up for a lack of talent.  Eric Mangini can’t afford to lose the Belichick B-team Bowl after last week’s collapse in Tampa.  Romeo Crennel knows just how to lose in Cleveland.

Rosenthal’s pick: Browns 17, Chiefs 14.

Bears at Cowboys

Florio’s take:  The Bears lucked into a win at home and the Cowboys squandered a victory of their own on the road.  This week, the Cowboys head back to Dallas, 25 years after the Bears authored a 44-0 beatdown of the ‘Boys.  The Bears haven’t won in Big D since the year after that game — and their streak of futility will continue.

Florio’s pick:  Cowboys 24, Bears 10.

Rosenthal’s take: No clue what to make of the Bears after last week.   Jay Cutler moved the ball very well, Matt Forte is revived, and the defense stuffed Detroit all day.  Yet they still needed a lucky call to save them from an opening loss at home.  The Cowboys are easier to read.  Their offensive line has problems and they know it.  The defense is great.  Will the return of two injured, older starting lineman be enough to turn things around?  It’s enough this week.

Rosenthal’s pick: Cowboys 24, Bears 20.

Cardinals at Falcons

Florio’s take:  The Cards barely beat a still-bad Rams team last week, and the Falcons gave fits to the Steelers on their home field.  Atlanta realizes that the window will close quickly if they can’t keep pace with the Saints.  Besides, Falcons are far more menacing birds.

Florio’s pick:  Falcons 28, Cardinals 20.

Rosenthal’s take: Arizona fans complaining about style points last week need to get a grip.  Kurt Warner has left the building.  This is a different Cardinals team, and they are going to have to win creatively while Derek Anderson figures things out. The guy led two impressive fourth-quarter drives last week and that will do for now.  Matt Ryan, on the other hand, has struggled to move the ball since the preseason.  I think Atlanta’s improved defense carries the day here.  Both these teams deserve to be 1-1. 

Rosenthal’s pick: Falcons 19, Cardinals 14. 

Buccaneers at Panthers

Florio’s take:  Since 2003, the Panthers have handled the Bucs on 11 of 14 occasions.  Though Tampa pulled off a minor surprise on Sunday against the Browns, the Panthers can be expected to take care of business on their own turf.  If they can’t, Carolina could be 0-5 at the bye.

Florio’s pick:  Panthers 24, Buccaneers 14.

Rosenthal’s take: The Bucs have a golden opportunity to go 2-0, even if Panthers starting quarterback Matt Moore plays as expected despite a concussion last week.  Raheem Morris has the Bucs defense looking improved, like they did at the end of last year.  These two similar teams fly well below the NFL radar and got against current league norms.  They want to win with running, defense, and not screwing things up too badly passing the ball.  John Fox has more practice.  And better running backs. 

Rosenthal’s pick: Panthers 20, Bucs 13.

Eagles at Lions

Florio’s take:  With Mike Vick making his first start since 2006, the question becomes whether he can play like he did against the Packers, who weren’t prepared to face him, when facing a Lions team that knows Vick will be the guy.  Lions coach Jim Schwartz never has had to defend Vick; when Schwartz served as defensive coordinator for the Titans, Schwartz’s team was the last one to play the Falcons before Vick returned from a broken leg.  Look for Schwartz to try to keep Vick in the pocket in the hopes that he’ll be forced to throw — and that he’ll force a few mistakes.  And then Kevin Kolb will get “healthy” quickly.

Florio’s pick:  Lions 20, Eagles 13.

Rosenthal’s take: The battle of the tortured fan bases.  The rest of the world learned about what it meant to be a Lions fan this week.  Week One, full of hope, they lost their young franchise quarterback and a game in the most painful way possible.  The Lions have a vertical passing attack with the weakest-armed quarterback in the league in Shaun Hill.  Eagles fans have it pretty good, but they like drama.  They talked up Kevin Kolb all offseason, then gave up on him after 30 minutes.  It’s hard to blame them after the way Michael Vick played last week.  Vick will put it to the Lions just to make this whole situation more ridiculous.

Rosenthal’s pick: Eagles 27, Lions 16.

