Vincent Jackson to only miss four games if traded

A potential trade of Chargers wide receiver Vincent Jackson just got easier.

Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports reports that Jackson will only miss four games at the start of the 2010 season, should he get traded anytime soon.  (Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune also has the news.) Jackson remains suspended three games by the NFL for violating the league’s substance abuse policy.

Jackson was also set to miss an additional three games after he reported to a team because he was placed on the Chargers roster exempt list.  But the NFL and NFLPA met Thursday and came up a compromise for Jackson’s missed time should be traded.

If Jackson signed with the Chargers, he would still have to miss an additional three games.  (Six total.)  That makes the small chance he’d return to San Diego look even slimmer.  Jackson seems likely to get traded or simply sit the year out.

The Vikings appear to be Jackson’s most likely suitor, although the Rams have been linked to him previously as well.

43 responses to “Vincent Jackson to only miss four games if traded

  1. Now that we’ve dragged this out for umpteen weeks….all this for a guy that may not play this year. I doubt that.
    Hey, where’s the McNeil, coverage? He’s pissed.

  2. I’m all for compromise but in this case it is stupid. They disagree about the interpretation of something that is black and white. One side is right and one side is wrong. It should be either 3 or 6. How is 4 even a consideration?

  3. Even with the 2011 season in doubt I could see Jackson sitting out if he can’t come to terms with Minny. I’m sure SD is asking a lot for him, but they don’t want to lose out and get nothing. Likely will come down to a game of chicken between SD and Minny.

  4. How can the NFL give him credit for the 3 games he was supposed to be suspended when he has chosen himself to sit out instead of report to the Chargers. You would think the 3 game clock would not start until he has reported to a team and is ready to play.

  5. Good riddance! We need a deep threat for sure, but he would never be the same if he stayed. Get rid of Norv while you are at it!

  6. Attention Walrus & Heckert. Please get out your checkbook. By the way, the drafts this team has had in the 2nd round the past 3 years *See David Veikune(cut), Sean Jones (cut), Brodney Pool(cut), Montario Hardesty (IR), Brady Quinn (traded), Brian Robiskie (currently has 8 catches in 2 seasons)* I don’t think a 2nd & spending some of that cap space that the Browns still have plenty of if a cap comes back into play is too much for a Pro Bowl caliber #1 WR, moving MoMass to the #2 spot where he is more of a fit & Robo to the slot where he is more of a fit as well as ending the Cribbs Project that doesn’t work.
    I can always dream…. Can’t I?

  7. seattle the rams maybe the chiefs just to stick it to the chargers or broncos but oakland loves troublemakers s y not

  8. VJ is a complete vajayjay. Nothing smarter than knowing you are going to start an NFL season on suspesion for multiple DUI’s and come to the conclusion that this would be the best time to hold out.

  9. wow, no lame “Redskins want him” comment, Gregg? You breaking away from the PFT gossip tradition?

  10. OK Florio or Rosenthal, follow this up. Vikings have a week 4 bye, so woul it be weeek 6 before he could paly for the Vikings?

  11. Id rather sit on his rights all season long than let him play for another team.
    He’s worth every penny when he’s not drinking and driving

  12. Does anyone know for certain if Jackson were to be traded to Vikings say in the next week or so, would he be eligible to play in the week 5 game against the Jets, which would only be the Vikings 4th game due to a week 4 bye?
    If the answer is a 4 game suspension, not 4 weeks, then I’m assuming he wouldn’t be eligible. But is there a potential loophole here if Jackson remains part of the Chargers through week 4 (4 Chargers games), and then gets traded to the Vikings? Is this making any sense? Does it even matter?

  13. If he got traded today, lets say to the Vikings, would he be able to practice with the team right away or is he banned from that for the next 3 games as well ?

  14. If the Vikes trade for him, that tells us Rice’s injury is worse than advertised and that he’s out for the year.

  15. So the Vikings, receivers of more revenue sharing dollars than just about anybody, are going to pay this guy over 7 million, in addition to giving Favre 4-7 million he didn’t even ASK for.
    Gotta admit, when I heard “uncapped year”, I didnt’ figure the VIKINGS to be the team to Steinbrennerize it.

  16. No -if the Vikes sign VJ it does not mean Rice is out for the year. We already know he is not out for the year. But the vikes SHOULD SIGN HIM!!

  17. Wouldn’t mind seeing him on Vikings, insurance policy if Rice is out longer than expected.
    When Rice comes back, it would be a pretty good receiving corps.
    Also with the addition of Cook and Griffen when they come back from injury, defense will be in good shape coming out of the bye.
    I have faith in the front office, they usually do a good job with this stuff and we tend not to get burned, so it will be interesting to see what happens.

  18. Bring him on. It would be nice to know if he could serve the 4 weeks in Sand Diego and then show up to Minnesota during the bye week and only miss 3 games. Would they let that happen?

