The best hit that starts a practice fight you'll see all week

49ers coach Mike Singletary may not have time for rat-hunting, but he does have to break up the occasional practice scuffle.

Comcast SportsNet Bay Area has great footage of 49ers linebacker Ahmad Brooks taking a big hit during a ball security drill from cornerback Shantae Spencer, then taking a shot at Spencer’s noggin afterward.

Matt Maiocco writes that Brooks has been on the shelf since August 6 with a lacerated kidney. Spencer apparently wanted to get him ready for game action again.

47 responses to “The best hit that starts a practice fight you'll see all week

  1. I guess they are family. They treat each other like brothers.
    I know my brother and I would get into these all the time. One just pushes the envelope a bit to far and we look like Sarge and Beetle Bailey in a fight!

  2. Hmmm, suddenly them getting crushed by the Seahawks makes a little more sense.
    Did they just finish eating some cheesburgers before this practice?

  3. Not impressed. My brother is 4 years older and he pushed me so far I stabbed him in the arm with scissors at age 12. Never had a prob after that.

  4. so spencer takes a cheap shot at brooks then gets mad when he get wrapped upside his head? i dont know what he was expecting.

  5. Too bad Shantae Spencer can’t hit anybody like that in a game. But then again, with a name like SHANTAE, he should be wearing a skirt.

  6. That was straight up WEAK!!! How SOFT can you get…If he can’t take a hit in this MAN’S game, he needs to go play flag with the grade school kids…MAN UP…SISSY!!!

  7. hey pft better contact the league office…get those fellas to apologize to one another, just like you pushed the jets/hot reporter incident….you are trying to pc this league downward, right?…

  8. I love how you all are characterizing the fight as “weak” yet if either one of those dudes came at you you’d run to the other side of your mom’s leg and probably pee your pants.

  9. You watch this closely and you see who the leaders who step in. #22 Nate Clements and #23 never heard of him

  10. I think everyone laughing at him hurt his feelings and the hit was his second reaction, after laying on the ground and start crying.
    Niners are a train wreck, they’ll be lucky to get 6 wins. Then Maybe they’ll quit bragging about how good their “coach” is.

  11. They have to beat each other up. It makes them feel better about getting knocked the f**k out by one of the worst teams in the NFL last week. I’d be pissed too if my team just got totally hammered by some ragtag bunch of newbies that weren’t even playing football a few months ago.
    They made the Seahawks look so good last week, I actually went out and bought a Singletary jersey. He’s the best player the Seahawks have right now!!

  12. @Slow Joe:
    CBs are actually pretty small most of the time. Dude is probably 5’10” / 180lbs. Definitely not enough to make me pee my pants unless it was from laughing. Kinda like how I peed my pants from laughing after watching the 49ers get totally crushed in every aspect of the game by the Seahawks.
    49ers couldn’t scare an 82-yr-old woman in a wheelchair right now. And after they get beat the hell up next week to go 0-2, they won’t even scare the Rams.

  13. Shawtae did what the drill was meant to do…. You are supposed to be aware of your surroundings and protect the ball. He was running with his head down so Shawtae just laid his shoulder down to wake him up. Hell I was a RB and if you put your head down in a drill like that, you were going to get CRUSHED…
    I commend Shawtae for doing it the right way… At least one former-Pitt CB will do it right without bitching for a record contract.

  14. ha, good clip
    i love that you can hear the rest of the guy baggin’ up when Brooks lands on his ass. glad his sore loser punch was returned promptly, too.

  15. That was a ball security drill? I’ve been involved in more contact than that trying to get a piece of chicken at the Golden Corral.

  16. they would clean any one of you guys’ clocks, so cut the “you call that a fight?” smack.

  17. Lacerated kidney??? Did he get that playing football or from some rough anal from his boyfriend?
    Based on the way he took that hit, I’m guessing he’s the female.

  18. It’s obvious how it started. Two players went through the line, jogging and protecting the ball. Then Brooks comes through like the 2nd coming of Bo Jackson and all of the players jumped out of the way, except Spencer. Good for him.

  19. If my team lost the prior weeks game and ran a drill like that I wouldnt be laughing. Looks like they are going to keep losing.

  20. That little prick better hope he doesn’t make a pick in practice…something tells me his own guy may decleat him.

  21. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news and burst your homo-erotic bubble, clown but Brooks suffered a lacerated kidney after the metal part of a tackling machine flipped back up into his ribcage. Very few of you would last very long going toe to toe with any of these guys. You’re all in such great shape I’m sure.

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