Brandon Jacobs throws his helmet into the crowd

Brandon Jacobs is lucky.

He’s lucky that he didn’t seriously injure someone on Sunday night when he threw his helmet out of frustration into the crowd at Lucas Oil Field.  That bush league move by Jacobs could have split someone’s head open and given the Giants (and the NFL) and unnecessary scandal.  (They may have a minor one anyway.)

Jacobs is lucky that we haven’t seen any footage of him yelling at the Colts crowd afterward, as NBC’s Andrea Kremer reported happened.  He’s lucky we haven’t seen his toss, because maybe it wouldn’t look like the accident that the Giants made it out to be.

The helmet toss came after a play that has been too typical of Jacobs since the start of 2009. He tip-toed towards the line of scrimmage, changed directions, and tried to bounce it outside for no gain.

NBC’s Cris Collinsworth referred to Jacobs’ personality as “explosive.”  That’s true.  Unfortunately, Jacobs hasn’t been explosive with the ball in his hands since he signed his big contract extension.

Kremer reported that Tom Coughlin gave Jacobs an earful after the incident. Jacobs hasn’t re-entered the game since.

UPDATE:  NBC’s Andrea Kremer reports that NFL security plans to interview the man that wound up with the helmet.  Here’s video.

27 responses to “Brandon Jacobs throws his helmet into the crowd

  1. Why is this guy a starting runningback in the NFL? send him to the CFL or UFL or to the raiders they like that sort of behavior.

  2. As a Giants fan, let me say: Jacobs is done. He’s indifferent to the action. He no longer runs with authority. With how he is stealing money from the Giants, he should have starred in “The Town.”
    He’s pissed about losing the majority of the carries, but it was deserved. Running backs of his ilk don’t last more than a few years in the league. He looks like another member of that crowd.
    Viva la Bradshaw!

  3. Andrea Kremers report the helmet went 10 rows up.
    Where was it thrown from? Did it bounce? How far did the helmet travel from when it left Jacobs hand?
    If it bounced before going into the crowd how will the punishment be different from just chucking it into the crowd?
    Devils Advocate …I’ve had a complete hatred for everything New York since I was old enough to watch sports.

  4. Giants games at AFC teams at night lately —– Cleveland, Denver, Indianapolis – THREE NO-SHOWS BY GIANTS.

  5. remember when shockey then with the giants threw a drinking cup with ice into the stands in san fran and hit a kid?

  6. I seem to remember you and/or other reporting Jacob’s extension as pedestrian for his impact at the time. I’m not saying him throwing his helmet in the stands wasn’t epically stupid because it was.

  7. Yea, he accidentaly hurled it 10 rows up into the stands. there was almost a fight trying to get it back. If i was the one that caught it, i would have spit a huge loogie into the padding and handed it back. 🙂

  8. What this dude did was not right ! and from what I have read, he has had problems for a long time with his anger. Someone could have been hurt very bad. He should pay for what he did, I’m from Brooklyn and all folks from N.Y. are not like this dude. Stop hating N.Y. for this dude.

  9. easily solved!!!!!!!!!! jacobs should autograph it and give it to the man. what a tight chump if he didn’t

  10. Why does the helmet get pulled from the fan? Seems that there was a contract, Jacobs offered the helmet to the crowd and one fan accepted the offer.

  11. Since nobody got hurt, thats the funniest thing to happen in a game since Orlovski ran out of the back of the endzone. Please let there be video.

  12. wonder whether the mans hand was hurt when the rent a cop zanked it out of his hand looked like he bullied the fan to me

  13. they should let him play quarterback, since he likes to throw (tantrums). why is he throwing his helmet at the fans because he can’t run. bench him for the season!

  14. @Jony, Sorry to hear about your friend, What your friend needs is a consultation with a personal injury lawyer, here is the one that I know of who offers no charge consultation, hope he feels better soon

  15. # indy521 says: September 20, 2010 12:08 AM
    easily solved!!!!!!!!!! jacobs should autograph it and give it to the man. what a tight chump if he didn’t
    So Jacobs should make the helmet less valuable?

  16. The guy should have taken a leak inside the helmet…just whip it out and then whip it back to Jacobs…

  17. What a dumbass! 1st of all, he’s done NOTHING to justify his new contract. 2nd, he pouts like a five year old (kind of reminds me of another player- Jay “Cry Baby” Cutler) when he loses carries to a more effective runningback. 3rd, he continues to tip-toe through the tulips in last night’s game. 4th, he “accidently” throws his helmet 10 rows into the stands. He’s lucky no one was injured. I think Jacobs should be heavily fined and suspended 1 game. I also have a problem with the Colts’ stadium security…they bullied the fan who caught the helmet and ripped it out of his hands. The dude should have been allowed to keep the helmet.

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