Patriots fan dies at Gillette Stadium with son at his side

The saddest story of Week One of the NFL season happened at Gillette Stadium, where a 40-year-old fan died of a heart attack after a confrontation with a stadium worker over whether his 6-year-old son could step on the field.

The fan, Jeffrey Chartier, was reportedly told by NFL officials before the game that his son, Tedy, could run on the sidelines and take pictures on the field. But witnesses told the Sun Chronicle that a stadium staffer told Chartier that his son couldn’t come on the field and was generally “giving him a hard time.”

When Chartier’s son started crying, Chartier and the stadium worker got into an argument.

“He was saying, ‘He’s 6 years old. How can you make him cry on opening day when he just had one of the most exciting experiences of his life?'” witness Dwayne Hunter told the Sun Chronicle.

Chartier reportedly collapsed when he got back to his seat and was rushed to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Firefighters took care of Tedy until his mother arrived. reports that a memorial fund has been established for Chartier’s two children.

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  1. Wow. This is quite sad. I have to wonder what else was wrong, because I can’t believe a man in his 40s would just die from a bit of anger/anxiety/emotion.

  2. Thanks for nothing Smith…that story really bummed me out. A boys big day turns into the death of any boys hero,his Father. Poor boy,must have been horrible to witness for everyone there….

  3. The stadium workers/security are coming under some serious fire right now, this one being a more serious issue.
    They do act like they are in a police state at the stadium, but this is ridiculous. Earlier in the week it was brought to light how they give fans a hard time for standing and yelling during key plays, but this…
    It was a big story around here, and just heartbreaking as the son was right there. Some of the security there are very pleasant but you have some these others who think they are an all empowering authority.

  4. I hope the Chartier family sue this worker and the Patriots for 900 Trillion dollars.
    I’m so sick of these ass-wipe $15.00 a game ushers trying to act like they’re anything more important than the stooges they are.

  5. These security people at stadiums are a bunch of power mad a**holes. I had a similar incident on the field at the old Texas Stadium where I got hassled by a security guard because the credential I was wearing around my neck was flipped over and he couldn’t read it. He threatened to throw me out of the stadium if I continued to wear it “improperly”.
    I’m sure there are exceptions, but I believe most of these guys love taking the one opportunity they get in their peon existences to make someone else’s life miserable.
    I hope the miserable pissant who hassled these people sees the face of the boy and his father everytime he closes his eyes for the rest of his life.

  6. What an awful tragedy… as someone who lost his father young I really feel for the boy and the family.
    I’d guess this stadium worker feels horible too… a 40 year old heart giving out surely isn’t his fault, but I’m sure he regrets such a pointless argument in which he asserted his reign of his personal fiefdom – regardless of whether he was in the right or wrong.
    Let’s hope fans from other teams can put down the urge to throw out some smack on this thread at least and just offer our condolences to the family.

  7. Sounds like you are trying to blame a poor stadium worker from doing his job.
    Has this site reached a new low.

  8. These security guys in these stadiums are a problem. Richard Jewell types except I don’t think Jewell was a dirt bag like these guys in yellow. Only the wannabe part.

  9. I’d love to be the stadium worker who told the kid “no”… that’ll guilty conscience will stick with him forever.
    Treat people right…always. I’m sure the stadium worker never in a million years thought something like this would be possible.
    Terrible story all the way around.

  10. Man, that sucks.
    I was found to have a 95% blocked artery in my heart by good fortune it was fixed. I had a simple procedure done and the Doc said I was a walking time bomb. I was 45 then.
    Ya never know.

  11. If the NFL official was going to give the kid and his dad the OK to go down to the sideline, then he should have accompanied them, because the confrontation (though obviously not the death) was predictable.
    A stadium worker is not going to, and should not, simply take your word for it that it has been OK’ed by some official.

