Chiefs stay out of their offense's way to improve to 2-0

One of these days the Chiefs might get their offense figured out. If they do, who knows how good their record will be.

Kansas City improved to 2-0 on Sunday with a 16-14 win against the Browns, but they did it in spite of a listless offensive attack that showed very little progress from a similarly listless effort against the Chargers on Monday night. Matt Cassel was intercepted twice and the Chiefs again limited Jamaal Charles’s touches even though he was having more success than Thomas Jones when they ran the ball.

The good news is that the defensive makeover in K.C. is moving right along. Brandon Flowers returned an interception 33 yards for their only touchdown of the afternoon and the defense held the Browns scoreless in the second half.

Seneca Wallace didn’t do much to create a quarterback controversy in Cleveland, although one has to ask how much help any signal caller will get from his receivers. Mohamed Massaquoi and Brian Robiske had two catches combined and neither one seems to have much luck when it comes to creating separation from defensive backs.

The Browns may be better than they were in 2009, but after two losses to the Buccaneers and Chiefs we have a hard time believing that their record is going to reflect that when all is said and done.

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  1. Yeah, we can pretty much put the Browns down for last in the AFC North. Again.
    What a franchise. One of it’s greatest players of all time can’t even be bothered to show up to be honoured. Their last great moments? In the 1950s and 1960s. You know, back when your grandma was hot.

  2. too bad the best player in cleveland died a few years ago. otto was 150% the player ahole brown was. not much coverage of the ceremony either.

  3. Brandon Flowers is the best cornerback in the league no one talks about…wait…I just talked about him. Damn it!

  4. Chiefs beat the Browns
    Royals beat the Indians
    Take that Cleveland! (never mind the Royals win averted a sweep)

  5. Actually, Jones was more effective than Charles today. Charles had one nice run before halftime on a draw, when the defense was thinking pass. But otherwise Jones was the one getting things done.

  6. You should watch the games before making an opinionated statement. Take away two long runs at the end of the half deep in Chiefs territory with the Browns sitting way back in a prevent, and Thomas Jones was every bit as productive as Charles- and his carries were almost all pounding up the middle. We limit Jamal’s touches because when we don’t that’s how he ends up having shoulder surgery in the off season- like this past year.

  7. By the way, you should have mentioned the chiefs defense, after a really strong effort on Monday against the Chargers, held the Browns under 300 total yards and completely shut them down in the second half- 55 total yards. This defense is reminiscent of the great Chief defenses of the 90s.

  8. @DirtDawg55
    Cleveland hasnt had a champion since 1964 but they certainly have had quality football here since then. Many Browns teams have appeared in playoff games, and even division championship games, but they havent made it to the SuperBowl or obviously won one, so people write them off and forever losers. It has only been since they returned in 1999 that this culture of losing has taken root.
    Your Grandma when hot likely rooted for Otto Graham and his generation of Browns heroes…you are right. Not mine. She was well past hot when they played. My Mother may have been around that time, but I guess I must be considerably older than you. But outside that being an ignorant statement, it really is meaningless.
    This team is greatly improved from where it was. Problem is…where it was was very bad, so even great improvement is proving to be not quite enough just yet.
    But these were fun games to watch. We were not embarrassed. We came to play ball. Now we just gotta keep playing…for four quarters and not just the first half.

  9. MarylandChief–what kind of sense does it take to remove outliers in a running back’s carries? Take away Charles’ longest run? Fine, take away Jones’ longest run. Charles is more productive.
    Limiting Jamaal Charles’ carries makes sense, but not when he’s only getting twelve touches and the team is having problems against Cleveland.

  10. The Browns looked descent until the second half, last week against the Bucs.
    The Browns looked descent until the second half, this week against the Chiefs.
    Will someone inform Mangenius & Deadbols that the game is played for 2 halves, 4 quarters or 60 minutes. Maybe draw some pictures for them so they can understand the concept.

    The Browns dont make adjustments and they dont press second half. When adjustments are made against them…they look wide eyed as their lead dissipated in the Cleveland air….
    It takes stamina to last 4 quarters, but more it takes focus. The reason they won out last year…4 in a row…was focus. They wanted it more than anyone else. How else does a team with no effective offense at all win 4 straight regardless of opponent. They had zero passing game, almost literally…and yet they won. They had focus.
    Mangini needs to remember where he found that switch and flick it again.
    The Bungles beat the Ratbirds today. Sets the table for a nasty scene next week…but with the proper focus, we now have a core of players that could actually play with these guys.
    Josh Cribbs has focus. They kick away from him because of it…but look what happened when he got that ball today…..
    Matt Roth was an animal today.
    Ahtyba Rubin intercepted a pass.
    but it takes focus all the time. not just instances of it…to win. Team Focus.
    When it comes…so will our wins.

