Vince Young will start next week for Titans

Kerry Collins gave the Steelers a scare late in Sunday’s game, but he won’t get a chance to start at quarterback this week.

Titans coach Jeff Fisher said after Tennessee’s 19-11 loss that Vince Young remains the team’s starter despite getting pulled after a woeful effort against Pittsburgh.

The stout Steelers defense didn’t give up a touchdown until there was under one minute left in the game.  But the Titans pulled off a nifty onside kick up the middle and recovered the ball, giving Collins a chance to pull of a miracle. 

Charlie Batch threw for only 25 yards on 11 attempts after replacing Dennis Dixon.  Byron Leftwich, released on Saturday, probably has a fair chance to start for Pittsburgh on Sunday.

The Steelers have proven the last few weeks that they can win with any quarterback if their defense continues to play like this.

17 responses to “Vince Young will start next week for Titans

  1. Vince’s career has ended, however Fisher does not see that! Vince was exposed yet again as a fraud as a QB, however people will contiue to make excuses for him…

  2. Suitcasehead Golic…you’re a JACKASS!!! they LOST and unless cj kicks @$$ next week – w/ vj as starter – they will lose again!!!

  3. Well, where are all those Titans fans who said Johnson would chew up the Steelers’ defense and average 5 yards per carry? Gimme a break. That dude will never crack 100 against this defense.
    PS … the Vince Young suicide watch has officially begun. LOL.

  4. Well … they’ve proved that, thanks to a strong and healthy defense, they can win with any QB if opposing offenses are willing to give them some help. I’m afraid that solution doesn’t work long-term and it doesn’t win championships. But it only needs to work for two more weeks. Right now we’re leading the division and have already achieved the win record I’d hoped to attain for this four-game period.
    So I’m thrilled … but unless we do something about that buckling offensive line, we’ll lose Leftwich and Dixon again if they’re able to return, Batch, and finally Roethlisberger. I guess at that point we’ll be holding QB tryouts in the parking lot.
    As for Vince Young, I don’t understand Fisher’s reasoning. Flacco threw four INTs and Harbaugh didn’t bench him. I believe Romo had a bad day as well. How is Young ever going to think of himself as the guy if Fisher keeps grounding him like a schoolboy every time he struggles?

  5. I think Vince Young is one of the easiest QBs to rattle in history. It took David Carr over two seasons to get beaten down in Texas. It took 3 quarters for Dick LeBeau to sit Vince down. Kudos to Kerry Collins for always being a gamer.
    Steelers 2-0!

  6. Listen … Crickets from Titans fans. LOL. That’s why I say the games are played on the field. Not on this stupid site.

  7. The Good Guys are 2-0. You always get your monies worth when watching the Steeler game. They have arguably the best defense in the league, holding a big passing attack in week one and a big running game in week 2. I was predicting they would be 2-2 by the time Ben’s gets back, and they already have the 2. Polamalu, Timmons, Harrison, what more can you say about that big D?
    They clearly have some work to do over the next couple weeks to be able to generate some points. Not sure if Dixon or Leftwich will be able to play but its pretty obvious Batch is about at the end of the road in throwing the ball. The OL has some trouble especially on the left side. Hill didn’t look too good today.
    But, I don’t want to hear any complainers or whiners about the win today. They were down to the number 3 QB, had some OL players go down, the temp was 100 degress, they were on the road as an underdog, etc. They won, case closed. If Ben was playing they might have scored 50 points.
    Finally, where are all the geniuses who said:
    1. The Steelers should get rid of Ben and give the reins to Dixon?
    2. The Steelers would be 0-4?
    3. The Ravens would have a better record now?
    4. The Bengals would have a better record now?
    5. The BROWNS would have a better record now?
    They are all in hiding, that’s where. Hell, after today, Dixon might have better 2 game stats than Flacco. LOL, the Steelers are winning without one of the best QBs in the league! Wait until 10/17/10!!

  8. VY will be fine going forward. No QB could have survived that defense today. Collins had several turn overs himself. Steelers D is crazy good. Go Titans! I’m hoping these two teams meet up again.

  9. Really because so far they have only proven to be able to win with Dixon. Leftwhich has done anything to help the Steelers win and Batch only threw for 25. All he did is hold Dixons lead.
    Who knows if the Steelers can win with Lefwhich or Batch as the starter or even Roethlisberger for that matter.

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