After big game, Michael Vick says "this is Kevin's team"

Eagles backup quarterback Michael Vick played better than starter Kevin Kolb in last week’s game against the Packers, and he played better still in today’s win over the Lions.

But Vick insists there is no quarterback controversy in Philadelphia.

This is Kevin’s team,” Vick said on FOX after the game, via “All I wanted to do was come out and get the momentum going. I’m sure Kevin will be back next week.”

Eagles coach Andy Reid has made clear that it is, indeed, Kolb’s team. But if Kolb struggles when he returns to the lineup, it would be hard for Reid not to consider putting Vick back under center. Vick was outstanding against the Lions, completing 21 of 34 passes for 284 yards, with two touchdowns and no interceptions. He added 37 yards on seven carries on the ground.

Last week Vick said he thought the Eagles could have won if he had played the whole game, and he may be right. Based on what we’ve seen in two games, Vick is the Eagles’ best quarterback.

But Vick is not the Eagles’ starter.

36 responses to “After big game, Michael Vick says "this is Kevin's team"

  1. Holy crap! Do you all realize that if older Manning beats little bro……. then the Skins sit atop of the East! ITS THE FREAKING BIZARRO WORLD FOLKS!!!
    Suck it Jer-ruh.

  2. Can’t say I understand going back to Kolb after Vick’s performance these past 2 weeks. I thought the goal was winning games, not sparing feelings.

  3. This is not a QB controversy..
    He bit a Lions team that had Sean Hill starting. Stafford wins that game.
    Let Kolb start if he screws up, then you put in Vick..
    You don’t automatically bench a guy based on 1 qtr and a concussion. That’s insane. You got rid of McFail in the playoffs to give Kolb a start. If he doesn’t work out, then you put in Vick – even midgame at necessary. But you don’t automatically start him based on a win over the up & coming, you Lions ( who admittedly did well)
    And lets not forget Vick will also through pics and poor decisions – that’s what he did in Atlanta. He never won the big one in Atlanta. That’s what they want Kolb to do in Phill..
    /but it’s a game so who really cares
    // Go Chiefs !!

  4. Dear Andy,
    Do you not want to win football games? Are we playing for draft picks? What is the deal with this Kevin Kolb BS? He has proven he sucks. Philadelphia wanted a changed but the change was not Kevin Kolb. I hope Kevin falls flat on his face again and you finally see that Kevin Kolb cannot play with the big boys. Just a darn joke right now. Vick plays lights out and you start kolb who sucks.

  5. The reason you start Kolb is the same reason you traded McNabb. Vick isn’t the answer for the future. He may put up big numbers against the Lion, but any impartial person can’t honestly believe this Eagles team is going to win the Super Bowl. Kolb is a guy who has been bred to play in the Eagles west coast system. A few cheap regular season wins won’t be as good as a fully developed west coast QB to go with a lot of young skill talent.

  6. I’d let Kevin keep that team as well. They almost lost to the Lions who were playing their backup quarterback.

  7. You can’t cover 6.5 with an 18 point lead & 3 minutes left? If it were -7, I might have left it alone. I don’t know which of these teams are gonna bug me more this year.
    Vick SHMICK. Eaglet defense? My ass.

  8. @scrapdawg12
    Please tell us the credentials you have that allow you to make such a definitive statement about Kolb.

  9. How can going 21-34 against the Lions be considered outstanding for an NFL QB? Maybe it is outstanding for Vick, but shouldn’t be for someone people are claiming should be a starting QB.

  10. I hated Vick, however he has done his time, outplayed Kolb and deserves to start. Until somebody busts up his leg.

  11. I dont’ get it about people saying oh Vick only hung in there because of it being the Lions. He ALMOST came back and beat the Packers which whom most football analysts predict to win the NFC and Super Bowl.
    I bought a Vick #7 Eagles Jersey when Vick was signed and I bought a #4 Kolb jersey after #5 was traded.
    It’s clear Vick should be the starting QB and Kolb should be starting if A. Vick starts to suck or B. After Vicks contract is up this making Kolb the de facto starter QB in 2011 season.

  12. I dont’ get it about people saying oh Vick only hung in there because of it being the Lions. He ALMOST came back and beat the Packers which whom most football analysts predict to win the NFC and Super Bowl.
    I bought a Vick #7 Eagles Jersey when Vick was signed and I bought a #4 Kolb jersey after #5 was traded.
    It’s clear Vick should be the starting QB and Kolb should be starting if A. Vick starts to suck or B. After Vicks contract is up this making Kolb the de facto starter QB in 2011 season.