Ravens at Bengals

Florio’s take:  The Bengals somehow swept the Ravens last year.  It won’t be happening again in 2010.  Baltimore looks as good as they ever have looked, and the Bengals looked nothing like they looked a year ago.  Look for Baltimore linebacker Ray Lewis to continue to drop the hammer on anyone who looks in his direction.

Florio’s pick:  Ravens 23, Bengals 9.

Rosenthal’s take: The Bengals defense said they were confused early against the Patriots.  So were guys like Tedy Bruschi that picked Cincinnati to go to the Super Bowl.  At least the Bengals passing attack showed signs of life after the early disaster.  It may have been garbage time, but Carson Palmer couldn’t put up big stats any time last year.  Unlike the Jets, Cincinnati has the weapons to take advantage of Baltimore’s secondary.

Rosenthal’s pick: Bengals 27, Ravens 23.

Steelers at Titans

Florio’s take:  Last year, these two teams kicked off a season that many assumed would end in a playoff rematch.  Neither qualified for the postseason.  This year, both look like they’re on their way to another trip to January.  It all comes down to the Steelers defense against the Titans offense, and the Steelers defense is simply too tough.

Florio’s pick:  Steelers 13, Titans 9.

Rosenthal’s take: The Titans were my pick to win the AFC South in the PFT Season Preview, so I’m basically going to take them at home unless they are facing the ’85 Bears.  The Steelers defense isn’t at that level, but it could wind up being the best in 2010.  Pittsburgh can neutralize Chris Johnson — they held him to 57 yards in last year’s opener.  So it will come down Vince Young versus Dennis Dixon and Young should be up for the challenge. 

Rosenthal’s pick: Titans 14, Steelers 10.

Seahawks at Broncos

Florio’s take:  Former Broncos quarterbacks coach Jeremy Bates, who was essentially run off when Josh McDaniels became the head coach, returns to town with a team that unexpectedly won in Week One by 25 points.  But it’s one thing to put a pasting on the 49ers at home in the season opener, it’s quite another to do it in Denver.

Florio’s pick:  Broncos 24, Seahawks 17.

Rosenthal’s take: These teams that are a total mystery, especially the Seahawks.  Can Seattle play so inspired without the 12th man?  What is this team good at precisely?  It looks like Pete Carroll is going to make this defense better and more interesting.  The offense has work to do.  In Denver, I know what I’m getting from Kyle Orton and his band of merry secondary receivers.  The Broncos can beat suspect NFC West teams at home.

Rosenthal’s pick: Broncos 28, Seahawks 21.

Rams at Raiders

Florio’s take:  The Rams looked better than expected in Week One; the Raiders looked far worse.  But Oakland is at home and the Rams are still learning how to win.  Though neither team will be embarrassed, look for the Raiders to take care of business in the Black Hole.

Florio’s pick: Raiders 17, Rams 10.

Rosenthal’s take: The optimism stops here for one of these teams. The Raiders wouldn’t be able to sell progress after a blowout loss on the road and a home loss to the Rams.  Sam Bradford has given the Rams hope for the future, but the present looks awfully bleak if they go 0-2 with a soft opening schedule.  Two Raiders, including Jason Campbell, alluded to being overconfident heading into the Titans game.  You know, because of their draft grades.  Losing 11 or more games for seven years hasn’t humbled this franchise.  Maybe losing to the Rams will. 

Rosenthal’s pick: Rams 21, Raiders 17.

Texans at Redskins

Florio’s take:  The reunion of the Shanahans and Gary Kubiak adds intrigue to a game that suddenly has become one of the best of the weekend give the teams’ performances in Week One.  We’ll quickly find out whether Houston tailback Arian Foster rolled up all those yards because he played against a bad run defense or because the Texans have become the ultimate “pick your poison” pass/run attack.  And we’ll find out whether the Redskins’ offense can score a touchdown or two without having it handed to them.

Florio’s pick:  Texans 27, Redskins 24.

Rosenthal’s take: Matt Schaub and Gary Kubiak are road favorites coming off a huge win. This is exactly the game they usually trip over, which worries me. Also worrisome:  Every aspect of the Redskins offense except their tackle play.  (How odd is that?)  Washington just doesn’t have enough firepower to hang with Houston, who should give Arian Foster a break and only rush him 25 times this week. 

