Colts dismantle Giants 38-14

The Giants defense still has some kinks to work out.  And their offensive line may be a bigger concern.

The Colts crushed the Giants in every phase of the game on Sunday night, winning 38-14.  It’s hard to come up a phase of the game the Colts didn’t excel at.  Joseph Addai pounded the ball.  Peyton Manning spread the love around to his receivers.  Dwight Freeney was an absolute terror, creating two sack fumbles.

The worries about the Colts rush defense didn’t really matter because the Giants gave up on running early in the game with a big deficit.  Indy’s pass rush destroyed New York’s offensive line, ending this one quickly.

Not a great day for the NFC East.  The Redskins lost at home to Houston; the Eagles held on in Detroit; the Cowboys fell to 0-2. 

The Colts, meanwhile, kept pace with Houston in the AFC South.  The Texans lead the way at 2-0, with the Titans, Jaguars, and the Colts all with 1-1 records.


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  1. That OL was nonexistent tonight. I think Freeny and Mathis were in the backfield all night! I couldn’t believe how fast they got there. Boy do they have work cut out for them rebuilding that line!

  2. The Giant’s OL took the night off. What happened to their defense? I really thought that the Giants could go into Indy & keep it close. They couldn’t run OR pass, & they couldn’t stop the run or pass.

  3. “It’s hard to come up a phase of the game the Colts didn’t excel at.”
    Even having just woke up and still being drowsy I can spot your lousy writing, Rosenthal. I wish there was a phase of the game that you excelled at.

  4. As a Giants fan I’m really pissed and I want heads to roll… Starting with Coughlin, the play calling and the overall embarassing play by the entire team was horrible to watch.
    Bring on Cowher along with a completely new coaching staff!
    Sorry Tommy boy but I’ve had your back for a while… but no more. I cannot bear another season like last year and it looks as if it will be more of the same.
    Because of your lack of coaching, insight, planning, and leadership of other coaches that you brought in
    the New York Giants were the colts bitches last night!
    They had their way the entire night in all facets of the game and the responsibility rests squarely on your shoulders!
    Do the right thing and resign! (and take perry fool along with you please!)

  5. As a Colts fan… I was not expecting them to tear the Giants apart like they did. Our O line has some issues which is making running and passing a chore right now… and we had a 7th round rookie starting at OLB.
    I have no idea why the Giants weren’t running the ball early… Bradshaw was carrying for 5+ yards per carry on the evening. Running it would have kept the ball out of Peyton’s hands as well as neutralized Freeney and Mathis, who both get upfield way too quickly on running plays to be consistently effective stopping it.
    Anyway… glad to see the Colts pull even, but what a weird game. Definitely unexpected.

  6. Bad game plan by Coughlin and Co. Didnt run it enough early on and it proved really costly.
    Colts would have won anyway but still a dumb game plan.
    Facing an 0-1 Colts team in their home opener was a tough game. I think the Giants will still be in the hunt because of parity. If not and they crumble, Cowher will become the next head coach.

  7. Giants should have called screen plays or quick slants. They would have gotten alot of yards with those plays. Gilbride never adjusted to the speed of that defense. They would have been better off having Jacobs in there to block instead of Bradshaw who missed a ton a blocks.

  8. Look COlts fans…
    Don’t fall in love with this team this year. They played a Giants team at a cross roads and destroyed a team with particular gameplan that the Colts counter rehearsed all week via stopping the run.
    I was impressed the Colts won the game by running the ball, thats something to be hopeful for. But this is the same old Colts team and this offensive line is still bad. It was better but its still bad. Lets hope the Colts continue to learn how to run the ball and at the very least make the defenses honest.
    The Colts lost to the Texans because they simply were not ready to play in the games opener. The new coaches and Caldwell are totally responsible for that. “The Master” will throw over 40 touchdowns this year because I see the defense still losing some games for them down the stretch. This Colts team will need those games in December, the Texans, Pittsburg and I have to say the Chargers will all be there having a close record resemblence around that time.
    The Giants…….After this game I predict a horrible finish, thats why this is short. They really thought the gameplan would work and it failed on all levels. Like I said before though and Collinsworth said it last night, the cornerbacks for the Colts can be burned given some time. Caldwell should be smart and prepare for teams in the upcoming weeks to test the cornerbacks and stick a couple tight ends in for added protection.

  9. CAN Gilbride and Perry NOW.
    If that can’t happen, then start the Cowher era NOW. Thanks for the super bowl Tommy, but it’s time for u to retire.
    The New York Giants don’t get humiliated like that on national tv.

  10. I believe three out of the last four regular season games have been blowout losses for the VaGiants…stop putting these quitters on National TV please.

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