Revis has a hamstring injury

In 1999, former Falcons running back Jamal Anderson held out of training camp in an effort to get a new contract.  When he finally showed up and tore an ACL on a non-contact play during an early-season game, and many blamed the injury on Anderson’s absence.

Regardless of whether there’s any merit to the notion that a holdout increases a player’s chances of getting injured, whenever a player who has held out becomes injured, folks will point to the holdout as one of the causes of the condition.

And so with Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis practicing on a limited basis on Thursday due to tightness in his hamstring, only 10 days after his 36-day holdout ended, speculation will now arise that, if he had been present from Day One, he’d have no problems entering Week Two.

(If T.O. were a Jet, he could point all of this out.  Through tears.)

Per Rich Cimini of, coach Rex Ryan said that he’s “not overly concerned” about Revis’ status.  However, Ryan acknowledged that the team’s plan to put Revis in single coverage against Pats wideout Randy Moss will be affected if Revis isn’t at 100 percent for the game.

Of course, Revis wasn’t at 100 percent three days ago; otherwise, he would have spent the entire game covering Ravens receiver Anquan Boldin — and Boldin likely would have had fewer than seven catches for fewer than 110 yards.

Bottom line?  We’ve got a feeling Moss will have more than seven catches, for more than 110 yards on Sunday.

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  1. Imagine that!!! he got his money & now he’s gonna play when HE wants to play!!! So typical!!! GO FINS!!!

  2. Revis Island is slowly sinking in the Hudson river. Way to go moron. Hold out all off-season and get hurt in the first week. Jets are done or should I say never were. 8-8 at best.

  3. hmmmm, after eating a serious crow sandwich for not being able to back up the jibber jabber against Baltimore, all of a sudden Revis has a hamstring injury….
    Conspiracy theorists might think that it would be easier to be “injured”, than to be healthy and get a whooping by some slouch wearing 81. That way if you have a decent game, you are a warrior (think Big Ben) and if you have a bad game, you have an excuse….

  4. Last season was Darelle Revis’ career year. He played out of his mind and stayed injury free.
    Don’t expect him to be that dominant this year – with the holdout, the Baltimore loss and the hammy, he’s already off to an auspicious start…

  5. Pleasant little excuse to have now before he goes up against that “slouch” Randy Moss. Looks like he won’t be shutting Randy down “1 on 1” like he did last year… you know, with some safety help, 1 on 1. Mano a mano, just you, me, and my safety.

    Could not happen to a team with a worse arrogance to talent ratio.
    Jets 9-7

  7. hmmm… sounds like the big rexy is ensuring that he’ll have an excuse when moss shreds them come sunday, despite their attempts to bracket him!!

  8. Bottom line? We’ve got a feeling Moss will have more than seven catches, for more than 110 yards on Sunday.
    Bottom line? As a Pats fan, I disagree. You gameplan to shut down Randy Moss. You don’t gameplan to shut down Anquan freakin Boldin. Good player, don’t get me wrong, but really? You also don’t gameplan to shut down Derrick Mason. Again, nice player, but not exactly someone you always need to keep track of. Moss will be shut down because they’ll make an intense effort to shut him down. Now, when I say “shut down”, I mean 4-5 catches, 50-60 yards and a TD or so, but I don’t think he’s going off for 3 TDs and 180 yards or anything.

  9. if this was Farve, you’d be saying that he is putting some pre-set excuses in place in case he doesn’t preform well…hhmmmm

  10. No surprise, that’s what happens when you sit out all of camp and then try to play in live action.

  11. At best the jets will be 2-4 heading into the week 7 bye. Not such a great start for the “Miami Heat” of football.

  12. Bottom Line? Don’t count on it, Florio. This is just precautionary and Revis will be just fine.

  13. Lets the excuses begin.
    No surprise when you hold out of camp for 36 days.
    But Rex knows he’s well worth 16 mill per season.
    No debate jets fans, 32.5 mill first two years guaranteed.
    The one year window is beginning to get smaller.
    Can’t wait for Sunday.
    Just End The Season. 41 years and counting
    New season, same results. Even Joe Willie knows so.

  14. Should the injury to Revis surprise anyone. Rex will try to keep teams from going after Revis but not being overly concerned translated means; please do not go after my high priced star. He is not in shape yet. All opponents of the Jets should be going after Revis.

  15. Try including this quote by Mike Pettine, the Jets defensive coordinator: “It was a real minor thing, we don’t really see that as a major issue.”

  16. Excuse for Randy Moss getting 10 catches and 125 yards and a score against him.
    If Randy Moss gets 3 catches for 34 yards and 0 TDs, then Revis gets to yap even more.
    Win-win for Revis if you ask me. Yeah, you didn’t ask me but gonna post anyway.
    Ha ha, just in a good mood today, that’s all.

