Report: League, union could resolve Vincent Jackson case today

The NFL and the NFLPA were scheduled to present for consideration and resolution on Thursday the question of whether the three-game placement of receiver Vincent Jackson on the roster exempt list would follow him to a new team if/when he is traded by the Chargers.

The league believes that it does, which would make Jackson unavailable to play for six games, regardless of whether Jackson is or isn’t property of the Chargers.  The union believes that a trade would erase Jackson from the roster exempt list, making him available to play for his new team upon expiration of a three-game suspension for violation of the substance-abuse policy.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the two sides have engaged in settlement talks, and that an agreement reducing Jackson’s total absence to four or five games could be reached today.

The Vikings are believed to be the top candidate for Jackson’s
services.  An unnamed team reportedly worked out a one-year deal with
Jackson, an unsigned restricted free agent, on September 4.  The
Chargers and the unnamed team then weren’t able to work out a trade.

The bigger question is whether the Chargers even want to trade Jackson.  It could be that the Chargers hope to squat on his rights until 2011, allow him to leave as an unrestricted free agent, and then collect a compensatory draft pick in 2012.  The fact that the NFL is attempting to resolve a fairly narrow issue under a soon-to-be-expiring CBA suggests that the Chargers have indicated to the league office that the team is ready to move Jackson.

The fact that the two sides are working toward a settlement demonstrates that the arbitration could go either way, and that the parties prefer a little bit of something to the possibility of a whole lot of nothing.

19 responses to “Report: League, union could resolve Vincent Jackson case today

  1. Who is the world would want to play for the Vikings and who would even throw him the ball with that sorry team?

  2. Bring him to Minny. Favre might play another year. Rice on one side Jackson on the other, Harvin, Shiancoe. Damn Brett could be 8-0 against the Puckers by the time he’s “really done” playing..

  3. V-Jax fantasy owners are on the edge of their seats right now…the investment is about to pay off

  4. GoTitans says:
    Who is the world would want to play for the Vikings and who would even throw him the ball with that sorry team?
    Go brush your tooth…

  5. Not sure why the Chargers would rather squat on his rights for a compensatory pick in 2012 than get rid of the headache now and get a high pick in 2011 in addition to a conditional pick in 2012…

  6. That suspension will be meaningless in Miniscrotum–some corrupt, biased, backwoods judge will arrogantly dismiss the whole thing.

  7. Uh GoTitans, you all are just a suicide attempt away from ol’ man Collins being the starter in TEN-A-KEY….LOL

  8. @GoTitans I have some answers for you buddy.
    A few people who would like to play for the vikings: Jared Allen, Pat Williams, Kevin Williams, Ray Edwards, Antoine Winfield, E.J. Henderson, Steve Hutchinson, Brett Favre, Adrian Peterson, Sidney Rice, Percy Harvin, Vincent Jackson to name a few.
    Who would throw Jackson the ball? BRETT FAVRE. I don’t know if you just crawled out of a hole that you’ve been in for a number of years but Brett Favre has been a pretty big story with his on and off retirement the last few years. And he had his best statistical season of his 19-year career last year. He is now in his 20th season and is the first known grandfather to play in the NFL.

  9. Yea ok. Last time I checked they sold beer and it was against the law to drive drunk in Minn and Seattle as well. No chance in either of those locations either.
    Why would the Chargers trade him anyway? The compensatory pick would most likely be just as valuable as what they would get for him now anyway. This J/A turned down 3.5 MM dollars when he could have been on the field with a good QB who prefers him as a target to sit on his A$$ and wait for the unknown. Huh? So he would prefer to catch passes from Charlie Whitehurst or Favre for maybe one year? 3.5MM dollars. What an insult.
    Not to mention he’s emotionally immature and unstable. He had to have his blood drawn while handcuffed after his last DUI most likely because he was acting like an A$$ just like when he kicked the referee’s flag in a freaking playoff game.

  10. GoTitans says:
    Who is the world would want to play for the Vikings and who would even throw him the ball with that sorry team?
    Don’t be jealous that your QB hasn’t won the MVP and the Titans have below average receivers dropping the football every Sunday.

  11. Why would the Chargers take an untradable end of the 3rd round at best compensatory pick in a few years when they can get a higher pick that they can trade if they so choose while dictating what team he goes to? The Vikings and Seahawks are both NFC teams, which is generally where an AFC team would prefer a franchise calibur player to end up.

  12. When a player goes on IR and is released with an injury settlement, doesn’t this remove him from being out for the rest of the season should they sign with a new team? Why would the P.U.P. list be any different?

  13. SeanSalisbury7StepDrop says:
    September 16, 2010 1:21 PM
    V-Jax fantasy owners are on the edge of their seats right now…the investment is about to pay off
    Guilty. I need VJAX on the field, now!

  14. Dial-A-Cliche says:
    September 16, 2010 1:23 PM
    Go brush your tooth…
    hahahahaha..i dont care who you are thats just funny!

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