NFL plans league-wide training after "unprofessional conduct" by Jets

The NFL announced today that the league will implement a training program for all 32 teams on proper conduct in the workplace in response to the controversy over the Jets’ actions toward a female reporter’s presence at practice.

“In reviewing the incident of Saturday, September 11 involving TV Azteca reporter Ines Sainz during the Jets’ practice and open locker-room time for the media, the NFL interviewed 17 individuals that were present, including Ms. Sainz,” the league said in its announcement. “Commissioner Goodell determined that while there was unprofessional conduct, [Jets owner] Woody Johnson and his staff acted promptly to correct the situation, including a personal apology to Ms. Sainz and arranging a professional education session for the Jets on workplace conduct.”

It’s no surprise that the league chose Friday evening to make this announcement. As every public relations professional knows, Friday evening is the best time to make an announcement when you know you need to make an announcement but wish the subject you were making the announcement about would just disappear.

But as to the substance of the announcement, the league never specified which individuals were responsible for the “unprofessional conduct.” And the announcement said “that the atmosphere was not hostile, that no obscene or lewd comments or gestures were made and that nobody had physical contact with Sainz.”

Johnson said in a separate statement that he supports the NFL’s actions.

“We’ve learned from what happened last Saturday, and have reaffirmed our commitment to treat all members of the media with professionalism and respect,” Johnson said. “The commissioner has developed a constructive approach that emphasizes education and awareness. I believe what emerges will improve the working relationship between all media and the NFL.”

And with that, both Goodell and Johnson will hope this issue quietly goes away.

46 responses to “NFL plans league-wide training after "unprofessional conduct" by Jets

  1. Perhaps the league should suspend the whole team for personal conduct for 6 games that can get knocked down to 4 with good behavior.

  2. Good for the league. That shit was really obnoxious and stupid. Women should be treated with respect. Plus, that chick has a great rack and hot ass.

  3. Does this mean there will be industry wide training for reporters after the unprofessional conduct of Ines Sainz?

  4. its only an issue b/c people are hypersensitive “Rats” and goodell’s a ‘feel-good’ douche

  5. Heres a better idea.
    If super sexy women want to promote themselves by entering locker rooms make them wear burqas or at least dress in a manner that does not scream

  6. All players should do what portis did. Minus the tape. Just stop talking to reporters. they arent there to help you, they just want to stir up drama. If i was a player i wouldnt talk to anyone i wasnt required to

  7. You can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube. The players have known the rules for years. This is not the first incident and it will not be the last. JUST MAKE THE SIMPLE DECISION. Ban ALL reporters from the locker room. Simple, permanent, and ZERO COST to an institution that claims revenue is falling. Knee jerk “training” sessions are almost always unnecessary and cost more than making a simple policy.

  8. Mandatory left wing “diversity” training for everyone. Mandatory group punishment for all teams.
    Knuckle under to the thought police in an enviroment where no one is allowed to have opinions.
    Who hasn’t seen this crap before?
    Thank you Jets jerks.

  9. This chick can screw off. so what if they acted like a bunch of 17 year olds. That slut has no problem at all using her body for advancement in her career. she would obviously be nowhere close to where she is now if she wasn’t hot as hell. She cant flaunt 98% of her body to get where she is in life, and then when people react to it throw a fit. she needs to dress way more as a professional if she wants treated like one.

  10. How about a dress code? Players have them. teams are billion dollar entities. Wear a suit lady. Better yet, the feminist bs of the 70s is over. Keep women away from buffed naked millionaire men in their 20’s pumped up on protein, adrenaline and God knows what else. Let them have their space, most of them have earned it that day.

  11. This is an appropriate outcome. Ines Sainz didn’t file a complaint and wouldn’t have filed a complaint. A women’s group filed the complaint, and Ines said they overreacted. There’s no reason to drag out the names of the players and make a big to-do out of it. And there’s no reason for readers at PFT to keep ripping up Ines Sainz since she didn’t file the complaint.
    Both male and female reporters cover the WNBA, but they’re only allowed into the locker rooms for about half an hour after the game and the players remain dressed. The NFL should set similar rules. There’s no reason guys need to be stripping in front of the reporters or that reporters need to stay in there indefinitely.

  12. I don’t think “unprofessional” is the best word to describe the Jets actions. “Roethlesbergerism” is the best word. Jets players actions and the Rapist actions are no different.
    Of course, what would one expect given the talent pool of women in Shittsburgh and Jersey to choose from

  13. The simple solution to the problem of female reporters in a male locker room is to make the locker room off limits to EVERYONE. The media can meet with players outside the locker room after they’ve showered and dressed. Simple.