  17. As a Pats fan I’ll settle for 5 catches for 70 yards and score as long as we win, so please Florio don’t get carried away with your predictions.

  18. “Bottom line? We’ve got a feeling Moss will have more than seven catches, for more than 110 yards on Sunday.”
    Who’s we?

  19. Good thing your “feeling” means nothing to anyone. I never thought i’d say this about anyone, but you are more of a Jets hater than Mike Francesa. And that is quite a feat.

  20. The Jets mishandled this situation. They felt that they had to get their money’s worth and get him in the game against the Ravens even though his body was not even close to football shape. Jets caved in on his contract and now Revis will have this injury the rest of the year.

  21. Sooooooo ……. sounds like Revis finally got a look at last week’s tape of New england and Cincy?
    “Yeah, that “Moss” talk ……. love to show dude up, but I got this tweaked hammy, ya see….”
    Sorry, I’m smelling “excuses” here.

  22. ….or, he could be setting himself up to be the “hero”, or if not, “heroic”. Revis now has himself a built in excuse if Randy Moss has a big game against him!

  23. Please spare us your predictions Florio. Last year you picked the Redskins to win the Super Bowl. This year you predicted Ray Rice to be better than Chris Johnson and Adrian Peterson, now you’re predicting Moss over 110? He didn’t even do that against Cincy last week when the Pats tacked up 38 points. He had 1200 yards receiving last year and he’s a year older. Why do reporters always want to be analysts? Stick to what you know: coercing people into betraying those that trust them and reporting it.

  24. Wow…hating on the Jets? How unlike you Florio.
    How much you wanna bet that Revis shuts Moss down? I’d say we could stake your reputation on it, but I think the general consensus is that there isn’t much there.
    You call yourself an professional? How about you dump your EXTREME bias against the Jets and do some actual analysis. If you actually think that Moss is going to put up those numbers against Revis then you just don’t know anything about football.
    Keep up the horrible work…

  25. It happens almost every time, these money hungry jackals does an extended holdout. They show up too late to get ready for the season properly and end up with an injury. This will nag him all season.

  26. Losers limp!
    He’s just setting up the post-game interviews in which he has to discuss getting torched by “the slouch”…

  27. It was a terrible performance on MNF no doubt. But let’s not forget, the Ravens are a top 5 team is this league. No excuses. The Jets play was pathetic. With that being said, it was one game and if you filthy Dolphins fans think beating the Bills (possibly the WORST team in football) is any barometer on how this season is going to play out… Minnesota is going to SH!T all over Miami this weekend. So worry about that.

  28. Built in excuse when he “Revis Island” gets flooded to the tune of 150 and 2 scores by Moss.
    Oh and I despise Moss and Pats but after watching hard knocks I have a new most hated team.

  29. I think 25% of posters on this site (Jet fans or not) saw this coming. I’m a huge Jet fan, but I was not pleased by all the over-the-top bravado in the off-season, the way the front office handled the Revis situation all summer or with Revis for his SECOND holdout in his 3 year career. And days after signing his new contract he indicated he’d possibly do it to us again! In general, I think confidence is a great thing, but cockiness rarely wins games and just makes you look like donkey. The way we played on Monday night was nauseating. Now with Jenkins out for the season again and Revis with a troublesome hammy…ugh. I’m praying we can turn this around and fast. I live in Boston and really don’t want to hear all the crap around here if we can’t give the Pats a good game Sunday.

  30. Moss probably won’t have a big game either way. Brady will just checkdown to beat the blitz. Pats will win easy, then the SB talk begins.

  31. I think the real issue isn’t the hold out but the fact that he got paid with lots of guaranteed $$. No need to earn guaranteed money….
    If I had a nickel for every player that’s gotten injured or lazy soon after he signed a fat contract, I’d be as rich as them……

    September 16, 2010 4:08 PM
    Try including this quote by Mike Pettine, the Jets defensive coordinator: “It was a real minor thing, we don’t really see that as a major issue.”
    If its so minor its not an issue, WHY MENTION IT?
    ITs called: covering your rear and a built in excuse when the Pats whip that @SS.

  33. Like a lot of you other guys on here, I’m not a Pats fan at all but I’m hoping they lay it on the Jets this weekend. I think Belicheck will definitely not let up on the gas.

  34. You are all jealous of the jets. The jets have the greatest football player ever to lace up a pair of cleats (revis). Don’t you guys remember the nice run in the playoffs? Don’t you remember that the jets hung tough for almost 2 quarters with the Super Bowl losers? The pats are scared~~~~~!