Rosenthal’s pick: Texans 24, Redskins 17.

Patriots at Jets

Florio’s take:  During an offseason of incessant Jets chirping, the Patriots have remained largely silent.  Apart from Tom Brady’s acknowledgement that he hates the Jets, the Pats have avoided the trash talk.  Instead, the Patriots have saved it for the field, and the Jets may have a hard time saving themselves as the Pats make the only kind of statement that truly matters in football.

Florio’s pick:  Patriots 35, Jets 13.

Rosenthal’s take: What goes up in the NFL usually comes down. And vice versa.  An overconfident team loses one week, gets ripped, and plays hungry the next time out.  Last year, Rex Ryan called the Jets’ Week Two game against the Patriots the team’s Super Bowl.  This one is far more important.  The Jets know they can’t go 0-2 at home to start the year. The Jets defense still looks great. The offense can find a way on the ground.  Don’t crown the Patriots yet; this will be a season-long battle.

Rosenthal’s pick: Jets 20, Patriots 16.

Jaguars at Chargers

Florio’s take:  Most expected one of these teams to be 1-0 and the other to be 0-1; few expected that the Jaguars would be undefeated and that the Chargers would be winless.  Though it may feel like a home game for the Jaguars since the stadium will be partially empty (rim shot!), the Chargers have the horses to get back to 1-1 against a Jaguars team that overachieved against the Broncos.

Florio’s pick:  Chargers 30, Jaguars 21.

Rosenthal’s take: The Chargers talked all offseason about avoiding yet another slow start to the year, and then slogged through a loss in the Kansas City rain.  Weather should be more conducive to vertical passing in San Diego this week. I don’t trust either secondary or either pass rush, even if Aaron Kampman looks like a fine pickup.  I’ll take Philip Rivers in a shootout over David Garrard every time.

Rosenthal’s pick: Chargers 34, Jaguars 26.

Giants at Colts

Florio’s take:  Peyton Manning has started 0-1 only three times in his 13-year career.  Only once, as a rookie in 1998, has Peyton Manning begun a season at 0-2.  This time around, Peyton takes an 0-1 mark into his second career game against his kid brother.  And more importantly than not going 0-2 to Peyton will be avoiding losing to Eli.  Sometimes, it really is that simple.

Florio’s pick:  Colts 31, Giants 19.

Rosenthal’s take: Both brothers have grown up a lot since the last Manning Bowl.  Peyton won a Super Bowl and did the United Way spot on Saturday Night Live.  Eli won a Super Bowl, got significantly better after the title, and adjusted his Southern fraternity mop top.  That makes this a fair fight, especially if the Giants pass rush has truly reawakened.  Fair, but not equal.  Peyton is still the one with MVPs and Peyton doesn’t start the year 0-2.

Rosenthal’s pick: Colts 34, Giants 30.

Saints at 49ers

Florio’s take:  Rarely if ever has a team with high expectations imploded as quickly as the 49ers.  They open their home schedule with a visit from the Saints, who will have had the longest possible non-bye-week time to prepare for the game, playing on a Thursday and next on the following Monday, 11 days later.  After the game, Niners coach Mike Singletary will be thanking Sean Payton in the same way Singletary thanked Pete Carroll.  

Florio’s pick:  Saints 30, 49ers 13.

Rosenthal’s take: Weirdly dangerous game for the Saints against an ornery 49ers team.  New Orleans fans don’t like that I questioned their run defense this week, but one game doesn’t erase all of last season and a shaky linebacker group.  Luckily, defensive coordinator Gregg Williams doesn’t have to get too creative to stop Alex Smith and the 49ers passing attack.  Load up the box, and dare Smith to beat you.  The Saints are in Payton/Brees version 5.0.  The essentially can do anything they choose with a veteran group of receivers.  The 49ers can’t get the play calls in on time.

Rosenthal’s pick: Saints 27, 49ers 21.

80 responses to “PFT's Week Two picks

  1. “Ravens at Bengals
    Florio’s take: The Bengals somehow swept the Ravens last year. ”
    what you think this is the first time? the ravens are .357 against marvin lewis and the bengals and 2003.
    seriously floria, take the bandwagon out of your butt once in awhile and look up some stats.