  12. doesn’t surprise me. Security at Gillette Stadium is like the gestapo. That’s why despite selling out every game it’s one of the quietest stadiums in the NFL …..If you stand up to cheer, Bob Kraft’s storm troopers tell you sit down and shut up……..damn rent-a-cop JERKS

  13. That poor guy. Event staff members always have an inflated ego. They think the yellow jacket makes them the biggest men in the world.

  14. He had a heart attack because he couldn’t follow the rules??? What an ass. The security guard was just doing his job…

  15. NFL official says ‘its ok”
    some ‘staffer’ local guy with his chest out and flaunting his authority overrules an NFL guy.
    then this happens.
    folks, we all need to be careful what riles us up but we also all need to be acutely aware of who we hire and for what job. apparently someone lacked in the general people skills required of this position.
    its a sad sad day.
    i feel for a 6 yr old boy who literally watched his dad die, for him.
    please say a prayer, to whichever God you place your trust in.

  16. How heartbreaking. How come stadium guys are such dicks? The guy probably spent $200-300 going to the game and that’s how he gets treated? My heart goes out to the kid and his family

  17. First I heard of this, so I followed the Sun Chronicle link (the newspaper from the town closest to Gillette Stadium).
    One can make the point that Chartier was a big man, and this heart attack could have happened at any time, any place, it’s just unfortunate that the stadium worker decided to be such a damn killjoy in chasing the 6 year old off the field in the first place. Must have been some douchebag who didn’t have much of a childhood himself and likes crushing the fun of a little kid.
    If he was actually invited onto the field, I don’t blame the father for getting a little pissed off. By the way, he turns out to have held season’s tickets for almost 20 years, back to the days before the Patriot’s “salad days”, when they were 1-15.
    Whether he was the trigger that caused this fatal heart attack or not, the stadium employee goes against the “family” environment that the Krafts have worked so hard to promote, and he needs to be dismissed from casuing problems in the future.
    Sad, sad, story. Kudos to the fire fighters and State Policemen who watched over that little kid – who witnessed his Dad’s fatal heart attack – until his Mom arrived from across the state several hours later.

  18. Wow… That is terrible, feel sorry for the kid! Way to go stadium worker! Karma will come back and bite u in the azz

  19. Truly very sad and tragic. My thoughts and prayers are with the family, especially his 6 year old son.

  20. Its very unfortunate how the security at the Stadium has become a mini gestapo force. Many of these morons are pions in the real world and this is their one opportunity to boss people around as opposed to their real world jobs cleaning toilets at MickeyD’s.
    Bring back to good old days when you had beer dumped on you and you didn’t need to mens room all you had to do was take a leak in the stands. Not to mention the sweet smell of reefer in the stands with the other 12,000 fans at Schaeffer Stadium. haha

  21. Yeah.. make the stadium worker doing HIS JOB. Feel guilt over this guys death. I mean, this is very sad. But it isn’t the stadium workers fault.

  22. Given permission by “NFL officials”? What NFL officials? Either they should have been there while the kid was out there or he should have been given a laminate to go out there. Not just anybody can run out there to take pictures or stroll around before a game.
    Super sad story all around, but it doesn’t really add up. The stadium guy sounds like he was just doing what he was hired to do. Six year-olds cry when the wind changes direction.

  23. Although a heart issue would have caused the death, the stress didn’t help. Some people get a tiny bit of power and have to shove down everyone else’s throat. Instead of harassing a six-year-old, it would have made more sense for the worker to get on his radio and check w/the NFL officials. What a sad story for that family, especially that child.

  24. This is a sad story. That poor kid. I understand that staff didn’t want anyone on the field and got into an argument with the gentlemen but I think this article makes the worker look like a bad guy for doing his job. Having been on the sidelines during pregame a couple of times I know they never let anyone on the field. Hopefully the Krafts reach out to the child although it will be hard to be a football fan after something like that.

