Round two for Florio-Rosenthal pick-fest

On Monday, Rosenthal said that the I could catch him in the Week One picks contest only if the Chiefs beat the Chargers.  And since he picked the Chargers and I picked the Chiefs, he probably was feeling pretty good.  Until they played the game.

I ended up feeling pretty good when the Chiefs won, and I’ve spent the last three days thinking we both went 11-5.

So I went back and audited last week’s results, and I realized that Rosenthal actually had gotten 12 right last week, giving him the win.  Though the devil on my left shoulder kept arguing that keeping quiet would have been no worse than the Derek Jeter pretending-to-be-hit-by-a-pitch routine, I decided to do the right thing and ‘fess up.

So Rosenthal wins round one.  But this is a 17-round battle.  And I fight dirty.  (Apparently, not dirty enough.)

Either way, here are our picks for Week Two.  For amusement purposes only.  Or if you’re a gambler and want to lose a lot of money by trusting what we say.