Epic Singletary video disappears

We started the day by pointing out a memorable interview of 49ers coach Mike Singletary, in which he pulls out the term “dad-gum” and pays homage to Drew Rosenhaus by dropping a “next question.”

Someone at KPIX and/or the 49ers organization apparently didn’t think the interview was so memorable.  Or, perhaps more accurately, they wanted it to be forgotten.

The Rich Lieberman Report points out that the video has been removed from the KPIX website.  (Indeed, the link to the interview no longer works.)

Coincidentally (or not), KPIX televises the team’s preseason games, and KPIX airs a weekly 49ers highlight show.

UPDATE:  Apparently, they haven’t disabled the embeddable version of the interview.  Yet.  (Thanks to the reader who pointed this out.)

33 responses to “Epic Singletary video disappears

  1. This guy comes up with any more disturbing personalities, and we may have to start referring to him as Coach Pluraltary.

  2. Yet another sign this organization is falling apart, and continuing to spend more time on crap like this than they are on hiring experienced GM’s and head coaches.
    The San Francisco Rabbit Ears.

  3. When it disappeared, I found it at a New Orleans site:
    Google singletary interview kpix using advanced search in the past 24 hours and find it on the NOLA Site
    I hate typing that because I do not want it gone from there as well…despite the 49ers being my team. The interview was too epic. Monday’s performance will help form my conclusion.

  4. Mike Singletary has pulled off the impossible. Watching that actually made me feel sympathetic towards a sports journalist.
    As for Singletary, I’ll only say that he reminds me of my dad.

  5. Omigosh! I’ve always liked Mike Singletary, but bless Dennis O’Connell! That was like trying to interview a petulant five-year-old! Good grief. Singletary acted exactly like a kid desperately in need of a spanking.

  6. Someone might want to tell the PR folks for the 49ers that the goal here is NOT to draw attention to the interview.

  7. The embedded video still works and that was hillarious. The minute the reporter brings up the coordinators name, Singletary crosses both arms and you can almost see the steam shoot from his ears.
    LMFAO can’t wait to see a company break this into a commercial. It will be epic.

  8. Someone needs to copy this video and add it to youtube before kpix takes the embedded link away too…..
    good luck censoring in the 21st century guys…
    niners = ineptitude

  9. Sorry to disagree with some of you out there saying this is a “fiery” coach. I see a man trying to say his coaching career and get his team back on track.
    If and when the Whiners collapse, he and Jamarcus Smith need to be shown the door with the out dated Jimmy Raye holding it open then exiting himself.
    Jed “Clampett” York, boy plunder, should retreat as well.
    Whiner fans, start asking for new ownership cuz the Yorks are killing your team, like Al Davis killing the Raiders!

  10. Looks like they’re having technical problems with the video. Anyone seen Mike Johnson around?

  11. Drew Bress drops back, looks left, looks right, asks Singletary about the Yahoo Sports story, and then completes a long bomb amid a Secondary in disarray.

  12. Instant classic! It ranks up there with the epic coach rants/meltdowns we all know and love.
    All O’Donnell could do was laugh to himself. We’re laughing with you, buddy.
    “Dad-gum Yahoo commercial.” That’s my new catch-phrase for this weekend.

  13. Also, dad-gum .
    Origin: 1940–45, Amer.; euphemistic alter. of goddamned.
    Singeltary doesn’t swear!

  14. he is just ready to move on. we all know how the media can be relentless. not so bad imo. actually they both do a good job in moving on from it. you can see how it could have spun off into a worse interaction but they brought themselves back from that edge. lol. kinda funny actually.

  15. Dad-Gum! Is it just me, or does Singletary look like a Ra-Tard in the video? He has crazy eyes that are shooting back and forth all over the place…

  16. We’ll learn more Monday night when his team takes the field, but this looks like a guy in way over his head, a fish out of water. He kept saying he wanted to “move on”, but he couldn’t move on from being pissed off at the start of the interview. Anything the interviewer asked after that was met with anger from Singletary. If you want your team to show poise, you should be able to show it yourself.
    And, does he ever speak anything but vague platitudes? I realize most head coaches aren’t big X’s and O’s guys, but he seems especially disengaged except to tell people to get their shit together when they mess up. He’s certainly getting plenty of practice there, but it remains to be seen if he’s going to be effective with it. It’s like he thinks he can push the team to victory by his shear will, but it doesn’t work that way.
    Sorry, Mike. You found a challenge you couldn’t conquer.

  17. When Art Shell gave his “fox in the henhouse” interview, he was gone at the end of the year. When Dennis Green gave his “They are who we THOUGHT they were…” speech, same thing. What about “playyoffs??!! PLAYOFFS!??” Jim Mora sr? Or Herm & “You play to WIN THE GAME!”? What was it that Schottenheimer said to get himself fired after going 13-3?
    We’ve seen this pattern before, Samurai Mike. I’m gonna load up on the Saints @ -6.5.

  18. Dennis O Crapo is the worst announcer in the solar system. He does the preseason games for the 49ers (probably for free). However his questions for Mike Singletary are right on. Jimmy (Mumbles) Raye had better get it going on monday against the Saints or Dennis will be all over him like my mother in law at a Macy’s sale.

  19. Basically, that interview was a spanking. I betcha that journalist won’t miss another Singletary press conference, ever! LOL!
    49ers can’t beat the Saints, but I think Singletary’s great!

  20. JoeSixPack says:
    September 17, 2010 7:31 PM
    Drew Bress drops back, looks left, looks right, asks Singletary about the Yahoo Sports story, and then completes a long bomb amid a Secondary in disarray.
    After it happens, Singletary won’t want to talk about it either.

  21. I like Singletary a lot. However this is the NFL and the bottom line is winning.
    Unless they go 9-7 expect to see a new coach.

  22. wow, mike singletary is a d-ck and dennis o’connell is a p–sy
    how far have the 49ers fallen?

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