Kerry Collins in for Vince Young

Though by all appearances quarterback Vince Young isn’t injured, it appears that backup Kerry Collins will be entering a game that the Titans are losing late in the third quarter, 13-3.

Collins is warming up as the Steelers have the ball.

Young has completed seven of 10 passes for 66 yards and two interceptions.  He also has fumbled twice, losing one.

Earlier in the third quarter, Young was jammed into the ground by a gang of Steelers head first, like Turkey Joe Jones on Terry Bradshaw some 35 years ago.

UPDATE:  Kerry Collins is in, as the Titans trail 16-3.

29 responses to “Kerry Collins in for Vince Young

  1. ..and on his first series Collins promptly throws a pick.
    Any more QB’s you wanna try?
    Hmm, where’s all the Titans homers who only yesterday were predicting as ass-whoopin’?

  2. …so how long does he have to ride on cj2k’s coat-tails before i’m the only one who says VY SUCKS!!!???
    everything he’s ever had has been GIVEN to him!!!

  3. Are you kidding me? Fisher and Heimerdinger are idiots who haven’t used Young correctly, yet he STILL plays well. One bad game and it’s f*cking Kerry time?

  4. All the QB’s that threw multiple picks today none got benched, Vince throws two against one of the leagues best defenses and he loses his job…..Jeff Fisher never liked Vince Young and he still doesn’t if wasn’t for Bud Adams he would have got rid of Vince years ago, I hope they fire that clown always the bridesmaid never the bride when playoff time rolls around. Go VINCE! Hook em horns!

  5. Please cut this guy… Stop making him worth millions… Give Collins and the Rookie QB
    Cut your losses TN.. Our D looks too good for this bum to F it up

  6. Friggin joke, Vince does all this work to get his career back and Fisher stabs him in the back..Kerry Collins was losing games by 30 and 40 pts and Fisher refused to bench him and when Vince is down by 10 he gets benched? Bunch of BS!

  7. Horrible non call for pass interference on McFadden against washington. Never looked back and run into Washington.

  8. Like I said right before the season started…
    2-2 at minimum,
    3-1 is probable,
    4-0 is still on the table.
    After two weeks, nothing’s changed.
    Steeler Nation and their outstanding D beat on.
    And on.
    And on.
    Bucs in the cross hairs.

  9. Good grief … I’m still trying not to throw up. Can’t believe that ended up going down to the wire. But we’re down to our last made-of-glass QB and
    Leading the division!!!!!!
    Who would’ve thunk it? Meanwhile the Cowboys, who were supposed to go to the Super Bowl, are having a very bad year. How funny.

  10. Someone better be on suicide watch w/ Vince Young for the next week. So this is what VY looks like when CJ2K gets shut down (color me surprised).
    Where’s Go Titans! @? Butthurt?
    Also congrats to the Bengals for beating the Super Bowl favorite, Baltimore “we have male cheerleaders” Ravens. Joe Flacco chokes in the clutch again? Maybe if Ozzie can get Larry Fitz the passing game can get going?
    Steelers 2-0! Who’s MAD?

  11. Absolute stab in the back by Fisher! Any IDIOT who thinks a QB alone makes a team (unless you’re the Colts) is just that…learn some football…it’s a team sport.
    Fisher is showing his loyalties and it’ll get him in deep doo-doo like it did last year. Kerry blows half the season with 6 losses before Vince comes in but Vince has three bad quarters and in comes the old drunk! Guess this is Kerry’s last hurrah huh?
    Young is gonna be fine – he’ll take his lumps (if they LET him) and learn from it! Anyone who thinks Collins can run this team is crazy and Rusty will be there but it sure isn’t #5!
    The Titans got their lunch handed to them today because the offense didn’t show up and the Steeler defense took advantage of it. The Steelers have other issues to worry about cause even if Ben the golden-boy comes back in full form, he’ll get in trouble again before the year is up…he can’t help it.

  12. the starting secondary was also out when collins started in 09.
    they came back coincident with uncle rico’s elevation.

  13. Well, where are all those Titans fans who said Johnson would chew up the Seelers and average 5 yards per carry?
    PS … the Vince Young suicide watch has begun. LOL.

  14. I can’t believe that people support VY! He’s a poor man’s Vick who has done NOTHING in this league.
    The guy was almost laughed out of football a couple years ago. Dude’s a joke.
    Is Collins the answer? NO
    but he’s a far better quarterback than VY will every be.
    This is CJ’s team; as long as he gets more than 35 touches per game, the titans hold a chance to win.
    It’s easy to knock old man Collins, but VY will never be half the QB that Kerry is.

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