Warren Sapp calls Tommie Harris "a blind dog in a meat house"

Sure, the Bears won on Sunday against the Lions.  Arguably, the Bears should have lost.

Regardless of the outcome, defensive tackle Tommie Harris has drawn pointed criticism from former NFL defensive tackle Warren Sapp regarding the extent to which he has — or hasn’t — meshed with new defensive end Julius Peppers.

Per Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune, Sapp criticized Harris during an appearance on WSCR-670, calling the veteran defensive tackle “a blind dog in a meat house.”  More specifically, Sapp said that Harris played without the necessary awareness or desire to partner with Peppers.

“You can’t do that as an under tackle in that defense,” Sapp said. “[Harris]
needs to set the table and have a quarterback sitting right there on the
stage for Julius to come around the corner.  He doesn’t have a problem
with getting up the middle.  It was just the awareness of the game that
really eluded it for me.  From what I know about the position, it just
looked bad.”

Sapp knows plenty about the position; it’s the position he played (and became a star playing it) in Tampa.

Harris defended himself later in the day, Briggs reports.  “I just got with Peppers,” Harris said. “He had Simeon Rice for like
seven years.”  (As Briggs points out it was only three.)  “Me and Peppers are just learning how to
dance with one another.”

Harris said he was “surprised” by Sapp’s comments.  Harris also seemed to be grateful for the candor.

“Thanks for saying that on air,” Harris said.  “But you can call me any time, Warren.”

Harris would be better served to focus on doing his job; in making his candid and pointed remarks, Sapp as a player-turned-analyst was merely doing his.

15 responses to “Warren Sapp calls Tommie Harris "a blind dog in a meat house"

  1. Sapp continues to put down players who are still playing.
    It’s over, fat boy. You were about as overrated as they come.

  2. Harris would be better served to focus on doing his job; in making his candid and pointed remarks, Sapp as a player-turned-analyst was merely doing his
    I don’t understand how Harris responding to a reporter’s question about Sapp’s remarks is an indication that he isn’t “focusing on doing his job”.
    And actually, compared with the negative and immature way players typically respond to criticism, I think Harris’s response was fine. He acknowledged there was an issue, said it would get better as they worked together more, and took a rather innocent shot at Sapp at the end. Fairly well played, I thought.
    Florio- it really is OK to post an article that actually DOESN’T take a shot at someone occasionally.

  3. First thought: hilarious, & I usually hate Sapp.
    Second: (Accompanied by a quesy feeling in my stomach) Why does it feel like Florio is using this, by his statement in the final line, as a defense for his own outrageous commentaries??

  4. Harris has always had an attitude problem. He keeps it lurking under the surface and tries to cover it up with piety, the same as a lot of athletes.

  5. Two outrageous egos, two overrated tackles. Sapp is just making outrageous statements to keep his name in the paper, Harris is not and never will be the player he was his first two years in the league.

  6. How does a 30 second response to a direct question qualify as not being focused on his job?
    Does going smarmy without context qualify you as not being focused on yours?
    Pull the tape next time. Your ending statement was foolish.

  7. I mean, I get that should’ve been a catch. Rules are rules, but I’ll save that argument.
    How can you call yourself a journalist by issuing an obviously bias statement like “the Bears should have lost”.
    I mean, of course fans and bloggers will say that. But this wasn’t the final seconds of the clock. The Bears would’ve gotten the ball back with about half a minute, and had been starting around their own 35. That’s 30 yards to go for a Gould field goal and all 3 time outs for Cutler who moved the ball downfield allday (albeit, to the redzone and seldom further).
    I’m not saying they would’ve won anyhow. I’m an unapologetic avid one sided fan and even I’m more reasonable. Either it was a TD and the Bears got the ball or it wasnt and the Lions had two more downs. Its not over til its over.
    Have some respect for yourself or your overglorified blog.

  8. Warren buddy, you missin’ the old days? Those days of glory when you could run up on someone who has his back to you (because the play was up field and heading in the opposite direction) and dust him? Those deodorant commercials not doing it for you?
    Well, too bad. Welcome to your new life.

  9. Sapp talking about setting the table? Cmon man te guy never stood his own ground, would rush upfiels past the play all the time…

  10. The only one being snarky here is you, Florio. Sapp did his job, cleverly, and I thought the response from Harris was perfect.
    What’s your freaking problem?

  11. bearfan354 says:
    September 16, 2010 10:59 AM
    I’m guessing Florio is not a Bears fan.
    Flo-hole is an out-and-out flaming Bear-basher, ANY chance he gets.
    He’s been lobbing snark-soaked cheap shots and unfounded put-downs against them all off-season.
    Yet another presumptuous clown who I can’t wait to see the Bears make eat his words.
    I have one gripe against Tommie Harris–that he’s been so plagued by injuries.
    Otherwise, any other criticism against him is just sh1t-stirring drama nonsense by people grinding their petty axes.
    If he stays healthy, I full expect Harris will have a helluva year.
    And as far as I’m concerned, telling a DT he’s like “a blind dog in a meathouse” is complimentary.
    Oh, and Warren Sapp is ballet dancer trapped in a fat black woman’s body.

  12. Please. Without giving a “no comment,” there isn’t anything less inflammatory Tommie Harris could have said.

  13. Please, Florio, get some objectivity. We know you masturbate to Vikings locker room photos, but if you ever want to be respected by anyone other than those paid to be your colleagues, quit acting like a Vikes fan. I have read your blog for years and I do admire the way you consolidate teh importiant stories. My problem with you, Cris Carter, and others is that you never give the other teams in the division their due. At least the Packers and Bears have won a Super Bowl. I can’t wait until Detroit puts a major ass whooping on the Queens so you and all the other Viking Fan ignorati can finally STFU.

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