Patriots sign Danny Woodhead

In a move that is sure to make Jets fans howl, the Patriots signed wide receiver/running back Danny Woodhead on Saturday, as first reported by the Boston Herald.

A fan favorite in New York, Woodhead was cut this week to make room for wide receiver David Clowney.  The move is the latest in a long line of Jets and Patriots players that have changed sides in recent years, often just before the two teams play each other.

Many will assume Woodhead is only being signed for his information, but he also fits the Patriots mold.  They look for versatility above all else, especially at the end of their roster.

If the move tweaks their rivals a day before playing them, consider that a nice bonus.

61 responses to “Patriots sign Danny Woodhead

  1. Belichick will find a way to get this guy in the end zone against the Jets if they are in close…

  2. Danny Woodhead dovetails nicely with the Pats player model that puts a premium on versatility. Having played at both wide receiver and running back, Woodhead is not only versatile, but agile as well. Moreover, since he was just waived by the J-E-T-S on September 14 and signed by the Pats today, one day before tomorrow’s Week 2 NFL game of the week, he may indeed provide some intelligence data to Coach Belichick.
    The Pats-Jets chess match continues, and Bill has just put Rex, the Jets’ king, in check. Hopefully, tomorrow’s next move will be checkmate.

  3. I hope BB uses him as a captain at the coin toss so I don’t have to hear Massholes complain about Rex using former Pats being Jets captains.

  4. Border war continues..and is entertaining.
    NFL needs rivalries..and the hatred that goes w/it….Dallas/Wash , Oak KC, GB /Minn.
    Only problem w/NE/jets is that jets haven’t won ANYTHING except annual April Super Bowl..They must miss Ken O’brien and Al Toon..and the good old days of Rich Kotite..They couldn’t win anything then either.

  5. I just hope they show “fireman Ed” with a big apple shoved in his dumbass mouth and slowly turning over a bar-b-q pit after the Jests get their a$$es kicked.

  6. causeiambetta says:
    September 18, 2010 5:20 PM
    Lets make him a captain for the game!
    Yeah,I was just thinkingthat with Moss, Welker, Edelman, and those two new studs, the Pat’s are a little weak in the receiving dept. Glad they happened to pick up another one, from the Jets, just a day before they play the, you know, Jets.

  7. Everybody knows the Jets only get rid of guys who aren’t as good as the guys who replace them: get rid of Woodhead, you have McNight, get rid of Faneca, you have Slausen.

  8. Pats win on Sunday and the Jets are 2 games behind already after two weeks plus the tie-breaker disadvantage which really makes them 3 games behind. How sweet would that be! Will the Dirty Sanchez wet his pants again.

  9. You’d think after last week’s sexual harrassment episode Woody Johnson would refrain from cutting Danny Woodhead

  10. I remember watching Hard Knocks and hoping Woodhead made the team cause I liked him… then I remembered it was the Jets and I hope that entire organization goes up in flames and Rex Ryan ends up working at a department store somewhere. Now I can root for Woodhead again! Welcome to NE, Danny

  11. will they seriously have any time to include any info from him in their game-plan on Saturday evening considering that they play the Jets on Sunday afternoon ?

  12. nyjall…So you think I said something not true???
    jets have been NFL’s doormats for 42 years…They have won nothing except with their mouths…
    You;re no exception..talking loud but saying nothing…
    Your offense looked awesome last Monday…Must be a great feeling to build an offense around a bust like Sanchez….Geniuses Rex & Tanny let go of your 2 best players, Jones & Washington…and w/o running games exposes Sanchez…Kinda resembles Joey Harrington w/his game.
    Only thing funny about what I wrote was your response . …Please, go back to mommy’s panty drawer.

