Vick pours it on to close out first half

Michael Vick is having a big game at halftime in Detroit.

Vick has completed 12 of 20 passes for 186 yards and two touchdowns with no interceptions, for a passer rating of 124.2. He also has four carries for 40 yards on the ground.

More importantly, Vick looks like he’s in complete command of the Eagles’ offense, leading them on a couple of great touchdown drives late in the second quarter. The Eagles’ two touchdowns in the final four minutes of the half gave them a 21-17 lead at halftime.

Andy Reid says Kevin Kolb is definitely the starter when he’s cleared to play. If Vick keeps playing like he has in two halves of football against the Packers and Lions, Reid is going to have a hard time convincing Philly fans that Kolb deserves to start.

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  1. The officials are doing their best to help him look good too… At least two no-calls on holding while he scrambled around, then a blatant no-call on a push off in the endzone by Maclin that resulted in a TD but should’ve been a penalty on the offense instead.

  2. Kolbasa is waste stomach contents. He will never get the job back and should not have been the starter to begin with.

  3. Florio’s hate campaign against Vick gets a new lease on life.
    Vick is the perfect QB for a team without an offensive line. His speed is back where it was. And his throwing is a lot more accurate than it was in Atlanta.
    Philly has itself a top-shelf, full-blown, Grade A quarterback controversy.
    And Florio’s favorite hate-figure is back at the whipping post.

  4. A message to all NFC North fans:
    The reason that Bear fans have not trash talked about any NFC North team pre or current season on this site is because the truism on the field of play and record… is what talks. For the exception of the Packers, Viking and Lion fans have a 0-2 record team and really have nothing but excuses. Packers are a great team. Lion fans have a pass because Detroit has done all the right things to make them more competitive. That leaves the Vikings who followed the path of thinking they are getting better and did not.
    Vikings fans have done more trash talking and blogging than all the rest of the NFC North fans combined. You know who you are and what you typed.
    Just like all the NFL analysts and the all of the fan sheep that followed them, wrong again this week. I love Bret Favre and the way he plays. You all need to shift your mindset into past tense “played”.
    Vike fans should have seen this (they did but drank the kool aid) when he had the late surgery.”Oh, he just needed an excuse to miss camp….and pre-season. He doesn’t need it. He’s a HOFamer!” He looked and played like an old man……….he is in the NFL. You can’t do what he did and expect him to rehabilitate in a 25 year old’s timeframe. He looked terrible today. He looked his age and it’s painful to type that.
    Florio – Stop crying.
    I commit to post this on every NFC North blog.
    George Halas’s Ghost

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