Jim Brown: "My legacy won't be defined by Holmgren"

The Browns induct 16 Hall of Famers on Sunday into their first “Ring of Honor” but the greatest Brown of them all (Jim Brown, of course) will be with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell at a meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus in Washington, D.C.

Brown, still upset with a reduced role with the organization, says he won’t attend the ceremonies despite last minute entreaties.

“No, I won’t be going,” Brown said. “My legacy won’t be defined by [Browns President Mike] Holmgren.”  Brown sent Holmgren a letter that he doesn’t want to be a “greeter” or a “mascot” for the organization.

Brown used to have owner Randy Lerner’s ear as an adviser.  Holmgren seems to have that ear exclusively these days.

52 responses to “Jim Brown: "My legacy won't be defined by Holmgren"

  1. Jim Brown was doing such a good job advising the organization in their direction before …
    so he doesn’t want to be a mascot, unless he’s Lerner’s mascot? That seems about right …

  2. He sleeps in that rediculous African hat and doesn’t want to be defined as a mascot–What an assclown..

  3. And here I thought they were just trying to honor him. I didn’t realize Holmgren was intending to define Brown’s legacy.

  4. # browns89 said: September 17, 2010 9:15 AM
    Bitter much, Jim? Is letting your fans honor you somehow beneath you all of a sudden?

  5. you have a right to take shots at Jim Brown but look up what this man actually accomplished off the field ,all the lives hes saved with his organizations,and his good fight for civil rights ,not a perfect man but he has done more for humanity than any of us, SO MORE POWER TO JIM BROWN…….. A CLOWN FAR FROM IT

  6. unless he is constantly feted, or is that fellated… brown needs a binky. or he beats women. or gripes at whoever is handy.
    mostly now he is fetid.
    holmgren isnt defining jack; he is doing his job. he doesnt need commander loosecannon walking around undermining the rebuilding effort.
    if brown doesnt want the additional honor, he is free to not show up. the media needs to stop giving a mike to this guy.
    geez, did otto graham and paul brown ever act this way?

  7. “Brown will be with Roger Goodell at a meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus in Washington, D.C.”
    I think we already knew Roger Goodell loved black caucus….

  8. I have not liked Jim Brown since he had defended Art Modell on the move to Baltimore. He only reversed his stance when Art had informed him that he would not be taking his talents to Baltimore with the rest of the organization.
    He can pout the rest of his life for all I care.

  9. Brown was a great running back, stubborn, ornery and now, a bitter old man. He was the original NFL thug. As for this issue, he is a pathetic, hypocritical and petty little man. The Browns want to honor him along with the rest of the franchise greats. He is trying to make himself look better, but in reality he feels “disrespected” because he no longer has his made up job in the organization. Like I said…petty. Holmgren should place a large red circle with a diagonl line through it over the “32” until Brown realizes it is not just about him. Brown’s attitude is disrespectful to the fans and he should be ashamed he is not man enough to do the right thing.

  10. And in 5 years when Holmgren is gone , the next guy will come in and say they are welcoming back Jim Brown after he was alienated and the “lovefest” for the greatest Brown of all-time begins amongst the fans. A “re-introduction” into their ring- done right.
    Sure, Jim Brown wants more but all the old-timers have to know that they are nothing more than mascots. They still think they are kings of the castle, well after their playing days, but they are nothing more former employees. If they can’t help the business then stay away. Most companies don’t bow down, roll out the red carpet or give old employees run of the ship. If some former player can invoke memories from fans of the past and get fans to spend money to “meet them” than the business side will deal with them.
    It’s about the name on the front for the fans. Players, coaches, owners, etc come and go.

  11. Brown should go back to mentoring young athletes. he did a great job with Maurice Clarett (except for the arrest and jail).
    Or maybe he should become Bernie’s financial advisor. How does Bernie go bankrupt and $9 million in debt?

  12. Brown wants to continue as an advisor to the owner??? Has anyone noticed Cleveland’s record during Brown’s tenure as “ADVISOR”??? Holmgren knows how to get rid of a cancer (LOSER). If the suit fits, a job as “ASS-CLOWN MASCOT” is PERFECT!!!! Holmgren’s job is to WIN, not babysit a “TOKEN”

  13. Holmgren isn’t going to ‘define’ who Jim Brown is…, only Jim Brown can demonstrate and define what a childish imp he’s become.

  14. Bravo BC74,,, I couldn’t have said it any better. Time to get rid of the token black racist hero of several generations ago wondering the sideline trying to pretend he’s still relevant. Good riddance!

  15. Jim Brown defines his own legacy – just as everyone else does. In Brown’s case, it’s defined by a great NFL career, a mediocre film career, a tremendous amount of community involvement and aid to youth, a peaceful and powerful civil rights advocate, and a man who has made a few poor decisions in his personal life. Unfortunately, this decision to not honor the Cleveland fans who have so strongly respected him over the years with his presence at a time that they honor him goes down as one of those poor personal decisions, and becomes another part of his legacy.

  16. Jim Brown: “My legacy won’t be defined by Holmgren”
    Correct. It will be defined by a surly personality, perplexing “community activist” choices, bad movie roles, and violence against women.
    Oh and he played a little football too….