  2. The Steelers defense isn’t that good, but it could wind up being the best in 2010.

  3. I’m going to have to agree with your Skins/Texans predictions. If we end up losing, I wouldn’t be too upset about a one possession game. Hopefully, the predictions are going to be wrong, but the Texans are going to be tough. One thing we benefited from against Dallas was Jason Garrett’s idiocy in staying away from the running game in the second half. Dallas made it way too easy to run up the middle and our OLBs, particularly Andre Carter, have struggled in containment during sweeps/tosses. There’s nothing worse than a game blown up because of a dominating run-game, and Arian Foster obviously has that capability. A Skins victory will depend on if we can get a combined scoring effort on both sides of the ball. The offense will not be fully ready this week, so the defense will have to pick up some slack again.

  4. “Rosenthal’s take: Matt Schaub and Gary Kubiak are road favorites coming off a huge win. This is exactly the game they usually trip over, which worries me. Also worrisome: Every aspect of the Redskins offense except their tackle play. (How odd is that?) Washington just doesn’t have enough firepower to hang with Houston, who should give Arian Foster a break and only rush him 25 times this week. ”
    Someone is playing against A Foster this week.. Tisk tisk.. lets not let you poor fantasy drafing be the guide to your online blog Rosenthal.

  5. I can’t believe I wasted a minute and a half of my life reading a couple of the picks coming from 2 guys who only know gossip columns and not the actual impact of actually playing a collision sport…

  6. “Rosenthal’s take: The Titans were my pick to win the AFC South in the PFT Season Preview, so I’m basically going to take them at home unless they are facing the ’85 Bears.  The Steelers defense isn’t that good, but it could wind up being the best in 2010.  ”
    They aren’t good, but they may be the best?!?!!! Rosenthal may be dumber than Florio.

  7. Eagles at Lions
    Megatrons take: Mike Vick regained some confidence last week running all over the packers defense. As he tries to duplicate that performance against the Lions, Louis Delmas takes offense. On Vicks 3 run of the game, Delmas spears him in the face shattering Vicks facemask and ending his career. Vick is taken to the hospital where they diagnose him worthless and turn him into dog food.
    Megatron’s pick: Lions 24, Eagles 13

  8. I like this new head to head picks system y’all went with.
    why don’t you post your season reacords at the bottom so we can follow along wk to wk?

  9. Florio’s take: Most expected one of these teams to be 1-0 and the other to be 0-1; few expected that the Jaguars would be undefeated and that the Chargers would be winless. Though it may feel like a home game for the Jaguars since the stadium will be partially empty (rim shot!), the Chargers have the horses to get back to 1-1 against a Jaguars team that overachieved against the Broncos.
    Yeah, Florio is all about the rimshot.

  10. Ok, I’m looking at the more controversial picks. Mike Vick and the Eagles is going to beat the Lions. And it’s going to be his arm that beats them.
    I got the Falcons beating the Cardinals. By a wide margin, too. They simply do not match up well against each other and they have no answer for, Jerious Norwood. Yes, watch him have a big game.
    The game I want to see is the Titans/Steelers game. That will be a great game to watch. Chris Johnson and the Titans O-line against that nasty 3-4 run-stopper? That will be great!
    The keys to this is going to be the mistakes. Dennis Dixon threw the ball right at defenders last time. And Vince Young cleaned up his act. But in order for the Titans to win, they will make Vince Young beat them. And all he needs is two good TD drives and they will beat the Steelers.
    Another good one? Redskins/Texans. I don’t believe that Foster can pull another one of those games out in DC.

  11. Rosenthal has lost all credibility, after looking at his Jets-Patriots choice and explanation.
    Did he even WATCH either game last week?
    Did he see how New England’s defense held a pretty potent Cincy offense scoreless for a half a game? Did he see how pathetic the Jets offense was against a similarly talented Raven’s defense?
    New England defense against the Jets offense; who wins THAT battle?
    Did he see how the moderately talented Joe Flacco (Joe f-ing Flacco!!!) basically ate up the Jets secondary? Did he see Tom Brady pretty much beat a decent Bengals defense like a stolen ragdoll?
    New England offense against the Jets secondary: who wins THAT battle?
    Florio, it’s cute that you let this kid “pick” games, but when he makes picks like this, it’s time to sit him in time-out for a while.