  12. cleveland looks like a more complete team then they did last year but 3 things really stuck out to me today:
    1. in the first half the Chiefs got 10 points off of turnovers. the pick 6 was a poor pass by seneca and a great play by flowers, but the harrison fumble was clealy caused by the ground and wasnt fixed in review which was BS.
    2. the browns lost by 2 points, so WHY did they totally abandon the run? there is no reason why seneca wallace needed to throw 31 passes and there were only 24 rushes today. they start pounding the ball, have some success with it or at least keep the threat of running open and then they bail on it in the 2nd half.
    3. very poor officiating this year and not just in this game but in several games around the league. several calls, like the harrison non fumble and some non holding calls against the chiefs had a big effect on the game.

  13. The Browns’ failure to pick up a veteran WR is looming large. If Massaquoi and Robiskie had caught half the passes they sniffed, the Browns would have won this game.

  14. Plain and simple, it’s all about drafting. Their mistakes last year will cause them to fall deeper into the AFC North cellar. The worst draft I have seen from the Browns ever, and we’re talking about the Browns, so it had to have been BAD. What wins in the NFL? Is it a solid D? No. It’s offense, pure and simple. We will NEVER win if we can’t throw the freaking football, and run the football! This coming draft we have to address a playmaker. Once Mangustus Gloop get’s canned (we all know he will), then Holmgren needs to find someone like Chucky who can develop a QB (and it won’t be McCoy!)

  15. the draft of 2009, while in now way a great and memorable draft, wasnt as bad as the Mangini haters want to paint it.
    Brian Robiskie is going to prove to be a dynamic reciever. Jerry Rice he isnt, but he doesnt have to be to be a great choice. just consistant, and he shows signs of being just that. Mohamed Massaquoi is already proving himself to be a formidable target, and we need to remember, Matthew Stafford became a number one pic throwing to his favorite target…and that was Massaquoi. Alex Mack is a link in our OL armor that will remain strong for years to come. Thats half the draft…starting now and producing already…and soon will be producing much more.
    To have half a draft in the starting lineup, thats not bad at all. Considering we started the draft with four picks, and came away with three starters, I would call it a highly successful draft.
    I also disagree with the statement that a solid D isnt core to winning consistantly. A solid D is essential to winning, just as a solid offense is. You just HEAR about the offense more. But behind every successful team, not an upstart, but long term successful team, is both offense and defense and both strong and reliable.
    I also dont believe Mangini is on any hot seat or chopping block. I think Holmgren knows how deep a hole the Browns were in and he knows how far mangini actually brought them out in one year. The decision to keep him did not take real long. Instead of calling him names and trying to hang blame on him, show some support and be glad we arent starting over yet again. Gruden to me is unimpressive, having won his superbowl with an inherited team, never getting close to going to the dance again on his own marits.
    Colt McCoy…the jury is out as yet, but I am certainly not qualified to say it will or wont be him. That is for the powers that be to decide. They are trained in such matters.

  16. Penguini is done – face it Cleveland ! This guy isnt even qualified to be the Hoodie’s shoeshine boy. Brian Daboll’s replacement will be Mr. Potato Head because it is smarter than he is.

  17. names names names. everyone who dislikes Mangini calls him names.
    The day will come when we all sing his praises. Will the naysayers…who knows. Dobol IS a problem. it is his lack of adjustment and simple pluck that is costing us these second half failures. He has to adjust. He has to put the offense in gear in different ways.
    Where is james Davis? Where is Cribbs long again. Once worked. Another might be worth a try. How about pounding Harrison again and again and again. Hillis…more there too.
    Vickers can run and more critically he can catch.
    Dabol needs to increaase his effectiveness…this much is true.
    But Mangini is doiing fine.

  18. @FlorioSmells-
    Do you remember when the Chiefs had one the best offenses in the NFL in 2003-06? We had a HORRIBLE defense, and couldn’t quite do much w/ it. Sure, playoffs in ’03 only to lose to Peyton Manning in a shoot-out. The defense couldn’t hold their own. You need a nice balance like the Saints or Vikings. Chiefs O looks like crap now. They need a solid QB and a veteran, play making WR like Santonio Holmes or someone of that nature. Can’t just be one-sided in this league anymore.

  19. k – gotta argue a little. MoMass was not the favorite for Stafford, AJ Green was. He led the team in receiving and targets that year. That 09 draft was bad man. 2 starters (Mack and Massaqoui) and a 3rd team RB in Davis and a special teamer in Miavia. The rest were cut, including the 2 corners. Our D has no big names, but instead good coaching. We gave the offense the ball back time and again, only to watch them play conservative ball and not hit the receivers, who just cannot get open. McCoy – that’s tough. I just don’t know if he can do it without a deep ball and arm strength. And to be honest, I believe Mangini gets fired if we start the year like last yeat, and with the next 7 games against these teams, it is painfully possible.