  17. “I think we already knew Roger Goodell loved black caucus….”
    Might be the funniest comment on this site in a long long time! What is his job really? He is NFL owners whipping boy and the players if given the chance would like to have him returning punts with no blockers. Roger is such a joke with his out of his ass talking. Worst commish ever in NFL.

  18. …sadly, the only thing Jim Brown is accomplishing with his “I am not a mascot…”-agenda is embarassing and tarnishing his legacy.
    Do the Browns organization and fans a favor: go away.

  19. zabam says:
    September 17, 2010 10:04 AM
    Jim Brown defines his own legacy – just as everyone else does. In Brown’s case, it’s defined by a great NFL career, a mediocre film career, a tremendous amount of community involvement and aid to youth, a peaceful and powerful civil rights advocate, and a man who has made a few poor decisions in his personal life.
    Dude, repeatedly beating women is not a “poor decision”, that’s downright scummy. Probably one of the scummiest things you can do, and nobody gets a pass on that. You don’t gloss over that crap. He’s a big bitch and if he was here in front of me, I’d slap him across his face like the bitch he is.

  20. You were great Jim brown and a”legacy”, but not a legend! How sad to besmirch friendships and memories, simply to placate your own pride? Cleveland owes you an honorarium as such, but not to support you as a God.

  21. Just dumb on Jim Brown’s part. His legacy will involve Holgrem now whether he cares to admit it or not. Holgrem didn’t even have to offer any olive branch to Jim Brown for a job with them. Jim Brown at this point is only worthwhile as being a representative of the Browns not someone with authority. I’m pretty sure Jim set the Browns back even moreso than they were coming back as an expansion team.

  22. Jim Brown and his ELITIST MENTALITY IS HAS WORN OUT HIS RELEVANCE IN THE NFL and CLEVELAND. Mr. Brown and his very large ego thinks he is BIGGER than the game of football and the faithful fans of Clevland. Mr. Brown needs to show his appreciation to the Cleveland fans and ownership and show up for the ” RING of HONOR” CEREMONY. If Mr. Elitist does not shine, he can join LeBron in Miami!!!

  23. Jim Brown is arguably the greatest football player of all time.
    However, the same can’t be said about how he is as a person.

  24. # Fonetik says: September 17, 2010 9:03 AM
    Is there a Congressional White Caucus, too? Otherwise that seems kinda discriminatory.
    Yes there is; it’s called CONGRESS.

  25. Under his number ’32’ on the ring of honor will be his name – Jim “The Tool” Brown. He will be with Goodell at the Black Caucus. Give me a break. Doing what? Carrying Goodell’s coat?

  26. This is the real reason for Jim Browns beef with Holmgren and the Browns.
    Brown was being paid over $500,000 per year as a consultant to the Browns. That position has been eliminated along with the $500,000. THAT IS THE REASON BROWN IS MAD. It is all about the money.

  27. “I think we already knew Roger Goodell loved black caucus….”
    Thanks alot, I spit my morning coffee all over the keyboard… Funniest comment I’ve seen in awhile, thanks for the laugh, and does anyone have an extra keyboard?

  28. Jim Brown played football IN THE 50s!
    That’s it.
    What makes his opinions on ANYTHING matter?
    Talk about a case of delusional self importance… I think his dashiki is on to tight!

  29. Self Made men DO NOT have to cow-tow to inferior men.
    Jim Brown played in an ERA where he was HATED….oh wait, looking at the way this board plays out….NOTHNG HAS CHANGED for the current players either.
    Team Jim Brown!!!!

  30. When are you idiots going to realize that the players don’t give a shit about the fans?!
    I love too how these internet tough guys say if JB was in front of them, they’d slap his face….jesus christ!
    You’d be fawning all over him you wothless POS.
    Why should these guys give 2 shits about the fans? The ignorance spewed daily on here would be enough for me to stay as far away from fans as possible.

  31. The black caucus thing is a joke. Just a forum for them to complain about Whitey. Look Jim, you had your day. You’ve provided nothing to the Browns that has translated to wins on the field.

  32. Even Holmgrens legacy wont be defined by holmgren!!
    See what he did to the seahags?!?!
    He actually signed Delhomme?!?!
    Browns will continue to suck also, for a long time!

  33. Jim Brown isn’t the Browns president & he should take a back seat Holmgren. its obvious the Browns have been horrible over the years & Jim Brown didn’t do much to help so they needed to bring in a real football mind.
    it always seems like Jim Brown is more worried about politics & race over the real issue. its been long over due that his opinion be removed from the Browns organization & now they might have a chance to compete in a stiff afc division.
    i have no excuse for ignorance…

  34. Jim Brown’s usefulness as a club’s “advisor” is only exceeded by Pauly Shore’s value as a comedy coach.

  35. Lerner’s an idiot. If he only listens to the walrus, they are doomed. Doomed, He’s a play caller not a head coach or a GM. Brown’s fans prepare for failure.

  36. Talented premier athlete on the field, pissy little bitch off the field.
    See, Mr. Holmgren? Mr. Brown did that all by himself. He didn’t need your help.

  37. Kudos to Jim Brown, i dont blame him he should not bow down to this group of new “Browns”. Jim Brown is a legend. This team, with the possible acception of Josh Cribbs, has no one who should be menntioned in the same sentence with the great Jim Brown. He was a winner!

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