  12. Jets are going to win that game because they absolutely have to. Theres no other option for them and they know it.

  13. ARGH! I am so mad at something you said in your article about my favorite team! You continually do this and it makes me so angry that I post something in the comments box because you aren’t busy at all and read these comments and then change your site based on my comments!
    My ultimate solution (so as to not get so frustrated with how dumb and mis-informed you are) is to keep coming here every day during work, pretty much every hour, to see if you’ve posted something new about my team. Then I’ll get mad again when you say something I don’t like, and post another message!
    This site sucks…so I’m going to keep coming here as much as work allows.

  14. @Ravens-male-cheerleader
    They aren’t good, but they may be the best?!?!!! Rosenthal may be dumber than Florio.
    In case you may have forgotten the concept of a paragraph, he was stating that their defense wasn’t as good as the 85′ Bears.
    Literacy rates in America are pathetic. Proud to be Canadian!

  15. Re: the week 2 prediction for Pats vs. Jets, my heart agrees with Florio, but my head agrees with Rosenthal. Simply stated, the Jets defense is demonstrably better—on paper, at least—to the Pats defense. Of course, Belichick game planned better than Ryan in last year’s second meeting (Pats 31, Jets 14).
    Edge to Pats: Patriots 24, Jets 17.

  16. I love it Florio, keep betting against the Skins, it can only help us. I just hope the Texans dismiss us as much as you two.

  17. Stick to posting Rumors. Do you guys actually watch games?
    The Ravens are going to Blowout the Bengals Florio? At Cincinnati? How many times do the Bengals have to beat the Ravens in order to get some respect?
    Prediction: It will be closer than it should be because the Bengals will be playing tight and under pressure.
    Bengals win in OT 20 – 17

  18. In 2008 palewook, the Raven beat Cincy twice, your response will be that was then, and my response would be the same the past is the pass so lets not get it twisted. Any given Sunday just when you think you have the answer some body will change the questioned every time, if any team lose please no excuses, because in the end a (w) is a (w) and a (l) is a (l) at the end of the year it not about what happen its all about (W). So let keep it real and see how it plays itself out, good luck.

  19. Squealers DB’s can be exposed….look for the Titans to exploit that. Plan on CJ to get between only 50 to 100 yards

  20. “The Bengals somehow swept the Ravens last year. It won’t be happening again in 2010. Baltimore looks as good as they ever have looked, and the Bengals looked nothing like they looked a year ago.”
    Florio loves to hate the Bungles.
    You say “somehow” like they have not swept the Ravens 3 times since 2005, with the Ravens only returning the favor in 08.
    Oh, and last year at this time the Bungles were 0-1.
    Real journalists actually check facts, dummy.

  21. They aren’t good, but they may be the best?!?!!! Rosenthal may be dumber than Florio.
    Yes idiot, he is saying the Steelers defense is not as good as the 85 Bears defense, but might be the best in 2010. It is not rocket scientist, you just have to read the whole statement. Typical Baltimore fan.

  22. The Titans have owned the Steelers since moving from Houston and the Titans offense is far more explosive than it was last time out.
    Rosenthal is wrong. The Jets defense does NOT look great; it looks undisciplined, rattled by good offenses, and prone to be manhandled by said offenses. The Patriots offense that shredded the Jets 31-14 last time out comes in crisper and with more weapons.
    The Manning Bowl will be ugly – teams have stopped playing Peyton scared while Eli simply isn’t that good.
    Don’t be fooled by the Chiefs – Weis was incompetent in playcalling the second half against the Chargers.
    The Dolphins once again come into a season without a competent offense – the Vikings win this one.
    Two incompetent quarterbacks – Romo and Cutler – and two incompetent coaches – Phillips and the Lovie-Martz tandem – mean a bad game.

  23. Come on the Vikes don’t lose at home the Dolphines ears will pop. They only score 15 on the Bills and they are some how are going to score 23 on the Vikes.

