Be Andy Reid for a day

Eagles coach Andy Reid has already made his choice: Kevin Kolb will start next week’s game, and Michael Vick says it’s Kolb’s team.

But is that the right move?

Vick has played very well the six quarters he’s been in this year, showing surprising accuracy to go with renewed running ability.  Considering that Kolb is the future in Philadelphia, it’s not an easy call to make.  But we’ll let you try anyway.

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  1. 1) Start Kolb and allow him to either prove or disprove that he can be a franchise QB (while most likely sacrificing this season)
    2) Start Vick, probably eek out 9 wins tops, possibly sneak into the playoffs and do nothing. Then deal with increased offseason drama.
    The answer is pretty obvious to everyone but those who can’t see beyond instant gratification.

  2. There is no quarterback controversy. The Eagles belong to Micheal Vick. Whenever the Eagles management figures that out then the Eagles season will go forward.

  3. The Eagles sold their soul for Kolb when they traded their best QB to the Skins. They just can’t give up on the guy. Vick may look good right now, but it’s not going to last very long. He is no longer a franchise QB, so it would be best to continue to develop the guy you intended for the role.

  4. Kolb hasn’t had a fair shot, at all. 18 snaps and the kid’s career is decided. He’ll start, and he’ll be a star.

  5. I still don’t understand getting rid of a pro-bowl QB who has another good 5 years in him…. The McNabb trade is going to go down as the most boneheaded moves in NFL history.

  6. If I was Andy Reid for a day I would eat a bunch of Oxycotin because I traded Donovan McNabb to a division opponent like an idiot.

  7. Vick looked great against the Lions. The 0-2, recently 0-16 Lions. Last week he did well against a strangely befuddled Packers team that most recently got blown out of the playoffs by the Cardinals.
    When Vick has this kind of game against the Redskins, Titans, Texans, or Vikings, then start trumpeting it as something meaningful.
    The fact is, even if he’s capable of having explosive days, he’s on the downside of his career. Who would pick up a QB whose fundamental style of play has a very short shelf life, now mostly expended? He’s not going to be able to do what he did this weekend for years to come. The minute he loses a step, he’s just another below-average QB.
    Which only makes him any good for a win-now team that’s one explosive QB away from a championship, within the next year.
    Who fits that description? No one.

  8. The Vikings?
    But all kidding aside, the first commenter nailed it; even if Vick wins you a few more games this year, that doesn’t matter unless the Eagles win the Super Bowl, which isn’t going to happen.
    Starting Kolb is the right move.
    If he turns out to be the franchise QB the Eagles think he is, then he gains some valuable experience. If he totally flops then it’s better to know you need to look for an answer sooner rather than later.

  9. Can’t and shouldn’t base Kolb’s season/career on less than a half game, with a totally inept O-line, being yanked every other play for The Other Guy, plus a horrendous game plan.

  10. @Duck Fallas
    Maybe you pull the trigger on Vick because this off-season because Reid will be in the unemployment line.

  11. Sorry Florio, but Vick hasn’t played “very well” in the six quarters he’s been in. He’s played ok. Good enough to beat Detroit and lose to the Packers.
    He’s good enough to start on many teams in the league right now, but why would an Eagles team that is rebuilding keep the QB they hope to win a championship with in 2011 or 2012 on the bench?
    Winning 9 games and pulling down a wild card berth does nothing for the Eagles this year unless it is a learning experience for Kevin Kolb.

  12. Maybe if the Eagle personnel fit a west coast offense, I’d go with him, but it doesn’t, and it hasn’t for a while now.
    It’s why I never understood their justification for trading McNabb. He’s more of a deep thrower than a short, accurate passer. Well, that’s the kind of receivers you have. They certainly aren’t run after catch guys. They’re smallish, fast guys that get behind the defense with their speed, which requires a QB with a strong arm to hit them on those deep patterns, not to mention one with escability characteristics to make up for this average pass protection.
    Vick fits the strengths of this team better, and his running ability is back to being a major factor in any defensive coordinator’s game planning.

  13. I love reading this type of article, but even more I love reading the bonehead remarks from people who have no real knowledge of the game. Anyone with “football knowledge” knows the starting QB in Philadelphia is Kevin Kolb. The same Kolb who is the ONLY QB in NFL history to throw for 300+ yards in his first two professional starts. If you plan to counter and argue by saying one of those starts was against the Chiefs, please realize Vick beat the Lions yesterday who are 2-32 in their last 34 games.
    The Eagles are paying Kolb 12.25M through 2012 while paying Vick $5.5M this season before someone offers him an absurd contract in the off season. Vick could be the starting QB next season for the Bills or Raiders; but I’ll throw my money on the Minnesota Vikings as Favre’s successor.
    Lastly, for those of you who like to bash the McNabb trade, here’s a little food for thought. First, Donovan wasn’t going to re-sign in Philly for the amount of money the Eagles were willing to offer. So, they took a very high 2nd round pick, for a very seasoned QB and “sacrificed” one season for a young D-back. Why would he trade him to the Redskins? Well, they were the only team dumb enough to waste a 2nd round pick on a washed up QB who can’t win in the clutch.
    I’m sure those of you who disagree will have awesome arguments for your defense. Please let me know…

  14. Well I was going to say all the same things as Italian Leprechaun.
    Kolb is the future of the team. And as McNabb showed yesterday he still is unable to win in a pressure game. Vick played very well against a bad team but we all know, or at least believe, that he won’t be here next year.

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