  25. It’s a sad tragic story.
    Don’t blame the Patriots, either. He was told no and all he had to do was find the person who was going to allow his son to go onto the field.
    Until then remain calm. If you can’t find that person, oh well. Accept it as part of life. It isn’t fair and the world doesn’t revolve around only you.
    All that being said, I feel very bad for the child. He went to the football game sharing a moment with his Dad. He won’t get a chance like that anymore. A horrible loss for someone that is supposed to be concerned with ABCs.

  26. I heard about this last week. Terrible story. The Patriots should put together a scholarship fund for the two kids.

  27. This is terrible! So sad, my prayers are with the family of this man, and to you clones who are gonna act like the ridiculous people that you are and make comments that aren’t necessary because you hate the patriots shame on you in advance. Ridiculous!

  28. That is absolutely tragic. That little boy was going to remember that day forever. Now, he will remember it in a entirely different way. Sad.

  29. was his death related to the stadium, staff member, or anything even remotely interesting? you have implied that gillette stadium killed him. how many times was he tasered?

  30. Rather stupid if you ask me. Should every father be allowed to let his kid run around on the sideline? What makes this guy so special that his kid should be allowed?
    Tough tuckus. He made a scene and now his kid has no father. I guess he just didn’t understand life’s priorities.
    The guard was doing his job. Sounds like the father tried to act macho for his kid.

  31. I wonder if the a-hole guard gave the dad a hard time when the paramedics brought him back on the field to defibrillate him.
    “Hey! Jerk off! I thought I told you to get your scrawny ass off the field! You are NOT authorized to die on my sideline!”
    Special layer of hell for these morons.

  32. This staffer is an idiot, but I understand why they are pricks. My buddies and I ran out onto Mile High’s field during a tour and we got kicked out. Alcohol may have been a factor but it’s such a dumb rule. What kind of damage can touring fan’s do to the turf? Come on!!!!

  33. Wow this is such a sad story… man I feel for the guy’s family. I can only imagine what they must be going through. The kid was disappointed about the stadium fiasco and then moments later his father collapses and dies. This is truly sad
    (sidenote: I wonder if he was named after Tedy Bruschi)

  34. Too bad the father didn’t rape a woman before he had his heart attack. Then all the Steeler fans would be grieving over his death, but what do you expect from a classless outfit like that (we’re only going to give Ben 4… NO, 3 more chances before we get angry) and their equally classless fans?
    Sorry, but it had to be said in response to the pathetic scumbags who decided to insult a deceased father because he was a Patriots fan.

  35. Two issues here.
    One, the usher was just doing his job and probably had no idea about the arrangement between the NFL (separate organization from the stadium staff) and the fan and his young son.
    Two, the usher probably didn’t have a cell device or a number to call and ask someone above him to make a ruling or at least say, “Yeah. Go ahead. Let them do their thing.”
    We live in the post 9/11 era and staff at the events have to be a bit hardcore at times. I don’t blame the usher. I blame the guy who told the fan and his young son it was a “go” and not communicating it or getting them the proper credentials.
    The best skill anyone can have and the most important thing all of us do is communicate.
    A horrible twist on a what could have been a fantastic day. I’m 46 and have a 10 year old son. This story scares the hell out of me.

  36. That sucks. So you guys and girls out there have a dr. check your cholesterol, etc and take the pills if you need them. Keep that weight off so easy on the brats! He might have had a family/personal history of heart trouble too but don’t get too worked up fans. It’s just a game. Poor kid lost his dad. I will learn from this too at 44. We have vikes/dophins sunday so we’ll see what happens. 31 0f the 32 teams fans will have different levels of disappointment at the end of the season. lions, browns fans say whatever. Us vikes fans got hammered and said OMG after the loss to the saints. Have a good sunday everybody.

  37. It’s sad that some of you dirtbags think it’s cool to tell jokes about something like this. It is a tragedy but the dad is more at fault than the security guy. The guy was just doing his job. Telling a fan”no” does not equate to giving him a “hard time”. It was cool for the kid to get a chance to do that but the father seems like he was acting as if it was his right to be there…NO it was not. The security guys have a job to do and they will be the first ones thrown under the bus if some whacko goes off and hurts a player. I am quite certain that they get much more BS from the jackasses that think they should be allowed to do whatever they want. Nowadays, if someone feels inconvenienced, they believe they have the right to act however they want with no further consequences.