  24. The Bengals somehow swept the Ravens last year. It won’t be happening again in 2010. Baltimore looks as good as they ever have looked, and the Bengals looked nothing like they looked a year ago.
    Are you a goldfish Florio? Do you have no memory? Please go back and reread your posts about the Bengals – if I’m not mistaken you thought they were no good last year. Not to mention your post of just a couple days ago in which you said the first game doesn’t matter. Yes I think your pick is wrong but more importantly your reasoning is fallacious.
    You remind me of my dad – he’s old and he’s a realtor and he often just talks just to be talking. He’s got nothing of value to say he just hates the silence.

  25. I think after this Sunday, it might finally sink in that the Eagles are not a very good team.
    I’m wondering if there’s ever been a more perennially over-hyped team than the Eagles? They’ve never had a balanced offense and rely solely on defense. Now, they’re defense is pedestrian – spells a lot of whining from Eagles’ fans this year.

  26. EFL:
    2003 1-1
    2004 1-1
    2005 0-2 ravens shutout
    2006 1-1
    2007 0-2 ravens shutout
    2008 2-0 ravens finally swept a series.
    2009 0-2 ravens shutout
    but you and floria can climb into bed together and whipser reassurance lies into each other’s ears all you want.
    i’ll stick with the hard facts.

  27. i believe that comment is a comment on the state of defense in the NFL, like it’s bad so this years best may have been 2000’s middle of the pack

  28. I am a Ravens fan but I see everybody picking the Ravens over the Bengals. I don’t know. this game worries me a lot.
    Second road game for the Ravens, short week, emotional and tough win over the Jets – ready for a let down game. The Bengals are already in a must win situation at home. Just imagine 0-2 and a division loss after week two, losing not really an option for the Bengals. And finally the Carson Palmer led Bengals have the Ravens number.
    If this game was in B’more it would be hard to give this game to the Ravens, in Cincy …. just don’t see it …. if we have three turn overs against the Bengals then we will be more in the hole than 6 pts …

  29. CRM0055 says:
    September 16, 2010 11:04 AM
    Eagles could beat detroit by picking up Koy Detmer
    Vick is a probowl QB eagles win.
    Were you dropped on your head as a child?? To assume the Eagles are a good team and can actually beat someone with just any QB off the streets is absurd, and then you claim Vick is a Pro Bowler on top of that???! Wow i’m blinded by your ignorance. The Eagles are a complete joke, they will get throttled in Detroit. All you idiots just assume the Lions are a pushover…you’re in for a ruud awakening come Sunday!!

  30. Hammer the Redskins this week
    Houston = flash in the pan. They played out of their minds against Indy and still only won by 10. Now they think they’re good (thanks to all you media clowns) and they’ll think a trip to DC will be a cakewalk. Do yourselves a favor and bet the house on the Skins…you can thank me later!!

  31. You are an absolute moron when it comes to analyzing games. You are really just dumb and need to stick to rumors.
    You do realize that Shaun Hill is starting for the lions right? You do realize the Lions are absolutely terrible right?
    Just wow.

  32. @aec4 says: September 16, 2010 10:08 AM
    Florio would pick WVU over the Jets 35-13, so his pick is a waste there.
    Jets offense sucks! They’ll be lucky to go 8-8 with Sanchez as QB. Another USC bust.
    Too bad Matt Leinart isn’t available or the Jets could upgrade… ha ha ha ha

  33. Rosenthal at Florio
    Sabotslugs take: Mike’s rationale is sound in picking the Patriots in the win. Rosenthal must be forgetting that Santonio Holmes is still out, Kris Jenkins is gone, Calvin Pace is gone, Sanchez is terrible, and the Patriots are more hungry than the Jets. Confidence is burgeoning here in New England while confidence is deflating in NY. Tis true that what comes up and must come down and vice versa however the Jets give me no indication that they have a catalyst to propel them in an opposite direction. Finally, Rosenthal is a power bottom.

  34. Rhode Island Patriots Fan says:
    September 16, 2010 10:52 AM
    Re: the week 2 prediction for Pats vs. Jets, my heart agrees with Florio, but my head agrees with Rosenthal. Simply stated, the Jets defense is demonstrably better—on paper, at least—to the Pats defense. Of course, Belichick game planned better than Ryan in last year’s second meeting (Pats 31, Jets 14).
    Edge to Pats: Patriots 24, Jets 17.
    Well, luckily the Pats defense doesn’t have to play the Jets defense. If you had to say who is better: Pats defense or Jets offense, who would you pick? I’d say Pats defense. Jets offense looks horrible and there’s no reason to think they turn it around. On the flip side, Jets defense vs Pats offense, who would you say is better? I’d say it’s basically a push and that’s just to throw the Jets a bone. Now, I understand, any given Sunday……that being said, in the NFL, the better team wins 8 times out of 10. Pats 45, Jets 12.

