Houshmandzadeh to future free agents: "Stay where you are"

T.J. Houshmandzadeh may not have left the best impression in Seattle, but fans in Cincinnati have a much different opinion of the wide receiver  Geoff Hobson of Bengals.com writes that Housh may be the most popular ex-Bengal ever to return to play in Paul Brown Stadium.  (Boomer Esiason never did.)

Houshmandzadeh arrived in Cincinnati Saturday, and immediately headed over to Chad Ochocinco’s house to catch up.  Housh has spent the week reminiscing about his time with the Bengals, giving Johnathan Joseph all sorts of love (he indicated Joseph was better than Leon Hall), and talking a little trash.

Houshmandzadeh also said a return to Cincinnati was never close.

“I read the Internet all the time. I read everything,” he said. “I read
the good crap about me and the bad crap about me. It doesn’t matter. I
don’t care. I read I wanted to come back Cincinnati. That’s a lie. I
didn’t even talk to anybody. Marvin texted me, ‘Keep your head up.
You’re going to be all right.’ That was it. All that ‘T.J. wanted to
come back.'”

The most telling remarks all week were about his departure from Cincinnati. He advised future free agents to “stay where you are” if the money is close.  (The Bengals made a similar late offer to keep Housh, but it was too late.)

Then again, the Bengals may have been better off offering T.J. more money than paying $19 million to Laveranues Coles and Antonio Bryant.

“I could have saved them a lot of money,” Houshmandazeh said.  “I tell Carson [Palmer] that all the time.”

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  1. I wonder if ANYONE really cares about TJH and his thoughts on the world of FA. I know I don’t…he should just shut up and play.

  2. NO… NO… NO! TJ, the lesson to be learned here is: DON’T GO TO SEATTLE. But please, don’t tell future free agents to stay where they are. All NFL fans would be deprived of “what could have been” if Calvin Johnson re-signs with Detroit instead of going somewhere to play with a real QB and a real offense.
    The Lions can get better, sure… but I’d much rather see Calvin go play for a team who has more of a chance to make the playoffs and win the Super Bowl.
    Calvin is just one example. There’s plenty of guys who could really take their game to the next level on the right team.
    Free agents just need to make sure they find the right team, and not worry solely about the biggest contract. Then agian, SOME guys really only care about the money. An NFL team is an NFL team to them, no matter if they ever win anything or not.

  3. Housh talked and cried way too much for what he did on the field. People in cincy who say glad he left and he was never good, is a liar. Hes still very popular in who dey nation and think of what we would have if we signed him and had TOO on the field. Carsons ears would prob explode from all that yapping, but Housh was a hell of a player and cincy loved that edge to an extent. I’ll give housh a standing O for what he did as a Bengal and I’ll always have my jersey displayed proudly. Hope however housh gets shut out today and see his trademark crying as the clock hits triple 0’s and the Bengals win.

  4. I hate the way the guy talks. As if he was this great NFL receiver. You had a couple ok seasons as a number 2 wideout. No one cares what you think! You were never elite and never will be. Only reason why anyone remembers who you are is due to that horrible name that doesn’t fit on a jersey. Shut up and go away already ass clown!

  5. I’d say about 33% of Bengals fans still liked him after he went to Seattle. I’d say about 5% still like him now that he’s gone to Baltimore. Bengals fans are more sympathetic to ex-Bengals RT Willie Anderson than they are TJ.

  6. “”I could have saved them a lot of money,” Houshmandazeh said. “I tell Carson [Palmer] that all the time.””
    Too bad Carson & the entire team knew you were/are a CLUBHOUSE CANCER.
    I’ll take wasted money over a locker room problem every time.

  7. Seriously how many times have I read an article on this site saying pretty much the same thing over and over again.

  8. “T.J. Houshmandzadeh may not have left the best impression in Seattle, but fans in Cincinnati have a much different opinion of the wide receiver”
    Bullshit. Maybe the women who still wear his jersey miss him but most of us don’t. He was an overrated cancer who looked good simply because Chad was double teamed most of the time.
    Enjoy your stay with the ratbirds, T.J.

  9. Maybe his second suggestion should be not to act like a piece of shit while playing for the team that just paid you millions of dollars. That way you might not get cut after one year.

  10. Free agency was really rough on T.J., he left Seattle with $7 million and is now getting paid to play for a Super Bowl contender. How does he sleep?

  11. Bengal fans still like TJ. that is why his jersey is still worn even when we played the ravens…Wish Tj the best just can’t root for you when you play the Bengals

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