Jason Campbell pulled at halftime of Raiders game

We didn’t have many quarterback battles in training camp, but we’ve got a whole lot of quarterback controversies now that the season has started.

Raiders quarterback Bruce Gradkowski took over for Jason Campbell after halftime of Oakland’s game against the Rams.  The Raiders trailed 7-3 at halftime.

Gradkowski led the Raiders to a field goal on his first drive.  Campbell went 8-of-15 for 87 yards and an interception before leaving.  He also fumbled twice.

36 responses to “Jason Campbell pulled at halftime of Raiders game

  1. ah ha! Any Redskins fan could have told this guy does not have the goods. And all you shit talkers on the Redskins, watch the highlights vs. the Texans you bums!

  2. I know being a good guy doesn’t translate to being a good QB, but I was really pulling for Campbell to turn a new leaf in Oakland.

  3. dude shoud’ve been pulled from the NFL about 3 years ago..
    why they haven’t started Gradkowski from the beginning is beyond me..
    oh wait, it’s Al Davis..
    I feel for you Raiders fans (criminals/creeps)

  4. hey Matt Cribbin if u jinx the skins im going to kill u…now to my real comment…there were a few raiders fans that started talkin really tough when they got JC…I told them to be wary of all of the reports of how good he was in minicamp…its all comign to fruition now

  5. I’m glad we got rid of him. However, I do think the Raiders were a much worse situation for him.

  6. # raideralex99 says: September 19, 2010 6:24 PM
    “Hopefully this will be the last black QB Davis gets.”
    What? No Klan meeting today?

  7. @ Matt Cribbin
    HAHAHAHA!! Yeah I will be watching the Houston Highlights tonight!!
    To you Skins fans in the DMV that don’t talk S*&# Tough loss!
    To you Skins fans I talk too and see everyday in NOVA you can suck it as I told you before the season 6-10!!

  8. # Thewatcher says:
    Omg! OMG!
    Come on, now. You sound like a sissy.
    Oakland’s o-line is pretty bad, but Campbell looked slow and indecisive for the second straight week. Gradkowski has marginal skills, but he seems to understand what’s going on, and he generally makes good reads. If he had Campbell’s physical tools he would be a beast. Couldn’t help but notice that McFadden is starting to show up. He ran hard last week, and was just trucking guys today. That db Atowge is going to be sore as a whore’s ass tomorrow morning.

  9. How can Al Davis Allow the next Jim Plunkett to get benched because of the weak Oline ?
    Oh, thats right Al Davis isnt pulling no strings and Coaches are Coaching.

  10. @oaklandzombie…i agree that Matt Cribbin is a total dumb ass, but you have a qb controversy between campbell and gradkowski…youre prolly the one that should suck it right about now

  11. Once again I have the sad duty of telling my fellow Raider fans “I told you so”. I knew Russel was a crap pick from day one, and have seen enough of Campbell(being that I live in Skins country) to know he wasn’t the answer either.
    My only worry is if Al Davis sticks his nose in things this week. I’m sure he’s pissed that the Raiders decided to blitz and apply pressure on the QB for a change, and you can bet he won’t let his boy Campbell sit on the bench for long.

  12. shhhhh….
    Wait wait?I dont hear the raider bashers?
    Hhahaha be scared be very scared. THE BRUCEW IS LOOSE AND READY TO TAKE OVER THE NFL…
    Oh and a side not just because I hate the pats so much I have to say

  13. Inside the PFT war room:
    Florio: O.k. what do we got on the Raiders this week?
    Silva: Crap, I don’t know, DHB actually caught passes…
    Rosey: Ooooh! ooooh! I know, they pulled Campbell!

  14. Lol.. I sound like sissy.OK
    The O.L is bad and your right Gradkowski doesn’t have JC arm. He will never and I mean NEVER lead us a championship, not with that little arm I will give him this he does play like a beast. But for these NFL defense coordinator he easy meat.The bottom line is the OL is bad , no mater what qb back there he’s doom.Cable should fix it !

  15. Thewatcher is an idiot. Same line, same receivers, the brain is much more important than the arm. Exp. : Gannon, Montana, Brees. Ballers are ballers, they are not always the biggest, fastest, or stongest. However they are the smartest, but from your post don’t think about to much you may hurt yourself.

  16. If deal al sticks his nose in Cables decsion to bench Campbell, aka dead al’s next mesiah, then the Raiders are toast. The O line is still bad but at least they mixed it up and gave Gradkowski some time to get the ball to the wideouts and opened some decent holes for McFadden. Gradkowski makes the team much better by sinmply creating opportunities and hope !

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  18. to:aldavisisarealidiot: Your absolutely right ! al’s boy should have stayed in the game. We should not have blitzed and stay the course with dead als game plan ! I stand corrected and at 1-1 instead of 0-2 . You really don’t get do you ? Best regards, the hillbilly !!

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  20. To:aldavismakesacompletefoolofhimself: Please confrim that you like dead als hand picked QB , Campbell ? You like the strength of the O line. You like dead als infatuation of trying to throw deep when the O line gives whatever QB is under center about 2 seconds to throw. ? Thank you

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