Bucs on track to avoid at least one blackout

For teams having trouble selling enough non-premium seats to lift the local television blackout, there’s a potential oasis on the schedule that virtually guarantees a sellout.

The Pittsburgh Steelers.

Next weekend, the Steelers return to Tampa for the first time since winning Super Bowl XLIV.  And the folks at JoeBucsFan.com report that, as of Friday, only 4,000 tickets remained.

Per JoeBucsFan.com, the Buccaneers are confident that the rest of the tickets will be sold.

Frankly, we’re surprised that Steelers fans in the Tampa, St. Petersburg, Orlando, Jacksonville, Savannah, Miami, and, well, Pittsburgh area haven’t already snatched up the remaining seats.

Maybe the economy really is in the crapper right now.

26 responses to “Bucs on track to avoid at least one blackout

  1. Mr. Florio, why do you think NFL television ratings are up?
    People do not have money to spend elsewhere or are scared to waste money doing other things.
    Televised games only cost your time during the long and frequent commercial breaks.

  2. Maybe the economy really is in the crapper right now.
    14% unemplyment here, tops in nation in unemployment and foreclosures.
    Just wait until the Obamacare taxes start hitting what’s left of the middle class. No conincidence it starts kicking in after mid-terms.

  3. “Maybe the economy really is in the crapper right now.” – Gee, ya think ? Boy the media really has the pulse of the people….

  4. “Next weekend, the Steelers return to Tampa for the first time since winning Super Bowl XLIV.”
    ahem! The Saints won Super Bowl XLIV.

  5. “Maybe the economy really is in the crapper right now.”
    No, the economy in Jacksonville is booming and is the only place in the entire country where all of us millionare’s are living life in mansions and sipping our Merlot. We’re just horrible fans, remember.
    The economy wasn’t an excuse for us last year so I don’t want to hear it from any other team this year. Let’s face it, every team with blackouts this year are just bad fans. Right Florio?

  6. @Jag4life
    Dude is just trying to garner attention, not carry on a remotely intelligent football conversation. Alualu will prove himself with his play.

  7. C’mon, Florio…
    Don’t give them an excuse. While the economy is in fact on a hiatus, I can promise you that it has very little to do with why the Bucs aren’t selling tickets. The only thing that will keep this team on local airwaves will be the opposing fans, who know how to support their teams without making excuses.

  8. The Saints won Superbowl XLIV? Who really cares. Irrelevant franchise in an irrelevant city. Front runners, easily some of the worst fans in the league. Get a grip.

  9. Hey, Florio! Ever stop to consider maybe it’s the Bucs and their owners who are in the crapper. At the very least they are neck and neck with the economy.

  10. The only thing more arrogant than a Steelers fan is a Yankees fan . My poor Raymond James stadium will be over run by assholes who hate it here , but still choose to live here. Go home !! And take your parents with you. There clogging up the roads !!

  11. @Jag4Life
    Florida fans don’t support their pro teams very well during good economic times. I have been to 3 Steeler games in Jax and it seemed like a home game for the Steelers. Miami almost got blacked out for a playoff game and most of the Bucs fans have always been fair weathered fans. The economy is bad in Pittsburgh too but they sell out so stop making excuses for your weak fan base.

  12. @Spoonthis
    You Steeler fans need to get a life. All you do is talk about how much your fans do this and that. I don’t give a sh*t about the Steelers or Pittsburg. We get it you have so-called fans everywhere, let’s throw a parade. I’ll worry about my Jags, you worry about your Steelers. And don’t be mad at us b/c you have nothing else to do in December except for going to a 10 degree miserable snow football games. See you around hotshot!!!

  13. Hey Jagoff4Life,
    You were the one whining. My comment was more about the lack of support from the whole state of Florida for professional sports. You’ll worry about your Jags for one more year if you are lucky. Who you gonna root for next year when you lose your team due to lack of support from your weak fan base?
    PS. I live in Florida so why would I be mad at you about where you live? Get a clue.

  14. People who stay at home to watch games never been to a NFL game! Being there and seeing the whole field, not 20-25 yards is totally different!

  15. DonTerrelli says:
    September 18, 2010 8:58 AM
    “Next weekend, the Steelers return to Tampa for the first time since winning Super Bowl XLIV.”
    ahem! The Saints won Super Bowl XLIV.
    lol, Nice call man!

  16. NationalFelonLeague comments on”Obamacare” in a sports blog.
    Hey mouth breather go worship Bush and Cheney who put the economy in the dumper with a 1 trillion war on Iraq, zero regulation of Wall Street and tax cuts for the upper 2 percent.
    Let me guess the bumper sticker on your car “Keep government’s hands off my Medicare”.

  17. jag4life, p\ittsburgh has an H on the end, like this. Pittsburgh. Try it, I guess they do not teach jaxonvile kids how to spell major city names in grade school. And another thing, you might understand the mentality of a steelers fan, if you had a team that was ever any good.. and I mean ever..

  18. Jaydub says:
    Dude, I don’t even read what you write anymore, it just pisses me off when I see your name on a Bucs post. Do you really have no life? God, I’d hate to read stories about your actual favorite team, who according to you would have to have 25% of their income come from you because that’s what defines a “true fan”. Go find a cliff, and find your way over the edge of it.
    Seriously, did someone from Tampa bang your girlfriend or somethin? Get over it, if you don’t like the fans here, move. Noone stopping you.

  19. You accuse me of having no life because I have some disdain for fairweather sports fans? That’s good to hear, because it lets me know that my words are striking a nerve. I LOVE Tampa, so why would I move? I LOVE life, so why would I jump over the edge of a cliff?
    My favorite team is the New York Giants. You know….the team that has all the fans that take over Ray Jay on every visit to Tampa? I bet you hate to read THAT story too, don’t you? You should be thanking opposing fans this season, as they’re likely going to be the ones who allow you to watch the Bucs on television all year, if at all.
    If you don’t like what I have to say, don’t click on topics pertaining to the Bucs. History has proven me right for decades now, and it continues to do so to this day. There must be a massive, underground excuse making machine running somewhere in the Tampa Bay area. It’s called the Cop-Out 2000, and it’s got you covered for ANY situation.
    Watch the economy become a non-issue should the Bucs start winning a few games, because right now, that’s the favorite excuse among that fanbase. What happened to the 100,000+ people who were on the waiting list? Did they ALL lose their jobs? Please…

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