Seneca Wallace could get his 15th career start

On the same day that Mike Vick gets his first start since 2006, another run-pass quarterbacking threat will get his 11th start since Vick’s career became, um, interrupted.

Seneca Wallace seems to be on track to lead the Browns against the Chiefs on Sunday, especially since quarterback Jack Delhomme hasn’t practiced all week with an ankle injury.  As Rosenthal pointed out on Friday, Delhomme hasn’t been ruled out, yet.

It would be Wallace’s 15th career start.  He has a 5-9 record in his 14 prior starts.

On Friday, Cleveland offensive coordinator Brian Daboll discussed the situation.

“Seneca has been practicing all week,” Daboll said in comments distributed by the team.  “Jake [Delhomme] has been out.  He hasn’t been ruled out yet, so if he’s ready to go and Eric [Mangini] and the doctors deem him ready to go, then he will be ready to go.  But Seneca has practiced all week.  I feel comfortable with where he’s at, both in his approach and understanding the game plan.  He’s excited and if he gets the chance to play, I expect him to go out there and do well.”

The key words, in our view, are “game plan.”  Daboll likely has designed a game plan aimed at taking advantage of Wallace’s skills, which are different from the less-mobile Delhomme’s, even when he doesn’t have an injured ankle.”

So even though Delhomme hasn’t been downgraded to “out” (he’s currently “doubtful”), it would be a surprise if the Browns designed a game plan premised on Delhomme playing, and then asked Wallace to prepare to execute it.

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  1. The day they announced the Seneca Wallace pickup here in Cleveland I smiled. I havent seen him play much prior to this year but what I did see was to me most interesting. He was agile and able to move the ball, and obviously smart, seemed to know where his opposition was and how to avoid them.
    I would have been happy had they stopped there and not signed Jake Delhomme, although I have no issue with jake and I understand why he was signed. Regardless of who the eventual starter is, whether it be McCoy or someone else, having a savvy mentor with real viable experience and skills to guide the prodigy along is invaluable. In Delhomme they have 12 years of experience and Super Bowl experience…and Wallace brings 7 more years and more Super Bowl experience as well.
    This does not, contrary to what people seem to believe, mean that Holmgren Heckert and Mangini are out to win a Superbowl this year. Mangini’s head isnt gonna roll cause the wons dont flood in. What it means is that this is gonna be a much better, more competetive ball club, and more entertaining to watch.
    When you rise from the depths from which the Browns are rising, you gotta go a long ways to just break the surface. To rise to the summit takes a lot more work.

  2. If Delhomme has not practiced all week – he is NOT going to play. Period.
    If it was Manning or Brees – different story.
    I think that Cleveland is better with Delhomme – so no money is going on that game for me.

  3. RayRay,
    Wallace is more of a threat, thus maybe give us a better chance of putting up some points. That with a 55% completion rate might make us competitive. Run THE Ball to set up the pass and a couple of wildcat plays might do the job. Hopeful in Jersey. Go Browns.

  4. Civilwarfish, you always seem to have some of the more intelligent posts here. The jokes, insults, and trash talking can be childish (think Ravenspenis), funny or simply annoying (think “Browns suck”). It’s refreshing to see you cut through that crap. Thank You.
    When I retired from the Army in 2004, I was stationed at the language school in California. I used to watch plenty of west coast games, including Seattle.
    I always thought Wallace was quite capable as a QB. However, I could also see where his physical limitations (height) kept him from being a starter. It was a shame because it seemed like he had all of the other qualities. I’m sure the same could be said of Troy Smith. I think Wallace will do an adequate job on Sunday. Whether that leads to a win remains to be seen. (KC looks much improved!)
    I still question our coaching. I want to believe in them but, everytime I do…. I must believe in Mike Holmgren and the job he is doing in bringing us back to respectability. I think that is why our opponents, especially in the AFC-North, are staining their shorts. Consequently, the old “Browns suck” comments…they know our day is coming, albeit a couple more years.

  5. Wallace did look a lot more mature from what I watched of him in the preseason, mainly the game vs. Green Bay. Moved the ball well, good decisions, and his TD pass in the corner rolling to the left from 15-20 yds out was perfectly placed. He gives the Browns a shot tomorrow, but it’s probably going to end up being the Jamaal Charles Show.

  6. Flor really needs to learn how to organize his thoughts into paragraphs. This arbitrary splitting of lines is what I’d expect from a 5th grader.

  7. Civilwarfish,
    It’s too bad more Browns fans don’t have the outlook you do. It’d be a much more likeable fanbase. It’d be a shame if Mangini were fired considering the shape of the franchise when he was fired. But Browns fans–not including you here–will start screaming for his head after a few losses. It’s what they do.

  8. @oldcracker…thanks for the kind words. Maybe I should think about doing a blog of my own…hehehe…last one I did met with no readers…. but its nice to know my thoughts make at least some sense.
    I think at one time our fanbase was pretty friendly…but frustrations built up over the years…the failures and the curse of Cleveland hasnt helped. No major championships now in 45 years and tempers sour. Now in fairness…we have long had an earned reputation for miscues…from the infamous dime beer night that led to a forfiet by the Indians in the 70s to the Battery incident and the beer bottle jamboree more recently…I guess we can be major dickheads at times.
    But on here yes…whiners and complainers. And read…its worse. Armchair quarterbacks abound. Most seem to think they can coach better than the coaches…and while this staff isnt perfect the signs are that they are doing better than the last decade has offered.
    Let us start winning and then we may quit whining.

  9. Seneca always looks good in the preseason. Then he stinks it up when it counts. He should have been converted to a WR a long time ago.

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