  35. He didn’t say the steelers defense isn’t good. He said it isn’t as good as the 85 bears but it’s still the best in the NFL this year. Figure it out.

  36. “the Jaguars overahieved against the Bronco’s”
    wow, I didn’t know the Bronco’s were just soooo much better than the Jags. Did they win the SB last year or something?

  37. @ all the Bengals fans.
    the reason you don’t get any respect when it comes to the Ravens is because the Ravens historically had 1 dependable receiver Mason or Heap – take your pick.
    This Ravens team is light years better with far more weapons and a Joe Flacco who looks like Luke Skywalker in Return Of The Jedi.
    “Nevertheless, I am taking down the Bengals and their fans. You can either profit from this or be destroyed. It’s your choice, but I warn you not to underestimate my power.” – Master Jedi Joe Flacco

  38. So another cheap jab florio. No ridiculing of the fact that a season opener by the previous NFC west champions will not be sold out, just another shot at jacksonville. I know your not a jags fan, but with all the crow you’ll be eating monday i’m sure you’ll be a baltimore fan. Jags win by 3.

  39. He’s saying the Steelers defense isn’t as good as the 85 Bears, but it may be the best in the NFL in 2010.
    That makes more sense, maybe some key punctuation or italics would clarify that next time.

  40. @guitarkevin
    Don’t confuse Flacco with Brady or Brees. You beat the Jets by 1 point, despite a much better performance than Sanchez.
    My point in bringing up the numbers about how the Bungles always seem to beat the Ravens is this:
    Make sure you can beat them this year at least once before talking smack.
    Otherwise you’re just rubbing egg on your own face. Again.

  41. Way too early in the season to be sure about anything so the picks are all possible. Being a Giants fan, I’ll chime in on that game. Indy should be favored but something tells me that this could be the year that they show some vulnerability. Stealing a page from the Texans, a steady dose of Bradshaw and Jacobs may just do the trick to allow Big Blue to keep the defense fresh and a strong consistent pass rush in Payton’s face. Just like Houston, the Giants possess the passing game to keep Indy from loading the box. History tells me that this could be a big year for my Giants as they fly in under the radar. By the way, I’m looking for a Vick implosion against the Lions…..I have Kolb as the back-up QB to Rivers on my fantasy team. ;o)

  42. This Ravens team is light years better with far more weapons and a Joe Flacco who looks like Luke Skywalker in Return Of The Jedi.
    hey kevin – did you actually watch the Raven’s game last week or just get high and watch the Star Wars marathon on tnt?
    I actually like Flacco but there was nothing Jedi-like about him in that game

  43. I have followed PFT for about 3-4 years now, and have never once felt the need/desire to comment. However, today that changes.
    Re: Rosenthal’s take on Chiefs @ Browns… let me get this straight:
    1. The fans will get mad if the Browns get behind
    2. Wallace is “different” than Delhomme
    3. Mangini needs a win
    4. Crennel was a bad head coach in Cleveland (but is a DC now)
    …therefore, the Browns will win.
    Really? That is the worst analysis I have seen in any sports article ever, and I have read a lot of Prisco articles! I don’t have a problem with you picking the Browns, but please, try to make some kind of sense (or at least a reference to the game itself) when you do it.

  44. Murgen says:
    September 16, 2010 11:07 AM
    I think the GB D is going to come down hard on the bills. I’m saying they shut them out.
    GB 35
    Bills 0
    Sounds like a fan speaking — I am a fan, too — but I do not see a shutout in the cards.
    Green Bay played an extremely “vanilla” defense during the pre-season so as not to tip off regular season opponents what they had going for them.
    I expect more of the same here — only show enough to win the game. Nothing more.

