Putting my money where my mouth is, sort of

Fully aware of the dangerous precedent I could be setting with this one, I’ve accepted a friendly challenge from the folks at Gang Green Nation, a Jets blog that resides under the SBNation.com umbrella.

The folks who run the operation didn’t care for the fact that, in our Week Two picks, I’ve predicted a 35-13 win by the Patriots.  So they called me out on it, and the Italian in me couldn’t resist accepting.

If the Patriots win by 21 or fewer (or if they lose), I’ll wear a Jets jersey for one of this week’s PFT Daily segments.  (I don’t own a Jets jersey, but if the unthinkable happens and the Jets cover the PFT spread, I’ll find one.  I think Brocato has one, even if it’s from one of those little kid Halloween costume kits.)

And if the Pats cover the 22, they’ll apologize for all the bad stuff they said about me.  And then they’ll say all sorts of new bad stuff.