  38. I just read this story and the first thing I thought was there is no way the idiots would comment negatively on this, but I was wrong. Birdbrains like “Beastie Bills”, “FofF” and “nutbuster” show no class and no compassion for what this family is going through. Karma will take care of nitwits like these three.
    On the flip side you’ll get the classy side of things. Fans like “GBfanforever”, “Steelvegas”, “Louis” and “Deb”. These people understand that football is a game and express themselves in a compassionate manner for the benefit of this family. This has nothing to do with which football franchise you’re aligned with. It’s all about being a human being.
    Shame on the 3 idiots I mentioned in the first paragraph.

  39. Obvious that NONE of you have ever been to an NFL game…
    NOONE is allowed on the field in NFL..or you are removed.
    As tragic as this is…the father was wrong…and it sounds like this was his first game.
    From report I’d read…that father exceeded 400 lbs.

  40. want to put a stop to this gestapo mentality because they have a badge? make em put their 1st and last name on it, in plain view of everyone.
    they would then forced to be much more professional in their job, for fear of losing the job.
    just a suggestion, not just for the Patriots but for anyone who has to deal with the general masses of the public.

  41. This is a very sad story but I disagree with all of you that are blaming the stadium worker. It seems that he was just doing his job and an argument got out of hand. Anyone could have just lied and said he or she was allowed on the turf. If anyone is to blame it is the “NFL Officials” for not making sure the family was accompanied on the field.

  42. Bwa Ha Ha says: September 18, 2010 3:49 PM
    Man, that sucks.
    I was found to have a 95% blocked artery in my heart by good fortune it was fixed. I had a simple procedure done and the Doc said I was a walking time bomb. I was 45 then.
    Ya never know
    Amen, BHH. I lost my youngest brother when he was 50 years old in the same manner. He had lost weight and complained of always being tired but even thought we begged him to go to the Dr., he just wouldn’t. After the autopsy it was found that one of his coronary arteries was 98% blocked. That should be a message to all you guys on this board that are over 40 years of age that it’s important to make sure you get a yearly physical.
    And before I forget, heartfelt condolences to the family on their loss of a loved one.

  43. Lawsuit? For what? Providing security at a football stadium?
    I hope this kid doesn’t get a penny from the Patriots. Maybe 2 tickets to a game each season for life but that’s about it. As a good will gesture.
    Really, all it was was a place where the heart attack happened. No one TASED him. No one grappled with him. He got pissed off and gave himself a heart attack. Or maybe if he was calm and nothing happened and everything went OK he still could have had that heart attack.
    Then what? Still wanting a lawsuit.
    What if the 6 year old actually got out on the field and tripped over a camera cord that was laying on the turf? Then the kid falls and smashes his face in, causing facial fractures. The security guard gets fired AND the Patriots get sued.
    Feel bad for the kid. He lost his Father. Don’t blame others that are innocent for his loss, however.
    In the morning you’ll know that’s the case. Right now you want to fly off the handle. Relax. Let it rest and rethink tomorrow morning.

  44. Commish says:
    September 18, 2010 4:21 PM
    This is a sad story. That poor kid. I understand that staff didn’t want anyone on the field and got into an argument with the gentlemen but I think this article makes the worker look like a bad guy for doing his job. Having been on the sidelines during pregame a couple of times I know they never let anyone on the field. Hopefully the Krafts reach out to the child although it will be hard to be a football fan after something like that.
    You said it a lot better than me. Good job.

  45. I’m pretty sure they dont let fans on most fields to run around and take pictures, if they let one kid do it, they are all going to want to and then they wont be able to play the game. You can blame the security guy all you want but the person that told them he could go on the field in the first place is the real jack-a55.. its not allowed, so why get all bent up about it? Too bad the guy was in bad shape and died, poor kid.