  14. “Knee jerk “training” sessions are almost always unnecessary and cost more than making a simple policy. ”
    Training sessions are more about money/cost. It’s about creating a league where you don’t need a day without an arrest counter.

  15. Moe Lester says:
    September 17, 2010 6:42 PM
    This chick can screw off. so what if they acted like a bunch of 17 year olds. That slut has no problem at all using her body for advancement in her career. she would obviously be nowhere close to where she is now if she wasn’t hot as hell. She cant flaunt 98% of her body to get where she is in life, and then when people react to it throw a fit. she needs to dress way more as a professional if she wants treated like one.
    are you describing your sister, mother, or wife? Or maybe all 3 ?

  16. I love how everyone tries to be a tough guy by posting remarks about the woman. Yet you know they would NEVER talk to their mother, wife, girlfriend, or daughter like that.

  17. I love NFL football but am really starting to hate the NFL, if you follow. Jesus…a hot ass provocatively dressed woman is in the locker room and comments get made?! Surely you jest!
    What’s worse is what’s been done to Portis. What did he say that was “offensive?” All he did is say that he could understand guys looking at her…and that women would do nearly the same thing if the roles were reversed.

  18. hey moe, don’t blame the mexicana hottie. she didn’t even report the locker room “incident” or complain about it, some other US reporter did…
    plus the whole “throw the ball near the babe so i can get close to her” routine has been around for as long as footballs have and is a complete NON-incident.

  19. To control what has become known as the “Sainz Effect”, players who attend the training session will have their eyes poked out.

  20. Can anybody please explain why they allow any kind of people in the locker room? In European sports, no team would ever allow reporters in the Umkleidekabine.
    Why don’t they do the interviews somewhere else? I don’t do interviews with my clients in my loo (Based on the fact that I make substantially less and don’t have TV crews, maybe I should check my stance?)

  21. Did you see that chicks ass…
    Did ya???
    They should be excused of any wrong doing based on her ass in dem jeans.

  22. keep all reporters out of the locker rooms! there should be an interview room for reporters and all player should be made available after about 20 minutes after the game. give them time to shower and get dressed in peace. having women in the locker room with naked players with there junk hanging out probably makes for an uncomfortable conversation. it’s a no brainer.

  23. Get the women out of the locker rooms. This isn’t an equal rights issue for women reporters. This is a common sense issue. Male reporters aren’t allowed into women’s locker rooms….and women shouldn’t be allowed into male locker rooms. Is Goodell willing to let reporters follow him into the bathroom to ask about the labor issue? If not, he needs to STFU and get them out of there.

  24. NFLPA should file a class action lawsuit against the NFL for violating the players civil rights. We humans wear clothing to distinguish ourselves from animals. Although we are animals, we exercise free will, unlike all other animals who’s primary purpose is survival. When slaves were sold in antebellum US, they were minimally clothed to demonstrate that they were less than human. (I’m not comparing NFL players to slaves by any means. My point is that forcing a man to appear semi-nude against his will, dehumanizes him.)
    Feminist doctrine and the civil courts have such a totalitarian lock on thought that no male sports reporter dare state the truth about decency without risking public humiliation followed by termination of employment.
    Hopefully some female reporter steps up and states that the NFL’s locker room policy is not right and there should be a better way to get equal access to the NFL players without compromising the players’ dignity.
    The NFL should take action to be fair and just. If the league doesn’t, I could envision a group taking advantage of this situation by bringing race into this issue. Not many people would see that.

  25. The reason the ‘mexican hottie’ is/was being blamed is because no matter how you slice it, she dresses provocatively and does it deliberately. She incites the outcome/reaction of those players. I’m sorry, but… she does. Deb has it completely correct – but so did Clinton Portis. The woman didn’t do anything (specifically) wrong, but she shouldn’t be permitted in the locker room when folks are changing. None of them (reporters) should. Seriously, a team is like a band of brothers… they don’t need the neighbors (reporters) coming into their house while they’re trying to take a shower after a stressful afternoon or evening. It just isn’t right. Then take a woman who, even in her news interview about the incident, dressed with her shirt unbuttoned down to (nearly) her waist… what does anyone expect?
    Sainz should be entitled to dress anyway she wants to do so. She’s got a great body and looks great for her age. BUT… not in someone else’s house – while they’re naked. It’s simply ridiculous

  26. correct, the libtard “blue-noses” are out of joint, so everyone else must take training.
    happens where i work. it’s a load of bs.
    ines isnt complaining, just put a sock in clitnon’s mouth and go on with life.

  27. Deb says:
    September 17, 2010 6:48 PM
    Both male and female reporters cover the WNBA
    The fact that anyone covers the WNBA is the bigger issue.

