Sergio Kindle will sign mandatory rookie tender as soon as Monday

With Ravens linebacker Sergio Kindle suffering a fractured skull in a mishap that occurred only days before the start of training camp, the team has yet to offer him the traditional multi-year deal that every drafted rookie eventually gets.

Instead, we’re told that Kindle will be signing as soon as Monday the one-year, $320,000 offer that every team is required to tender to every draft pick. 

With two weeks in the books, he’ll get $282,000. 

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported earlier today that Kindle has struggled with balance and reactions in medical evaluations.

Kindle’s alternative would have been to sit out the season and re-enter the draft.

10 responses to “Sergio Kindle will sign mandatory rookie tender as soon as Monday

  1. 4th qtr of the 2nd games of the week and this is what you guys focus on?
    something’s changed here……getting ready to move on, the “edge” this site used to have has melted like Donavan Mcnabb with the game on the line.

  2. i wonder if it wasn’t sleepwalking that caused him to fall down a flight of stairs… Too bad to be so close to the top of of the mountain…eeeshh.

  3. If his balance an reactions are off, take the money an run! If he goes back into the draft, he will be a year older with bad balance and reactions. This seems to be his best course of action.
    Hopefully he can prove he has some stuff in practice toward the end of the year for the Ravens to sign him next year.
    That said….Whata Baffoon!

  4. 320k that’s a nice cushion for the rest of your life incase you can’t play anymore.
    Take it, Sergio.

  5. The guy’s a lying sack of sh*t. He claimed he fell down TWO flights of stairs. How the hell did he make that 90 degree turn on the SECOND flight of stairs?

  6. I didn’t want to really say it, but I personally think (and I have no information to validate this but…) he fell down a flight of stairs when he and his friends were partying and he got literally falldown drunk. Sleepwalking???? Ummm…ok…if you say so.
    I’ve known a few people who were on the verge of signing a professional baseball contract who decided it’d be a great idea to throw a party with some friends. One was a pitcher who fell down some stairs and effed up his shoulder and back. Another was John-Bonham drunk and died as such…
    That may not have been the case at all, but its the first thing I thought of when I heard Kindle fell down some stairs.

  7. The injury will take time to heal. The healing process may not be convenient to the Ravens organization but it will heal. I see the Ravens begrudgingly gave the kid a contract. Rather mercenary in tone.

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