Steelers checking out Donald Thomas

Last year, guard Donald Thomas appeared in 16 games and started 12 for the Dolphins.

This year, Thomas is a man without a team.

Though he has generated some interest, Thomas has yet to sign a contract.  His next chance will come via a visit to the Steelers, per a league source.

Thomas entered the league as a sixth-round pick in 2008.

The Steelers also will be bringing in former West Virginia quarterback Jarrett Brown for a workout.  And former West Virginia quarterback Pat White remains unemployed, by any football teams, that is.

33 responses to “Steelers checking out Donald Thomas

  1. What the heck? Why are the steelers bringing in a QB? I thought they had too many QBs to worry about?
    If Tomlin wasnt satisfied with his QBs, he should have been bringing in free agents in May or June, not three days before Week 2 starts. I’m lost here, don’t see the logic.

  2. drumbug71 …
    What on earth are you thinking? He brought in Leftwich. Byron was his starter while Ben was out and Byron didn’t go down until midway through the LAST preseason game. No matter what all these dingdongs think, Dixon does not have it. Apparently Tomlin has concerns about Charlie, who was about to be cut before Leftwich was injured. So he’s seeing what’s available. GOOD.
    If Thomas has any potential whatsoever, sign him. That line needs help.

  3. Oh … I’m sorry, Mike, but no to Pat White. He may be better able to learn a playbook and make reads than Dixon. But the last thing we need is another scrambling QB. And it wouldn’t do him any good either. At best it would be three weeks of employment. He’s looking for more than that.

  4. drumbug71 …
    What on earth are you thinking? He brought in Leftwich. Byron was his starter while Ben was out and Byron didn’t go down until midway through the LAST preseason game. No matter what all these dingdongs think, Dixon does not have it. Apparently Tomlin has concerns about Charlie, who was about to be cut before Leftwich was injured. So he’s seeing what’s available. GOOD.
    If Thomas has any potential whatsoever, sign him. That line needs help.

  5. Urbik was a promising third round pick? He looked lost at every position on the o-line and got beat like a drum far too often to even earn a practice squad spot.

  6. I don’t think Pat White is eligible for the practice squad, otherwise the Steelers could bring him in as an understudy to former college qb’s Hines Ward and Antwaan Randle El, who are both getting a bit older. He probably couldn’t make their active roster at this point in the season, since Emmanuel Sanders and Antonio Brown are both looking real good as rookies. However, if someone goes down to injury, or he wants to wait until the offseason, I think Pittsburgh would be the ideal landing spot for White’s talents.

  7. @Deb
    dingdong??? the steelers coaching staff must be dingdongs since the stared Dixon over batch). you’re opinon does not represent the majority of Steelers fans (I HOPE EVERYONE KNOW DEB DOES NOT REPRESENT THE STEELER NATION). Do me a favor, go look at the stats for the starting NFL quarterbacks last week. I think you’ll find Dixon did better than 75% (Hines had his most catches of any opener BTW) You have such a stiffy for ben you let it wack you’re thinking.
    BTW Jarret Brown is coming for a look to join the practice squad. I’m sure you’re deep Steeler sources already told you this… you often talk about how much insider info you have…

  8. Bubby Brister. Sign Him. NOW! Before somebody else gobbles him up ala Bills-on-Urbik manlove style.
    If we don’t sign B. Brister 6 — we have ZERO depth. This guy’s got mucho experienco.

  9. @GoTitans …. For starters, dude, you and your team will find out that there is no comparison between the Steelers’ defense and the Raiders’. Do you know how many yards Johnson has in two games against the Steelers? Well, look it up.
    The Steelers handcuffed a Falcons offense that had an All-Pro at quarterback, running back and tight end and a damn sweet receiver in White.
    Other than Johnson, what skill position All-Pros do the Titans have??? Maybe Young after like 8 other AFC QBs turn down the berth first.
    We will see Sunday.

  10. ># GoTitans says: September 16, 2010 12:44 PM
    >It won’t matter come Sunday in No-Ring-Town. >We’ll come out overconfident! Go Titans!!

  11. Deb,
    So, after 2 games, you’ve decided that DD just doesn’t have “it”?
    I don’t know. Maybe you’re right. Dennis Dixon may never have it. And he may never get “it”.
    I’m just happy you weren’t making personnel decisions for the Steelers when Terry Bradshaw was Dixon’s age.