  46. Some people who have posted on this thread are sub-human. Disgusting.
    That poor kid. There’s plenty of blame to go around here. The security guard was just doing his job but I’m sure there’s someone he could have checked with before saying flat out no. The father (and I hate laying blame on the man now that he’s gone) should have made sure he had some kind of proof that he had permission before going down there, he couldn’t have expected that he would just be let on the field based on his word alone. Otherwise everyone would be lining up to do the same thing.
    That said, 40 year olds generally don’t just drop dead for no reason. There had to be something going on that hadn’t been detected. This was terrible timing but he probably would have died had he been
    sitting home on his couch. Still a terrible thing to happen to that family.

  47. This is a true story for ya, just to show how bad security in sports is….
    I took my wife & kids to the local HS teams opening home game last week. My son is the starting QB for the MS team & they run the same offense, so I like to take him over so he can see the QB for the HS & watch how he runs the offense, as he is pretty good.
    I walked to the concession stand & on my way back, I went under the bleachers & through some gravel to get to the set of steps that led to my seats. A security officer approached me & demanded I used the steps closest to where we were standing. I asked “Why, the other steps are right by my seats & I don’t feel like standing in a crowd to get to my seat”. He then started screaming at me telling me to go up those steps or he was going to get the police & have me removed from the stadium. Now, at 34 with 3 kids, I don’t simply take instructions on where I can & cannot walk from security guards so I made him go get the cops. The cop ended up telling him he was being ridiculous & reported him to the companies supervisor onsite.
    Some take it as it is, a job that needs to be done & to do it to the best of their ability. Others take it as if they are investigators on the First 48, Security Cowboys if you will. It is time to get a grip security. Your never gonna be cops & most of you couldn’t whip cream with a boat motor. Stop acting like you can!
    Condolences to the Chartier family. Sad story.

  48. Lots of posts hating on the security guy…yet, they will be the first ones thrown under the bus if some whacko gets out there and hurts one of the players. Like it or not, he was just doing his job.

  49. I’m failing to see how it’s the stadium worker’s fault. If the guy’s heart was that bad, he probably would’ve keeled over next time he got in a traffic jam or the kid at the drive-thru forgot his mcnuggets. I do feel bad for the kid though.

  50. Wasnt there an issue not too long ago about the Patriots organization promising some “Patriots” at a school function and nobody showed up except some random worker who worked for the team???? Hey, as long as the owner keeps getting his money, who cares, huh?

  51. Am I missing something here? How is this the staffers fault???? LOL @ some people here…a bunch of girlies…reacting emotionally and trying to find someone to blame in anger LOL…this was nobody’s fault, hello?

  52. In response to “nutbuster”…which is deserving of a pause…actually, the workers at Lincoln Financial Field are incredibly nice and generally allowing to the fans, both near the field and at a distance from it. The problem here is more often the fans themselves, but even so, everything about this city’s sports culture is grossly overstated by righteously fascinated outside observers.
    There are idiots of all varieties anywhere you go in this country. It’s silly how people deliberately confuse the combination of passion and alcohol for some brutish collective character. It’s a role we play to our advantage. I don’t think this would have happened at the Linc. For one, the Eagles are image and ‘fan experience’ conscious, if they lack in a lot of other areas the fans can identify (letting Dawkins walk, for instance) and two, I was at the Packers game Sunday when they honored our ancient only championship. I came up to the front row before the half and all the old players (Bednarick, Retzleff, etc.) were lined up waiting for the ceremony. Nobody questioned the fans interacting with those guys DURING the game, shaking hands, cracking jokes.
    Somebody asked Chuck Bednarick to get out there, because we needed him, and Chuck said he didn’t want to hurt anybody.

