Bears fine Brandon Manumaleuna for missing meeting

For his first regular-season game with the Bears, tight end Brandon Manumaleuna says he wasn’t aware of the team’s pre-game meeting schedule. That’s going to cost him $22,000.

Jeff Dickerson of that the Bears fined Manumaleuna $22,000 because he didn’t attend mandatory team meetings Saturday night.

Manumaleuna apparently thought the team meetings took place Sunday morning.

Manumaleuna signed a five-year contract with the Bears at the outset of the free agency period, reuniting him with offensive coordinator Mike Martz, who had coached Manumaleuna in St. Louis. But he missed much of the offseason after knee surgery and didn’t play a big role in the offense in Week One.

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  1. Once again, a post made but buried in the middle of others, not at the top.
    Whats the matter PFT staff? Are you paid by the post but so ashamed of the drivel you write that you bury it in hopes no one finds it?

  2. @Nosredna
    WTF is your problem, if you don’t like how they write or post stories then go somewhere else, no one is forcing you to be here…

  3. @Nosredna
    Do you get paid for each post where you act like a tool? If you hate the site go elsewhere to get your news.

  4. Wow. Does the guy not have a single friend on the team? Surely someone could have mentioned this to him just in passing.

  5. If I remember right, Manumanumanmanulamenumenela had a pretty big blunder in the game, too, didn’t he?
    Key penalty? Gave up a bad sack on a big 3rd down or something?
    (I just remember swearing at him–and trying to get his name right when doing so–so it was something pretty important…)

  6. Manumaleuna had reserved the best tables at the club for a Saturday night team meeting and was puzzled why no one was showing up.

  7. Dude gets fined $22 grand for missing a meeting but NFL only fines players $5G for dirty hits..but claim to have the players and officials “safety” as their prime concern…….can someone explain that for me, LOL

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