  13. only the lions…
    yet, the lions HAVE pasted vick in the past. vick had good games against teams that didnt know how to defend against a running qb. and had bad games when they knew how to play him, or he didnt prepare, or when his teams fell behind.
    he HAS had bad games against bad teams before. the year the pack went 4-12, they went into atlanta with a 1-7 record and stomped on the falcons. the final score did not indicate how bad it really was.
    i picked the lions to cover today and they did.

  14. @EaglesFreak89
    It isn’t clear to me. They need to find out if Kolb is the right choice and they need to find out this year.

  15. Let’s get one thing straight, Vick played pretty good, not great.
    Vick was sacked 6 times, he holds on to the ball for far too long and was extremely lucky that he didn’t have 3 interceptions.
    He did not win the game, the game ball goes to McCoy.
    Eagles have work to do. Letting the Lions come back to within 3 is just a sad testament to them keeping their intensity. They thought the game was over when they stopped the Lions on 4th and inches.
    I’m glad they won, but take off the rose colored glasses.

  16. Lions are not the Lions guys. Your thinking the Eagles beat a very bad team. The Lions almost (and really should have) beat the Bears and the Bears just beat the Cowboys did they not? Lions are about a 7-9 win team this year… But the Eagles D was horrible. However they were missing their best player that plays the most important position in a D. The middle LB Stewert Bradley

  17. Let Vick play sooner or latter he will take a shot to the knee at that point maybe they will put him to sleep.
    Vick is a covickt does not rate a job as an usher only the scum egals would allow that to wear there colors.
    Filthy and Vick are made for each other scum player scum team scum fans and last but not least scum city

  18. The Eagles NEED a QB controversy to cover up the fact that they have no Offensive Line OR Defensive Line.
    They are done. Period. Start McNabbs Mom for all I care.

  19. By saying it’s Kolb’s team, Vick showed he’s a classy guy…except for the dog fighting…and the pot smuggling water bottle…and that whole Ron Mexico giving that girl herpes thing. Other than that, he’s a classy guy.

  20. famucancer says:
    September 19, 2010 7:47 PM
    hey realitypolice….I know you’re lurking…so, the Eagles cut Vick by the first game huh? LOL
    I specifically came on here looking for this comment. I know I said I would stop posting, but you’ll have to settle for an apology.
    I was wrong about Mike Vick. He has shown himself to be a hell of a competitor and an above average talent in this league. You were right, I was wrong. If I were an Eagle fan, I would sure as hell rather see him than Kolb at this point. It is clear that if Vick can stay out of trouble, he has many more years in front of him.
    That being said, I am damn glad I am not an Eagle fan. Because however good he may be, I could still never root for him. Sorry. I’ve read too much of the specifics of what he is capable of.
    But I am man enough to admit when I am wrong. Vick is still not a top 5 QB in this league, but he is definitely good enough to be a starter.

  21. props to realitypolice… rare to see someone admit they made a mistake. totally agree with the “vick is still not a top 5 QB” statement, anyone that thinks he is does not know football.
    kolb IS the starting QB, but i know that he isn’t good enough to be they’re future anyway and i hope Vick replaces him soon enough.

  22. I think after Vick said last week that if he played all 4 quarters they might have won Reid had a talk with him. Reid probably said he didnt want him making comments like that.
    So during the post game press conference Vick just went out and said all the right things. Even though I doubt he believes it himself. He did the right thing. The only thing making comments like that is going to do is start drama. Even if you dont mean it in a demeaning way. So I think its best for him to tow the company line in the public and then if he wants to talk about starting he can have that conversation behind closed doors.

  23. Umm, hello! It was the Lions! Not exactly known for the defense. The Eagles have one of the youngest teams in the league. Stealing a couple more wins this year with Vick isn’t the long term answer. So Kolb struggled some with the Packers defense. Most teams will. You can also attribute Andy Reid shuffling Vick in and out of the huddle so much in that first half of the Packer’s game, that how would you epxect Kolb to get into a rhythm? It definitely didn’t help McNabb’s game rhythm last year. And he’s been one of the best in the league on a consistent basis the last 10 years. Vick is talented. No doubt. But we will see how well he does against a good defense that has had a week to game plan for him. Eagle fans will be shouting for Kolb then.

  24. Hmm? I think it doesn’t really matter who starts when you give up 32 point to DETROIT!!! Sure it’s nice to put up 35 points, but not because you have to to win!!! Kolb won’t be able to survive if he has to put up huge numbers just to win. VICK? Ehhh, maybe. What i’m trying to say is this defense has been pretty ineffective and if it doesn’t get better soon, this team when addressing the 2010 season will be using draft picks this offseason as it’s up-side.

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