  28. The NFL wants to “…reaffirmed our commitment to treat all members of the media with professionalism and respect,” Where is the NFL’s commitment to their own players??? Too many players have come forward with their issues of females in the locker room. Players should be allowed to dress in the privacy of their own locker room. For the NFL to care more aboit image than the rights of its players is a joke!!!

  29. Roger does not have the guts it takes to institute a change. All repoters should not speak with players until the players have had a chance to hit the showers and get some clothes on. The competition between media to get stories out quickly is why the say they cannot wait. If Roger said they had to wait, then guess what, they would adjust period. But that aint gonna happen, instead the whole of NFL players have to sit through some dumb ass meeting knowing its political BS. Nothing accomplished and an utter waste of time. If he stood up to the media the players would probably have respect for him. Instead, IMHO, hes just a empty suit with no backbone.

  30. Deb says:
    September 17, 2010 6:48 PM
    This is an appropriate outcome.
    No it isn’t. Why “punish” the rest of the players and other NFL/team personnel by subjecting them to mandatory training they do not need. There are 3 problems at play:
    1)a “reporter” dressing like a club slut to go interview young men. If she is fine with the attention (as she obviously is) that does not make it OK for those who are not…but nobody like that was even there.
    2) a women’s group upset about the attention the hot chick got and lodging a complaint even though they were not directly involved
    3) The NFLs inability to forsee basic problems potentially caused by an inept authorization for something that is not wanted by their employees nor needed by the sports media at large
    The appropriate outcome would have been to stop the cause (reporters in the locker room) rather than bandaid the symptom (these particular players reacting)

  31. This is by far the worst thing to have ever happened on September 11th.
    Surely, with a crime of such a reprehensible nature, an affront to humanity that wounds us all to our very bosoms, we should all–together– receive some kind of training or therapy.
    Something that helps us re-connect with our inner victims.
    And to heal, my brothers and sisters.
    To heal.

  32. And the pussification of the NFL continues under the strong leadership of Head Beaver, (I’m sorry, does that term have a lewd double meaning?), Roger Goodell.
    What a smack-off!
    And when are the keeper of the beavers, (women), going to learn that crap about you “dressing for you” is a lie men are tired of hearing.
    Ladies, the way you dress tells every guy how much attention you want and need. You may not like it, but that is the truth.
    Football players earn a living by savaging, and being savaged, by opponents in dressed-down warfare, and are just coming down from an adrenaline rush you can’t imagine as they hit their locker room…
    These testosterone–and who knows what else–fueled men are walking around naked. Either high from the taste of victory and blood or pissed off from the pain of defeat.
    You walk into their workplace wearing a short, tight skirt, with your Tamales bursting out of their skins, standing on 5 inch spikes–and expect to be treated like a journalist and not an attention whore?
    Then the Vagina Mafia has the ovaries to threaten a lawsuit because one of their sisters was abused in a hostile work environment?
    Take some responsibility for your warped psychology, your father issues, your EEE Ego, your lack of self-respect. While you’re at it take a Midol a STFU.

  33. @Nosredna, Plunketthead, and Moe Lester …
    This story has been out for days so I guess you three are just too stupid to get the part about how INES SAINZ DID NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT THE JETS. A women’s group complained about the Jets. She was wearing jeans and a blouse. Pam Oliver has worn the same thing. Just because you googled her bikini shots does not make her unprofessional.
    Gee, Noseredna, isn’t it interesting how you have no problem whatsoever ripping up a woman who has not done anything. But you defend a women investigators and prosecutors said spent the whole evening targeting an NFL player, telling a roomful of men she was “Down to F**k,” climbing all over a man and engaging him in graphic sexual conversation, trying to get him to come back to her place, then falsely accusing him of rape. That is according to the DNA report, dozens of witness statements, and the DA’s statement.
    So in your warped mind, it’s perfectly okay for a woman to do something almost as heinous as rape itself, but for a woman to wear a pair of jeans on a football field when she happens to have a nice badonka donk makes her unprofessional????
    Oh … but that’s because this time it’s the Jets and last time it was the Steelers.
    You are such an ass.

  34. not to be an insensative jerk here but… if your gonna dress like an off duty stripper you may want to avoid a mens locker room full of roided up men.

  35. People, this on-going debate is silly, but do not let others confuse the issue – ultimately it is right and rational that only men be allowed in men’s locker rooms while in use and only women be allowed in women’s locker-rooms while in use. There is absolutely no rational reason why a male reporter should not be allowed to cover the mood in a men’s locker room after a game.
    I completely agree; Portis may have been crude in his depiction, but he was ultimately right and yet, he was forced to apologize – for being right! Bah!

  36. Simple solution, if reporters want to enter locker rooms full of naked guys, they have to be naked too.

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