    September 16, 2010 10:16 AM
    Looks like a weekend of upsets to me. The only 2 solid home locks are Green Bay and the Cowthugs…

    Cowboys are not that solid either. Chicago put up a crap-ton more offensive production than the Redskins could’ve and the defense was lock-down despite four turnovers from the offense. If Chicago can cut out the giveaways, Dallas could be upset themselves.

  46. BigJun says:
    September 16, 2010 10:32 AM
    Florio is the bigest niner hater on the planet!! They should just forfeit Monday nights game!!
    Well no disrespect to the 49ers, but getting smacked around by the Seahwawks doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. With that being said, against almost any other team, I would view the 49ers as having a solid shot going 1-1. The Saints though look tough and balanced. 49ers keep it close, but Saints win in the end.

  47. @ if yer not first
    I guess not many people look like a jedi against The Jets D, but this preseason Joe is carrying himself with much more confidence than his first 2 years. And I was really trying to reference that.
    And for anyone else that isn’t afraid of the Ravens…
    “you will be”
    Uh oh, now I got started…

  48. It’s great when the PAt fans come out from under their rock and start beating their chests. It will make the beatdown all that more enjoyable.

  49. @laxer nice non-sequitur thread hijack to talk about something on your mind.
    who cares. that aint this week. start your own thread or blog for crap like that.
    feel free to bring it up here when it is that week.

  50. Unless the Steelers defense actually plays like the 85 Bears on Sunday, you’ve got to figure the Titans will at least score 17.
    Can the Steelers offense surpass that? Not from what we saw in Week 1.
    Take the Titans.

  51. Look folks, we can all save a lot of blood sweat & tears and just hand the Lombardi to the Patriots now, What do you say?

  52. Allliieeee Farve is too old you say?
    When that man gets on the field he is the same age as everyone else remember your only as old as you feel , & someone forgot to tell him he’s old. Then if you toss some RX Pain Meds into that mix, say an 80 mg Oxy to start the game then 1 more at half time he can play like he was 22 again!! This post will more than likely get me banned. I picked Farve for my FANTASY QB I THINK HE IS GOING TO HAVE A BANNER YEAR!! Sorry about the caps & I’m to lazy to fix it. I’m 43 so I’m to old to fix it

  53. Keep picking against Tennessee Florio! At what point will you become a believer in this team, this offense, Vince Young? When they are 5-0?

  54. the dolphins wont be able to run on the vikings. adrian peterson will be able to win this one. vikes in a romp.
    the texans are likely the best team in football right now. open your eyes.
    pittsburgh never wins in tennessee, and certainly arent looking like supedrbowl contenders dimswitch.
    cowboys MUST win. they are looking dreadful. if they dont click early the crowd will get ugly and their season will end.
    chieves win on special teams
    falcons will win by outyawning the flacons
    carolina will beat the bucs
    andy ried hasnt got the foggiest clue how to use vick. the lions are angry and will gut out a win over the injured eagles. the curse of mcnabb has begun
    ravens will beat the allah out of the bengals
    the seahawks will win
    someone will win the rams raiders game
    the jets suck people. pats roll
    jaguars win
    saints kill the 9ers.

  55. I love hearing GB fans hoping that there is a whole arsenal of tricks just waiting to be unveiled by the defense….
    Maybe your vanilla defense is just that.

  56. Ya gotta laugh at the freakin stupidity of the homers that post…….the word “objective” doesn’t exist in their small minds when assessing their favorite team. All these clowns need is one statistic that supports their rant (duh gee by team beat this team the last time they played on grass, outdoors and the temperature was 66 degrees). Granted, anything can happen on a given Sunday but I don’t think Vegas will be hiring any of these clowns anytime soon! Being a homer is nice but then go to your teams home newspaper and posts all your homerisms where your fellow homers can stroke each other. When you post your crap here, you only prove to the rest of us how freakin’ naive and stupid you really are.

  57. Just heard the announcer on Sunday Night Football refer to Peyton Manning as the “reigning MVP.” Excuse me, but doesn’t that title belong to DREW BREES now?

  58. Hey Florio you only missed the Jets/Pats game by 36 points! You’re going to look great wearing your Jets jersey per your bet with John B at GGN. So much for your incessant chirping! Personally, I think you should have your ass painted green!

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