  12. JustJTO, what QB has the BEST passer rating in the NFL? Ever heard of Finnigan? Chris Hope? Nate Washington? Amard Hall? Roos? Griffin? Touch Down Tony Brown? Maybe not. Ever heard of a points spread? Look it up. The 57 yards in the opening game over a year ago will be doubled come Sunday by CJ2.5K. You are right, we’ll see on Sunday and I’ll be front and center. And while you’re looking it up, your boys are 1-5 when visiting Titan Town for your Steelers.

  13. GoTitans,
    Glad you said “Titan Town.”
    No one could ever confuse Nashville with “Title Town”.
    “You better buckle up. You’re playing the Pittsburgh Steelers today.”

  14. Too early in the season for that, Crazy Nick. Time will be on our side. That missing 1yard will come back for us! Go Titans!!

  15. This just in:
    The Tennessee Titans aren’t winning any Super Bowls anytime soon. At this point, they’re somewhere around the 8th best team in the AFC.

  16. @Crazy Nick said
    “You better buckle up. You’re playing the Pittsburgh Steelers today.”
    That’s right Titan’s fans… you aren’t playing against the Oakland reindeers this week. You might reconsider jawing.

  17. @Crazy Nick …
    No, I didn’t decide anything about Dennis Dixon after two games. I listened to Mike Tomlin and Bruce Arians repeatedly say during camp that Dixon was still struggling to learn the playbook and that they’re going to have to severely curtail the offense to accommodate him because he can’t master the playbook.
    Dennis Dixon has been with the Pittsburgh Steelers for TWO FULL SEASONS and THREE FULL TRAINING CAMPS yet he still cannot master the playbook??
    I would say that indicates he doesn’t have it.
    @Unifan … the only person who seems to have an obsession on these boards is yours with Dixon and with me. You’ve now appeared under nearly a dozen different identities to vomit the same garbage onto the screen. Enjoy retching under your new name.

  18. Sorry Deb. You’re mistaken once again.
    Tomlin said that IF they were shortening the playbook, it wasn’t because of Dennis Dixon’s inability to master it. It would be because it was the “1st game of the year, and the playbook is always shortened at this time of year.”
    Those are the facts Deb. Not the stuff you’re manufacturing.

  19. @Deb — My thought was Dixon is young, and he played semi-decent in his first week. No, he wasnt a Ben, Peyton, or Tom Brady, but he did enough to get the team into a position to win (albiet it OT haha)
    From, I think, 2006 through 2008, the Steelers only carried 2 QBs on the active roster (after the Maddox era and before the St.Pierre era). What’s the harm in just running with Dixon, Batch, and then Randel El as the emergency 3rd, since Ben will be eligible to return in a few weeks?
    My “What the heck” comment basically is my thought that, Dixon needs some confidence. Bringing in someone to replace him isn’t going to help that at all. If I had to do my job while watching my boss bring someone else in to try and replace me, while having a veteran who could probably get the job done as well behind me, I would be more concerned about that than just doing my job.
    Hope that clears up my point of view 🙂

  20. Donald Thomas? Eh..Steelers need more Tackle help than Guard help right now.
    I hope they bring in Jarrett Brown. He prob won’t play QB in the league ever, but he’s an athlete. 6’4 230 and runs. Before being the starter at WVU, he can used as the short yardage qb and the 49ers even used him on special teams in camp.

  21. @Crazy Nick …
    Little boy, I’m getting sick and tired of junior jackasses like you making me the target of your temper tantrums. The majority of Steelers fans posting on this site and the majority of columnists writing for the Pittsburgh press corps find Dixon disappointing and are praying we can keep our heads above water until Roethlisberger returns. Dozens of Steelers fans on PFT have called out Florio for his defense of Dixon. But apparently twits like you aren’t man enough to talk back to the men, so you direct all your venom at me for saying the same things they do. Wow, aren’t you just the Big Strong Boy?
    I haven’t manufactured anything. Tomlin and Arians both said throughout training camp that Dixon repeatedly tucked and ran when open receivers were available downfield. Tomlin said he improved as the season went on and seemed to become more comfortable with the offense. Gee, that’s nice. It shouldn’t take three preseasons and two seasons to become comfortable with the playbook.
    Whether you like it or not, junior, as a fan of more than 30 years, I am as entitled to my opinion on our QB situation as you are. And I’m damn well going to express my opinion no matter how much you and psychotic stalkers like the Unifan harass me because you’re not man enough to take on the boys.
    Now you can keep harboring the delusion that Dixon is going to replace Roethlisberger–the object of your irrational hatred–all you want. I don’t care. Your bubble will be burst on 10-17.