  19. Since Jackson’s 3-game suspension is from the NFL and the other 1-game is technically from the Chargers, is he eligible to practice after Game 3? Can he practice with MN (if he’s traded there) during the week of their bye, but not play in their game?
    That would give MN 2 full weeks of practice with Jackson to accolmate him to their offense. Let us know

  20. I don’t believe Vincent Jackson is a good fit for the Vikings IN 2010. Maybe next year, yes, but not THIS season.
    If a deal went down now, he would miss weeks: 2, 3, 5 and 6.
    That leaves weeks 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17 to play. How familiar is Jackson with the WCO? What kind of game-shape is VJ in??? Isn’t Rice due to return around week 9???
    It seems to me, the best option for Minnesota is to allow their current group of wide outs to gel and learn the offense in Camarillo’s case. Are they world-beaters? No, but by the time Vincent would become available with the offense, these current receivers should have become noticeably improved.
    One thing: Harvin is very comfortable in the slot and he probably should be moved back there. Why change a good thing? How many targets did Harvin have in a non-slot role last week??? These WR’s can’t get gain separation.
    Also, something needs to be done with Berrian. He seems to have either lost his confidence, or lost his passion for competition. He’s hurting the offense. It seems he needs a slap upside the head and be told to WAKE UP!!!

  21. Another thing – the Vikes gave up (2) decent players for Camarillo, so the trade certainly doesn’t make sense at this point, from that perspective.
    I think the VJ ship has done sailed for the Vikings, and it is probably better that way.

  22. If Jackson goes to the Viqueens, he doesn’t even have to sell his house since they will be relocating to California next year. It’s a win win situation for both.

  23. U snooze U lose, Danny? Bruce ? Mike ? Kyle ? somebody make a call. If anyone can help D-Mac it’s V-Jax, you know 6-5 about 230lbs. who can get separation and not drop balls ! No B-Marsh, No T.O., No Housh, let’s not be too smart.

  24. Jesus13 says: No -if the Vikes sign VJ it does not mean Rice is out for the year. We already know he is not out for the year. ———————-
    Where do you get that from? The team has already come out and made clear they ned to wait 8 weeks just to check on his recovery progress, and that it’s very possible he will then need to go on season-ending IR. He’s no better than 50/50 to play this year.

  25. Sign him VIKES. Week 6-Rice on one side,Jackson on the other and harvin in the slot.AP in the backfield and farve at QB. Great offense. GO VIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Definitely trade for him Vikings. We’ll even throw Bernard Berrian in the deal…. he’s likely really good, right?…..
    Vincent Jackson and Rice on the outside, Harvin in the slot, Shiancoe at TE and Peterson at RB. Now that sounds too good to be true.

  27. Hauschild says:
    September 16, 2010 2:45 PM
    Another thing – the Vikes gave up (2) decent players for Camarillo, so the trade certainly doesn’t make sense at this point, from that perspective
    That trade was str8 up Cam for Sapp.

  28. jcarollo says:
    September 16, 2010 2:10 PM
    How can the NFL give him credit for the 3 games he was supposed to be suspended when he has chosen himself to sit out instead of report to the Chargers. You would think the 3 game clock would not start until he has reported to a team and is ready to play.
    Great point! I would have to agree with your assessment and take it one step further…wouldn’t a player have to be on an active roster for a game suspension to take affect? I can almost see a case for somebody that is placed on IR, but this was a voluntary action by VJ.

  29. Please, Vikings…trade for this guy and not let it be the Skins. Hell, we couldn’t even beat them when they didn’t even have a #1 WR. I bet Daniel Snyder is already offered Santana Moss and a #1 pick for this guy………well, I hope he offers the farm!!!! So they could wither in mediocrity for the next decade just like the previous two decades…….GO COWBOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    PS: Please bring on the “aren’t you guys withering in mediocrity also?” comments.
    PS: Comeback: The skins haven’t been relevant since the Bush Sr. Administration and will not be relevant until a female Afgan becomes President of the US.
    PS: Another Comeback: Hey Skins Fanbase, I don’t want to see your tears when an important playoff riding pass of Donovan McCrabb’s skips in the dirt…….on second thought, yes I do!!!

  30. Vikings fans….gotta remember Bo Jackson had the same “hip” injury and we know how that turned out…

  31. Bert and the Favrettes know that they can’t do much damage with what they have now, and this is their “win or forget it for another 50” year. Also, players don’t have to serve suspensions for anything in the land of 3 million loons, so it’s a perfect fit.

  32. If VJ is traded to the Vikings and they agree on a monster deal, how do you think AP is going to feel about that? Here’s a guy that has bled for his team and (Fumbling aside) has arguably been one of the best backs in the league over the last three years still waiting to get paid.

  33. If Jackson signs a contract with San Diego and is traded by 4:00 p.m., New York time, on Wednesday, September 22, he will be placed on the Commissioner Exempt list for three games, retroactive to game two of the season. This means that if Jackson is traded by the September 22 deadline he will be available to play for his new club beginning with the new club’s fifth game. He couls also practice with the new club in the week leading upto the 4th game ( Vikings bye week) and play can play week 6 aganst the Cowboys (5th game).
    OK so if he is traded, the suspension will technically be lifted and he will be placed on the Commissioner Exemptlist as I read it.

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