Kampman pays immediate dividends for Jaguars

When Aaron Kampman signed with the Jaguars, it looked like a risky move considering his age (turns 31 this season) and the torn ACL he suffered last November.

After one week, Kampman is making Jaguars G.M. Gene Smith look pretty smart.  Kampman had 1.5 sacks and many more pressures against the Broncos.   Kampman has already taken a leadership role, speaking to the team on Saturday night before the game about playing with passion.

“Everybody took that speech to heart because Aaron’s character is
something that we all want to replicate,” Jaguars guard Uche Nwaneri
said to Gene Frenette of the Florida Times-Union.

The Jaguars have tried to create an identity with an improved defensive line.  They could be tough to run on, and the pass rush should be improved with Kampman outside and Tyson Alualu and Terrance “Pot Roast” Knighton on the inside.

Again, it’s only one game.  But so far the big ticket pass rushing free agent class of 2010 from Julius Peppers to Kyle Vanden Bosch to Kampman are all off to flying starts.

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  1. Best wishes to Aaron — he’ll notice a big difference in playing conditions come late November!
    Hope they can sell out that stadium.

  2. Kampmann is one of the highest character guys in the NFL.
    Glad to see him get some positive media attention. He is too humble and smart to go out and generate it with stupid loud mouth comments.
    He is just the kind of guy you want on your team.

  3. he’s class all the way. the packers faithful wish aaron well.. unless he’s playing the packers

  4. Aaron Kampman is missed in Green Bay….at least by the fans.
    It’s great to see such a stand-up dude succeeding in a new city.

  5. Well, he did spend his whole career in Green Bay…. Anything else but class, passion, and leadership would not have acceptable in the tundra..

  6. Good for Aaron…just didn’t fit the scheme change in GB but glad he’s finding success in Jacksonville.

  7. Aaron Kampman is a pros pro. One hell of a football player and one hell of a guy. Congrats Aaron on finding a good spot for you. It’s too bad when GB switched to the 3-4 it left him without a position. Great player!!!

  8. Good for Aaron Kampman. Glad he can still have a quality career after the knee injury and also finding a place where he can play end in the 4-3.

  9. Kampman is a STUD. Great player and a better person, he just wasn’t a good fit in GB anymore. He’s more suited playing with his hand down in a 4-3 not the 3-4 the Packers play. Jax fans, you are lucky to have him. Dude brings it every play and has an incredible motor. Good luck Kampman, you deserve it.

  10. Miss you AK 74. Its too bad you didnt fit into the 3-4. Class Act…
    See there is a way you can leave a team without alienating its entire fanbase

  11. Good for Kampman that not only is he paying off on the field but in the locker room as well. Good luck, best wishes Kampy and Go Hawkeyes!!!

  12. Nothing against him, but his last opponent has a knack, over the past 11 years, for allowing marginal or awful players to have career days against them. On either side of the ball.
    Not saying that’s the case here, just adding a dose of temperance.

  13. The good news about Aaron K. makes people in Wisconsin feel wonderful.
    I was really worried about the knee injury. But, if anyone can overcome that kind of disastrous injury, it would be Aaron who worked at his conditioning as a full time job in Green Bay.
    Occasionally the new Packer defense caused Aaron to be in coverage on fast receivers down the middle of the field. That didn’t make sense …. and a few alert quarterbacks dropped in bombs over his head last year. Imagine Reggie White chasing receivers instead of rushing the passer.
    I hope he continues to do just great in Jacksonville.

  14. @Colts18…
    I read that of every single player in the draft, Tyson Alualu was the only one on which Bill Polian could not find one single negative attribute. He had all postives, and not one single negative on Alualu in his draft grades.
    That is huge coming from Polian who is the best of the best.

  15. @Jeremiah…no way do the Packers get a compensatory third round pick for a player who finished last season on IR.

  16. Kampman, classy guy. When he left GB he took a full page ad out in the paper thanking the fans for their support during his time in GB.
    Classy, unlike the other guy who left. I dunno, forget his name. Farvt or Fraver or something.

  17. Kampman is one of the classiest guys in the NFL. I was hoping before the season that Edwards would be traded and we picked up Kampman, he still has some juice left in the tank.

  18. Kampman was a free agent who the Packers lost which is why GB might get a compensatory pick. The exact formula is a guarded secret, but teams who lose free agents will usually get compensatory picks based on that free agent’s value combined with how many free agents the team that lost that free agent acquires.

  19. Anyone that knows anything about Kampy knows nobody in the NFL plays with more heart or intestinal fortitude. One of my all time fav Packers.
    Great to see he came back after that horrible injury last year. Jax is lucky to have him and here’s to a long and productive career (just not against us)!

  20. Packer fans respect the people that deserve it. He is easily one of them, I hope he remembers us as much as we remember him.

  21. Just echoing the voice of previous packer fan’s who wish Kampman well. he was a self made player who achieved his success through hard work and toughness. I was really upset with the switch to the 3-4 because it cost GB it’s best player, but I’m glad to see it worked out for all involved. Best wishes to Aaron, even if he is playing Green Bay (I want my team to rise above challenges, I want them to succeed against the best of the best competition and earn what comes their way)

  22. I was at the game, and Kampman didn’t look like he ever had a knee injury. He was all over the quarterback all day long.

  23. Leave it up to Ted Thompson and Mike McLardy to take the best defensive player on the Packers, play him out of position making him one of the worst, then letting him go for nothing to be the best defensive player on some other team.
    That’s some great GMing/Coaching going on there in GB!

  24. Wow…am I glad to hear he is doing well. he was a class act…he took out a full-page color ad in the paper thanking the fans and the Packers for everything when he left. I hope this guy tears it up. Too bad there wasn’t a fit for him. The Jaguars got blessed.

  25. It’s refreshing to finally have a G.M. who makes sound football decisions. Jax has been burned too many times in free agency, especially with Shack Harris in charge. We are truly blessed to have Aaron Kampman on our team. In Gene we trust.
    Thanks, Green Bay! You are some, if not, the best fans in the NFL!

  26. heartstl says:
    September 18, 2010 12:30 AM
    Alualu is a bust
    You’re right. After ONE NFL game recording a sack and helping the line record 3 sacks on the day and constantly disrupting and clogging up the middle with pressure on Kyle Orton he is a bust. What was Gene Smith thinking when he drafted this bust?

  27. Who thought that Aaron Kampman was a bad signing???? i thought it was one of the best signings in the NFL this year even better than the Peppers one because Kampman is paid less and is back in a 4-3 defense. Aaron Kampman looked lost in the 3-4, but back in the 4-3, he looks right at home, The Jaguars were very smart to pick him up, the only issue is, will he be able to sell enough tickets?

  28. “…making G.M. Gene Smith look pretty smart…”
    This is making Gene Smith look PRETTY smart??? I guess Bill Gates is PRETTY wealthy, huh?
    Gene Smith is the new Bill Polian, only without the being a total douche bag part.

  29. Kampman is destined for the Packer Hall of Fame, hopefully he can do the same things for the Jags he did in Green Bay.

  30. I live here in J-ville and the Kampman fever is spreading like wildfire. He seems like a classy individual through and through. How can you not root for the guy? He’s kinda like Tebow, without the rabid legion of followers that worships the ground he walks on.

  31. Good for Aaron–if anybody deserves it it’s him. Pure motor & pure class.
    FoF–Shut up & quit whiningyou band wagoner…

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