  35. Funny, everyone seems to focus on Randy Moss, but no one is saying anything about the best receiver on the field for NE. Wes Welker. Who’s going to cover him?? Wilson? Pats should roll. Jets don’t have anyone that can cover Welker, you have to double that guy.

  36. hmmmm, after eating a serious crow sandwich for not being able to back up the jibber jabber against Baltimore, all of a sudden Revis has a hamstring injury….”
    Love your use of “jibber jabber”
    @Aco- grow up! Everyone is laughing at the not yets. Join the club
    @curtismartinbsspeech- deflection will not make the “Embarrassment from Monday night” any less so- you jet jerks better toughen up- this is just the beginning!

  37. bradinthecreek- that has to be the DUMBEST comment I’ve seen today- NO ONE is jealous of the 5th worst franchise that hasn’t sniffed the Super Bowl for 41 years. Talk doesnt win Championships…. but it’;s been so long for you losers who probably wern’t even born yet.
    Get off the glue! Revis will NEVER be mentioned as one of the “Greats”

  38. I don’t know if he’ll put up the numbers, but I’ll bet every route Moss runs against Revis will be a stop-n-go, with some pump fakes thrown in just to really work that hammy.

  39. I still hope the NFL decides to let the Jets and Cowboys play at the end of the year to decide the real Paper Champions.

  40. Not to worry…
    …the Jets have Cromartie to rely on.
    Wait for it…. wait for it…

  41. Wes Welker is playing in this game. He will light up any DB in the league. Moss is out one on one. The Jets need Revis to win the game. He will be on the field because of the money he receives. Hamstrings get worse with use. Bye bye Revis.

  42. Hey SomeFans, quick question. Were you alive for Miamis last superbowl? Because it was only half a decade after the Jets.
    Just curious.

  43. super fan Somefans doesn’t realize the Dolfags haven’t even won a playoff game in 10 years.
    That there is a prime example of Miami’s fan base, knowledgeable, unemployable loud mouths

  44. If your BB you dig into your play book and run your bulldozer over revis island.
    I expect the pats to play a physical game. Several body blows followed by a knockout punch(deep pass).

  45. Bradinthecreek, Revis will not even be the best player on the field that day. That honor goes to 12, then 81, and 83. Then again, you’re a jets fan. Delusion comes with the team.

  46. SHOULD HAVE BEEN AT TRINING CAMP AND THAT WOULDNT hoo hard knocks boosted them up to win the super bowl,says who they might win 6 games

  47. Sunday… cannot … come … fast … enough … man, I’m pumped. Thank you NFL, for coming back into my life. Thank you plasma tv and surround sound and Samuel Adams for your summer beer collection from Costco. Thank you Rex and Revis, for being such d-bags. Thank you thank you thank you.

  48. Revis island’s economy is unstable, and sinking fast. Rumor has it that there are too many bloated oversized egos all trying to cash checks at the same time.
    Devaluation of the Revis dollar is expected to happen sometime this weekend which many people feel will bring more of a realistic outlook for the future and maybe where it should have been to start!

  49. 2 days ago Moss said “ok, I’ll be ready” in response to Revis. Then just yesterday Revis was running his mouth, reiterating how Moss was a slouch and he was gonna shut him down. Well looks like he’s chickening-out.

  50. Looks to me like the DPOY wen to the right guy last year .. Charles Woodson.
    Who had a spectacular 1st game I might add.

  51. I hate all of you wastes of life. You are awful people with nothing good to say about anything. Enjoy your lives.

  52. No wonder Rex Ryan likes Revis so much. He runs-his-mouth almost as much as him. And then makes excuses.

  53. he’s scared of Moss. Just fyi Moss is ten times the receiver Welker will ever dream of being for all you haters out there.

  54. reguardless of how well Revis covers Moss, Brady now has the supporting cast to shred the Jets secondary…..
    No way they stop this offense….Crumpler & Gronk giving MAX protection allows Brady to hit the open guy time & time again….Patriots won’t even attempt to run & the Jets Vaunted D will be sucking air by the end of the second quarter……
    Pats 27-13

  55. Here we go again with all the football non-ers and their douchebag comments…
    Why mention it??? BECAUSE THEY HAVE TO. It’s called the NFL Injury Report Policy. No excuses, just policy.
    I know everyone wants to hate on the Jets, but let’s get a little perspective check…they played like absolute shit on Monday, had zero offense, and still kept the game within a point. And if the bullshit holding call in the endzone wasn’t called (and even the haters can admit that was bullshit)…Ravens would have had to go for 3. Take the 4 points away that the refs so graciously gave B-more…and Jets win. So get off ’em. Its a loooooong season haters.