  13. Beautiful. Woodhead should have some ideas about “sanchize”‘s, pre-snap Peyton Manning impression.

  14. 12+81=7 says:
    September 18, 2010 6:42 PM
    Now I can root for Woodhead again! Welcome to NE, Danny
    its gonna be hard to root for someone thats inactive

  15. If Danny Woodhead weren’t a short white guy, nobody would’ve ever heard of him. He’s had 3 years to make an impact with the Jets, and he’s managed about 10 touches. Gimme a break.

  16. Do we really think Woodhead is going to make a difference considering he was cut prior to gameplan installation, and is virtually useless on the field unless it’s garbage time? Did you see him cover kicks against Miami last year? He singlehandedly cost the Jets the game.

  17. Cut before the jets game plan is installed
    Signed after the pats game plan is installed
    Overzealous intern, non story.

  18. another stupid move by the Jets……
    Woodhead is the man….
    WHY are they taking on more receivers when they refuse to let sanchez throw the ball?

  19. That’s CAPTAIN Danny Woodhead to you (at least for tomorrow).
    I smell a Wes Welker Lite/Larry Izzo type player here folks.

  20. # NYJALLFINGDAY says: September 18, 2010 5:09 PM
    I hope BB uses him as a captain at the coin toss so I don’t have to hear Massholes complain about Rex using former Pats being Jets captains.

    Yeah, We were all broken up about J.T. Whathisname as a captain.

  21. .
    “The thing that’s helped him, he knows this offense as good as anybody,” said Jets tight end Dustin Keller, who came into the NFL with Woodhead. “He’s been a receiver for us, running back, does a lot of special teams. All the coaches are confident they can put him anywhere on the field and know that he’ll do a good job
    I’m thinking this guy may be a plus.

  22. The Jets were absolute boneheads to release him. I remember watching him last year and saying to myself “this kids has game and is going to be good”. Reminded me of a Wes Welker/ Troy Brown type. Then when I was watching Hard Knocks and he was competing with Clowny I remember the Jets coaches commenting on how “he just keeps making plays”. I also remember Clowny seemed like a dope and thinking the Jets should drop Clowny and keep Woodhead. I think the Jets outsmarted themselves here and BB pounced on the opportunity to pick up a playmaker. The Jets are going to regret this. Being a Pats fan I love it. This kid is going to fit right in.

  23. Only reason Belichick signed him was to get information on how he can stop the great Jets high scoring offense.

  24. Reminds me of Wes Welker or Julian Edelman..
    He’s also a real hard worker, and a smart player. Sure, he’s not the most gifted athlete, but he always shows up and does his job..
    /white guy’d
    I hope the Pats put the screws to the Jets tomorrow.

  25. hey jets fans.. get ready to watch this guy become a damn good player.. Unlike Rex, Belichek knows how to make average players fit into their role and make them great. Its really funny, everyone says Brady is overrated and whatnot because of the talent he has.. he has yet to win with moss and welker.. pretty sure the receiving core when he won consisted of troy brown, david patten, deion branch, jermaine wiggins, christian fauria, david givens, daniel graham and others.. not exactly like randy moss and welker.. Just guys that worked hard to do their job. Get ready for an ass whippin tomorrow Jets.

  26. …Please, go back to mommy’s panty drawer.
    I take pride in my troll-swatting, but that’s a good one. I may have to use that sometime in the future.

  27. the jets are just complete morons……
    HARD KNOCKS…………………..
    Watch him…..
    how do you bitch vehemently about all the RB’s fumbling and DEMAND Eff them put WOODHEAD in and he lights up the field running catching EVERYTHING………
    then u release him???? for a crappy receiver???
    The dude is all heart and a friggin nutcase, he pats are going to go crazy with him….
    So stupid

  28. @backintheaaddle
    The only thing in common Woodhead has with Welker is that they’re both white. That’s it. He was inactive for the Jets for most of his carrer, and wil continue to do so in NE. Enjoy your “catch of the year pro bowler”

  29. It will be an interesting matchup with the Jets D and Pats O. Can they contain Welker? I think Revis will shut down Moss. The Jets have to make Welker pay when he catches it. Brady was uncomfortable in this game last year when the Jets won. The Jets aren’t the Bengals and the Patriots defense is not the Ravens. It could go either way, but if the Jets don’t clean up their mistakes they will lose.

