Rams do a little roster tweaking

Though the Rams have yet to use their three-week top spot in the “dibs” list for waivers to the same extent the Lions utilized it in 2009, the Rams exercised their 1-15 priority to nab former Giants linebacker Bryan Kehl on Wednesday.

Mike Garafolo of the Newark Star-Ledger reports, and we’ve confirmed, that the Rams trumped the Bears and the Jags, who both made waiver claims as to Kehl.  He replaces Josh Hull, who was placed on injured reserve.

Also, the Rams recently brought in a trio of players for look-sees, per the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:  tackle Kirk Chambers, defensive back Victor “Macho” Harris, and linebacker Kevin Malast.  None were signed.

8 responses to “Rams do a little roster tweaking

  1. Your going down sunday rams.
    Your just the first step to the superbowl…
    The Cable Guy is pissed and he ready to dis connect the leauge

  2. Wait, why hasn’t this become some telling indictment on why the Rams suck so much?
    (like it was made out to be when the Bears brought in a few WR’s to look at?)

  3. I love how all these ex Giants are going with Spags… Robbins, Dahl, Dockery, Butler… now Kehl. Might have to start rooting for the Rams when they eventually have 50% of the Giants’ super bowl roster!!!

  4. raidersteve413 I really hope your not serious about the super bowl…I really dont know if your going to win this weekend…You should consider your recivers not running into each other a victory in it self.

  5. raidersteve413…first off way to show off your grammar skills. second, super bowl for you guys is a joke. last but not least, GO RAMS

  6. Raider fans feeling pretty big and badassed playing the lowly rams…pathetic
    Like talking up a scrimage against highschool kids

  7. When the Rams knock the Raiders heads in I’m going laugh all the way to the bank. At least where I live our banks are safe, and not broken down slums like Oakland.

  8. @Dewey,
    Kehl is a good pickup. A solid ST player, and good backup linebacker. The Giants needed room on the roster for a TE to replace The Boss.

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