  56. Can Rex now throw a tantrum and get Woody Johnson to bring in Tim Tebow and lay his hands onto Revis and give him a quick godly healing? Or maybe just bring Rex a box of donuts and he might be distracted for 10 minutes and forget about things for awhile.

  57. Revis actually looks about 10lbs heavier than last year…kinda resembling Ty Law his year w/the jets.
    Still do not know what the big deal is about Revis…and do not think he can cover Moss without help…with help, yes he can. so much fun rooting for WHOEVER plays the jets…watching that bullseye on their back get bigger with each word they spew…..

  58. There is nothing wrong with him. They did the same thing when he held out. They use Revis to create drama to deflect attention from the rest of the team, and their fragile QB. I expect him to be 100% on SUnday, and I expect them to take a buch of chances with Sanchez throwing the ball, kind of like they did last year, hoping he completes some and gets on a roll. Saying Revis is hurt causes the team to get a little scared and focus more on the upcoming game, than the loss to the Ravens. The Jets have both a paid psychologist and reality TV director on staff.
    Still, I think the Patriots win Sunday, but it will be close. It always is. I think out of the 100 games they have played, the scoring differential is less than 7 points. That’s just how it is with division games.
    Having said that I hope there are opportunities for Moss to have a big game. It will be tough for the Jets to cover Moss, Welker, Edleman, Tate, Gronk, Hernandez, and Faulk. Even Alge…..
    Brady is primed for an MVP year….

  59. Moss 6 catches and 1TD
    Welker 10 catches and 1 TD
    Gronkowski 8 catches 2TD
    Hernandez 6 catches 0TD
    Crumpler 4 catches 1TD
    38-6 Pats

  60. The Jets suck. Always have, always will. The coach is all talk and the players can’t back up their coaches’ mouth.

  61. I have a feeling that if Gang Green goes 0-2 that locker room will start to self destruct. It will be a long drawn out season and Woody will have some decisions to make.

  62. What about my man Braylon “Hands of Stone” Edwards.
    His hands be hurtin’. Has a terminal case of the ‘dropsies’.

  63. Revis is a slouch.
    Sun, Sep 19 vs New England
    Sun, Sep 26 @Miami
    Sun, Oct 3 @Buffalo
    Mon, Oct 11 vsMinnesota
    Sun, Oct 17@Denver
    Not the best schedule going into a bye week.

  64. Moss has never had success against Revis, what makes you think a tight hammy will change anything? BB is smart enough to not test Revis, Welker will probably end up getting most of the looks.

  65. J-E-T-S! Suck! Suck! Suck! They are as pathetic as that moron Firefly Ed! Oh yeah, it’s fireman ed. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  66. What a PUNK Revis is, having his team put out the BS that he has a problem with his Hamstring so that after Moss eats his lunch he has cover.
    It is also cover for the way the Jets will play Moss doubling and rolling coverage to him. If Revis plays Moss Raider style Man to Man he will look like D Hall did on Monday Night against Denver, the Fool.

  67. air_rodgers says:
    “Looks to me like the DPOY wen to the right guy last year .. Charles Woodson.
    Who had a spectacular 1st game I might add.”
    Yeah, he looked amazing running after Vick and getting on the injury report.
    I could look good vs a BACKUP QB too, especially one who damn near beat you.

  68. 2-4 at the bye week. 1-5 if Rex keeps talkin’ smack and firing up the opposition.
    Rex was passed over for head coach in Baltimore for a reason. Great DC but not a great HC.

  69. Here come the excuses. Ah, enough Jets already. They have done nothing but talk, and in America, theres nothing more thats turns people off.
    Pats are going to embarrass the Jets this Sunday.

  70. You know what, I called this a couple of weeks ago after he signed. And I nailed it, baby. It’s hammy time, where’s my free copy of Mr. Florio’s compelling novella, “QotF”?

    Why mention it??? BECAUSE THEY HAVE TO. It’s called the NFL Injury Report Policy. No excuses, just policy.
    ^^^^ Yeah and we know ALL of the teams follow this ALL the time…because its policy…
    Just like no players do drugs, no coaches video other teams, and noone ever cheats…
    wait a minute…..

  72. SportsME23 says:
    September 16, 2010 6:19 PM
    I hate all of you wastes of life. You are awful people with nothing good to say about anything. Enjoy your lives.
    Seriously, please shut up and never post anything on here again. If you don’t like what PFT is about, don’t read it.
    I bet I enjoy my life more than you enjoy yours. That was something good to say.. about my life, not yours that is.

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