  22. @drumbug71 …
    Yes, thank you. From what someone else said, I guess they’re looking at that QB for the practice squad anyway.
    Obviously I lack confidence in Dixon and have from the beginning. I’m not a believer in the scrambling QB, and he really struggles in the pocket. If he comes through, great. He seems like a nice guy and I feel bad for him–you can see his frustration when he can’t pull it together.
    But I’m for doing anything–wildcats, running plays, QB options, West Coast slant patterns, Randle El passes to Hines–that will keep us going to 10-17. I don’t think 4-0 is possible, but 2-2 would be fantastic. My biggest concern is the o-line. Just don’t know why we can’t seem to clean up that mess year after year. Thrilled with Pouncey, but we’re still lacking on pass protection. Doesn’t matter who’s under center if that o-line won’t hold.

  23. @Deb,
    I’m a long-long time Steelers fan and I have to admit you make some good points. Dixon held in there, but he really “almost” threw four interceptions. He does seem to be picking up the playbook fine, but does not seem to be able to see the field well, in terms of where the defenders are coming from, what schemes they are running, etc. If the Titans watch the tape, and Dixon plays at the same level; Tennessee can hit catch and run drills with their defense, run some of the same zone schemes, and pick him off until he’s benched. I do believe he will get better and could… that’s a big COULD become a starting quarterback in the NFL. But the truth is… this weekend, the D will have to win it again.
    I had high expectations of Dixon going into game one just like many other fans, and I know nerves are always a good excuse, but he’s now a third year NFL quarterback. I was surprised to see the mistakes he was making.
    I’m also not a fan of what Ben has done, but I believe in redemption and Ben is a superbowl champion quarterback. The difference is noticable, and I can’t wait to see Ben get back out there. For him and his story of redemption, and as a fan anticipating the next big-time play.
    I’m still hoping Dixon can show up and play relaxed, poised, and bring a few more big plays (like the bomb to Wallace in game one).

  24. @Black-n-Gold D …
    Thank you. Though I don’t believe in scrambling QBs and don’t want another Kordell to helm the Steelers (nothing personal against Stewart), Dixon has tremendous athleticism and enthusiasm, so I supported him as our starter when Ben was suspended. But I read Tomlin so quickly going after Leftwich as a no-confidence vote. And him immediately naming Leftwich the starter removed any doubt. People kept wanting to believe Dixon could usurp Roethlisberger. But most star QBs quickly climbed the depth chart on their teams and were making significant impact by the middle of their second year. Dixon hasn’t shown that kind of promise; that’s why I felt the talk was foolish.
    But it’s not personal. I truly wish him well and hope he’ll get a chance to start somewhere. If they leave on good terms, I always continue to root for former Steelers as individuals.
    As for Ben, I’ve been both thrilled and disappointed by his on-field performance in the last couple of years. He’s an amazing talent, but I’ve felt he hasn’t lived up to his potential, largely because he lacked discipline and wouldn’t take direction from his coaches. I was also terribly disappointed to learn of some of his off-field behavior. But after thoroughly researching the evidence, I knew he was innocent of the assault accusations. Because of my involvement with justice issues, defending him on the wrongful accusations took precedence for me. But I hope the suspension has been the wakeup call he needed in his personal life and as a QB. He definitely has the potential to be a real star in the game and–I hope–to become a good person.
    That pass to Wallace was lovely–a real high point for Dixon. Hope he gets a few more moments like that in the next three weeks–for his sake as well as ours 🙂

  25. Deb says: September 17, 2010 12:13 PM
    @Crazy Nick …
    Little boy, I’m getting sick and tired of junior jackasses like you making me the target of your temper tantrums.
    You’re talking about temper tantrums? Maybe you should read a few of your rants, then look in a mirror.

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