  30. Ah, your wit astounds me Mrs. Rachel. Yes, you did say something untrue.
    I’d like you to see something. First, go to Wikipedia. After that, type “Super Bowl 3” in the search bar. Tell me who won that game. Hopefully, that will keep you quiet for a little while.
    I don’t need to do any talking, however. Every time you post my job is done for me. Hell, I’m suprised you even know who Kotite is.
    And as far as TJ and Leon go, I’d like you to see how they did in their first week with their new teams. Tell me how that goes.
    The funny thing is you trying to pass yourself off as knowledgeable. That’s a riot right there.
    Hey, what team do you root for? This should be good.

  31. I’m a huge Patriots fan but I hope this signing was because there’s actually a real role for him on the team. You can’t help but like the kid and he was a two time Harlon Hill trophy winner (Division II Heisman). I was pulling for him with the Jets, I’ll pull for him with the Pats and wherever else he may go. You know he has to do it better than the next guy to have a shot. Go Danny!

  32. Chiefs2010 says: September 18, 2010 10:03 PM
    Reminds me of Wes Welker or Julian Edelman..
    He’s also a real hard worker, and a smart player. Sure, he’s not the most gifted athlete, but he always shows up and does his job.
    I really hate to play the race card because I can’t say for a fact that it has anything to do with it. But I’ve heard it mentioned before about “If he wasn’t white, nobody would have heard of him”, or “If he wasn’t white he would have been drafted, or gone to a division I school.”
    I don’t know, and I’m not attacking you but the comment about he’s not a gifted athlete but he’s a hard worker is really something you here put on a lot of white players. The Black players hear “He’s a great athlete but he’s still raw.” The numbers he put up at his pro day were better than all the RB’s invited to the combine. Had he been invited he would have put on the best overall performance putting up the 2nd best 4o time, best 60 yard shuttle time, best agility time, and 2nd best vertical leap. His build is almost identical to MJD.
    The guy is a gifted athlete if nothing else, I don’t know if he can turn that into a successful football career but it seems he has been pigeon holed into a stereotype his whole life based on his height and possibly his race despite a mountain of evidence to the contrary.

  33. “keeps making plays” was in practice/preseason. couple years ago clowney had 3 tds in a preseason game. big woop.

  34. I’m pretty sure the Patriots were interested in him out of college! Which is why Mangini grabbed him in the first place.
    I believe BB will keep Woodhead because he’s exactly the type of player the Patriots look for!
    He fast, versatile and willing, you know a football player!
    I believe he sticks to the roster and could eventually be the next Kevin Faulk type player!

  35. I really don’t think the jets ever really appreciated how talented Woodhead is. I think the Patriots are going to find that he is going to be able to contribute in alot of different ways. I am glad New England got him. GO PATRIOTS!!!!!!!!

  36. Put up or shut up Jets fans.
    The recurring nightmare knows as Jets football has begun again.
    Must have been fun to be Paper Champions all off season !

  37. @shenanigan says: “I really hate to play the race card because I can’t say for a fact that it has anything to do with it.”….
    It’s always great when your team can pick up a player who doesn’t have white man’s disease.

  38. When I read the headline, I let out a howl, didn’t realize I was so predictable. Of course lots of Jets fans are sad to see him go, hard not to cheer for a small undrafted guy who is low on talent and high on heart. He made some plays and is versatile, which is the opposite of Clowney who has physical talent and tons of potential, but hasn’t put it to much use so far. Can’t see Mike Westhoff loving that move.
    Woodhead is like Rudy, can’t help but root for him to succeed since his odds were so low to begin with. He may never be a starter, but he’s the kind of role guy/fringe player with infectious spirit that rubs off on guys.

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