  20. oh of course I agree. You definitely need a defense. But I’m saying in this league now, the passing game is key. You need to establish that. Look at the one year – 07 – when the Browns did anything. Anderson somehow thought he was Dan Marino and had an awesome year. The Browns went 10-6 with a below average D. If we just maintained that offense and added to the D, we would have been legit in the AFC North. But without an offense, no defense can hold its ground for too long…as has shown the past 2 weeks.

  21. OK…I gotta concede..AJ Green was the primary, but MoMass was a target used often. Good hands.
    As to big names…who gives a damn about big names at this point. These guys gotta learn the pro game on Mangini’s terms. Big names bring big drama and take away from the learning process. When we get close, hopefully some of our no names develop into bigger names and then we can bring in a couple stars to top things off.
    2007 was an abberation. We had an incredibly easy schedule that year, and Anderson was flying under the radar for his first round thru the league. By the time we faced the Bengals and Squealers a second time that year they had him figured out…and the Ravens almost did. He proved beatable and it got worse for him as time marched on.
    In 2008 we DID maintain tht offense. The schedule got tougher and our opponents were ready for us. We stunk it up bad. Real bad. That wasnt Mangini’s fault…was it? It was brick hands and a miserably prepared quarterback combined with no defense…and we got hammered.
    We all enjoyed 07 but most of us realize that was a gift. We learned that quickly in 08

  22. ha by maintain I don’t mean maintain the players, but maintain the consistency. Basically I’m just frustrated we can never have good QB play. We need targets everywhere. With the offensive players we have now, Bill freaking Walsh couldn’t even win with them. I believe in a good, solid no-name defense. I love TJ Ward, I think he will be special. If the season ends now, what position is most critical to add to? I believe it’s the Quarterback. Or maybe Offensive Coordinator, haha. Daboll is clueless.

  23. Agreed…gotta maintain an offense to win consistantly. And I agree it starts with a good quarterback. But I dont think we have to have some radar armed cannon in order to accomplish. We DO need accuracy and consistant play. It is not out of the scope of possibility for Colt McCoy to fill this need, although I have my doubts. But that is only my opinion, and that is based only on feelings and the little we have seen to date.
    Daboll has to go. I think he is as responsible as anyone for our listless performances to date. he doesnt instill a fire in these guys, and he doesnt give them direction.

  24. That they will be…but we will win at least two of them I think. Not that we would deserve to per se…but these teams play that way…utter underdogs get smashed most times… but every so often they rise up…and surprise surprise…they pull off an upset. Prime targets…the Ravens this week, the Bengals maybe…the Steelers can be beaten and we tasted their blood last year…and the falcons possibly. My guesses are the Ravens and the Falcons. Then it gets tough till we see Jacksonville and Carolina. The Dolphins then are a question mark, but the Bills we can beat…and I then think we will take the Steelers and the Bengals…we split with all division rivals this year.
    Bottom line…we can win 8 games yet this year. I had originally said 9-7 so 8-8 isnt far off.
    This isnt impossible, and with some momentum can be done.

  25. as long as they don’t give up on Mangini, anything is possible. But if they do, which some can say they have, we’re toast. The reason I say that, and this even bothers me, is Mangini holding benching over their head if they make one mistake. It is tough to excel if you can’t get into a rhythm. It doesn’t matter in what capacity you work – be in sports or anything else – when you have that fear put into you, you will be timid! Hell, I even heard the same thing from LeCharles Bentley last night. He said that players despise hearing that. I don’t think it was a good thing to say.

  26. That is not what Mangini said.
    exerpted from the Plain Dealer and
    “Whether it’s turnovers or penalties, if it becomes a pattern, then we can’t play the people who create turnovers or penalties because it hurts our chances,” said Mangini.
    He is stating that if he sees a pattern developing then he will have no choice but break that pattern. What is wrong with that?
    Players despise being told they are less than ideal…less than perfect…that they make mistakes. SO WHAT? Arent you the one who said these players are no names? Not stars? Less than we could have? How do we expect them to improve…or show they cant so we can move on…unless Mangini holds them to higher standards and expects them to perform to those standards.
    This man has installed a culture of discipline and an expectation of performance above the expectations of others of his players. This creates winners if given the chance to see it to fruition. Some are not going to like it. LeCharles did us well. Made a lot of money, but what did we get from the whole deal? Ridicule on the team for a staff infection that resulted from an injury that may not have even happened on our practice field. Or maybe Our dearly missed former wide reciever…you know the guy…we hated him cause he was from Michigan…and Mangini was just excessive for him…so Mangini irresponsibly traded him to the jets…what was his name…oh yeah…Braylon Edwards. That worked out badly now hasnt it?
    My point is…everyone is out to fry Mangini. They blame him for things he hasnt said or done. They exaggerate his statements and they accuse falsely. In the mean time he is providing us with a team that within the next couple of years is going to make Cleveland PROUD.
    Book it.

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