  53. A terrible tragedy. I don’t blame the security guard for it (at least from what I’ve read about it- I can’t say what happened because I wasn’t there.)
    Look- anyone making jokes or teasing because they hate the Patriots is stupid. This is beyond the game and should transcend individual team loyalties. I’m a diehard Dolphins fan and I realize this story isn’t about the Patriots, it’s about a young boy who lost his father due to a tragic heart condition.

  54. kind of like the basketbrawl event, which happened here in the daytwa area…
    watch from home instead.
    any more, get the kids into something else besides sports-hero worship.

  55. That poor boy. I mean, kids think they’re the reason parents get divorced. This kids got the life experience to grow up to be the next Unibomber if he doesn’t get some help right away.
    By the way, I just Googled this story. The newscast showed this guy and he looked like Andy Reid. While his frustration might have been the tripping point, it looks like years of bodily neglect was the real cause of his heart attack.
    Feel bad for the stadium employee too. While many of these guys act as if they’re on a mission of national security, chances are this guy was just doing as he was instructed.
    If you see a bunch of 6 year olds storming the field in pre-game warm up’s, you know what stadium employee allowed it …
    LOVED the “Brady asked if he could wait to go to the hospital” and ROARED over the Pai Mei exploding heart comments. What a bunch of sick bastards !!

  56. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised to see so many other non-Patriots fans use a tragedy of this nature as an excuse to talk smack.
    As bad as you all seem to think it is that a stadium worker would behave like this, the lowest form of human life are those of you who would take a child’s most tragic moment in life and use it as a joke or a jab at the Kraft family and the Patriots.

  57. What an unbelievably sad story, but not the fault of the stadium worker by any means. Obviously there were health issues, however, thsoe stadium workers do carry an undeserved sense of power and should be more respectful to the fans who keep the league in business, and contribute to their paychecks

  58. NYMets says:September 18, 2010 3:41 PMThese security
    guys in these
    stadiums are a
    problem. Richard
    Jewell types except
    I don’t think Jewell
    was a dirt bag like
    these guys in
    yellow. Only the
    wannabe part.
    you actually used a Richard Jewell reference? were you drinking new coke when you typed that?

  59. I feel bad for the kid but there is no room to blame the poor stadium worker for doing his job. You can’t let everyone on the field. Sounds like the father had some anger issues.

  60. Shackman, sorry about your brother. I didn’t have a clue how sick I was, it was only good luck that they found my problem out.
    I just seemed to feel tired a lot too, not overweight either.
    But you are right, most guys won’t take care until they get lucky, or get dead.
    Maybe someone else reads this and gets to play with their kids or grandkids next year.

  61. This guy is willing to die for his team and Tom Brady says the pats fans are shitty o well sucks that staffer is gonna lose his job just for doing his job I’m sure he didn’t know that the guy had been told his kid could go on the field

  62. I don’t like the tone of this story. The way the story is put together implies that the stadium worker is to blame. Which would be a ridiculous suggestion.

  63. @DenverWally …
    No, it didn’t have to be said. I saw a couple of classless people who always make sick, vulgar comments make their typical sick, vulgar comments here. If they are Steelers fans, I’m not aware of it and I spend all my time on those threads. I know one of them definitely is not a Steelers fan because he’s usually spewing his bile at me. But I saw many Steelers fans offering their condolences to this Patriots family.
    All you proved is that you are the equal of the sick, vulgar garbage you criticized. Instead of calling out the individuals who engaged in the classless behavior, you heaped hatred on an entire fanbase that has done nothing to deserve it. You used a sad occasion as an excuse to indulge your own bitter, irrational, hatred. May God have mercy on your sad, sick mind and soul.

  64. I suggest banning the following dirt bags for life from posting on PFT
    Raven Adam
    Bradenton Buc
    Beastie Bills
    ken hawk
    Make fun of a kid losing his father? Hell will be to good for you.
    Everybody should post this again.
    Block their ip’s from the site

  65. I don’t care about the extraneous details, but how sad for the son to watch his father die. I hope he had life insurance. And thanks for the link to the memorial fund.
    –A Raiders fan

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