Brandon Jacobs says he's sorry

It remains to be seen how much fallout there is from Brandon Jacobs’ ill-advised helmet toss.

By all accounts, he smartly defused the situation after the game as well as possible.  Jacobs met with the media and reportedly was very apologetic, according to Mike Garafolo of the Newark Star-Ledger.  (UPDATE:  Jacobs later reportedly lost his cool and swore at another reporter.  Then apologized again.)

Jacobs said his fingers got caught in the helmet and he didn’t intend to throw the helmet into the crowd.  We haven’t heard an explanation of why he was yelling at the Colts crowd, as reported.

Giants coach Tom Coughlin benched Jacobs for the rest of the game after the incident.


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  1. He was as accurate throwing the helmet as Eli was throwing the football. The Giants stink. End of story.

  2. “Fingers got caught in the helmet, and he didn’t intend to throw it”
    Riiiiiight. That’s not even physically possible. “Oh I flung it into the stands by accident cause my finger got caught in the helmet as i was venting my frustration.” Jacobs is on shaky ground with the Giants to say the least

  3. When are Giants fans… or the Giants front office for that matter, going to realize that this guy isn’t good at football?

  4. He’s just lucky nobody in the stands got hurt. If he’d bounced that helmet off some little kid’s head…?
    He should be fined a bunch of money and suspended for a few games by the league.

  5. Doesnt his finger getting caught in the helmet mean it wouldnt get thrown? Can someone explain the logic behind that one. Fingers slipping can cause a throw, not getting stuck.

  6. Sorry for what….
    Embarrassing himself and the team infront of a national audience; or, having nothing left in the tank; or, for not admitting that he lost his cool and blew it.
    This guy is one more more screw up away from being labeled a loser. Hopefully he can get his act together.

  7. I know this is very unlikely…But maybe he threw it underhand (kinda sideways) by the face mask. If his finger did get stuck, it would make the helmet go upwards.
    I doubt that happened, just throwing it out there. It takes A LOT for a helmet to get ten rows up, especially when the first row is probably a good ten feet above the field.

  8. As found in the Supreme Court decision of Finders Keepers v. Losers Weepers, that helmet belongs to the guy who caught it.

  9. Used up all his mulligans. STFU, play hard, and earn your money.
    P.S. Quit embarassing the yourself and the organization

  10. Yo if I was that fan who caught the helmet I would have put up a tougher fight over it!!! He should have waited for NFL security to put their hands on him and it would have been on in court. They probably told him they would ban him for life if he didnt give it back. Dont you get the ball when someone throws it into the crowd? It should be the same thing.
    I wish it was the other NY teams RB that threw his helmet into the crowd. Now all this week will be Jets this and Jets that….Brady WTF??!!!? How you gonna get outplayed by the So Cal Rapist Dirty Sanchez?
    hide ya kids, hide ya wife!!!

  11. Jacobs’ production is no longer at a level equal to the headaches he causes. Depending on what he’s owed in guaranteed money next year the Giants should just release him. They can draft someone to pick up 2 yds a carry. Jacobs had two or three real good seasons but that’s all apparently behind him now. Time to cut bait.

  12. wd40 says:
    September 20, 2010 1:24 AM
    Sorry for what….
    Embarrassing himself and the team infront of a national audience; or, having nothing left in the tank; or, for not admitting that he lost his cool and blew it.
    This guy is one more more screw up away from being labeled a loser. Hopefully he can get his act together.
    I think it’s safe to say he’s already a loser.

  13. So what if the helmet hit some hayseed. Funny thing though, I heard a loud scream over the PA. That Polian, he has audio for every situation

  14. How may yards did he get? What an ass whuppin. Couglin looked like a gnome whose time is up, red faced and dazed. Not a good look.
    Eli is going to have to stay in his room for a week after that, Momma Manning hates it when her boys lose.

  15. He had his 15 minutes of fame, time for him to step aside and let the youngsters put in some work.

  16. Is it just me or hasn’t this guy always seemed angry? Even after they won the Super Bowl, e just seemed wound way too tight for a guy who should have been on top of the world.
    He acts like he’s going to have a nervous breakdown at any time.

  17. And that fan should have been allowed to keep it… just like footballs.. it goes in the stands its yours. Make jacobs suffer with no helmet so his sorry ass can’t go back in the game.

  18. This guy is the biggest overrated piece of garbage in the NFL. All that size with an even bigger mouth, and he’s flat out terrible. Tom “Old Man Winter” Coughlin looks lost. Great to see Baby Blue get destroyed with 38 points hung on their big bad defense. Perry Fewell to save the day! What a joke.

  19. Suspend him – 4 games. Causing danger for fans, could have easily hurt someone, yelling at fans and then swearing at reporters?
    The NFL needs to make a big example of him. Then let the union try to contest the suspension and explain why throwing a helmet into the stands and potentially hurting fans/swearing at fans/reporters doesn’t deserve a suspension.
    Double win for the NFL.

  20. Fatalist
    How can you blame Eli?
    His line sucked. Running game sucked. Defenses sucked. He sucked.
    Team effort.

  21. The most bush-league aspect of the whole incident was the idiot who wouldn’t give the helmet back to the stadium employee merely trying to do his job. Get a life, dude. Really.

  22. Bad game plan lastnight by Big Blue.
    They didnt stick with the run early and it cost them.
    I’m glad Eli is still in one piece. He got rocked a few times. Still made a sweet throw to mario on a blitz (he still got crushed).
    Jacobs is getting really annoying. Good but expensive back-up though.
    Giants o-line looked terrible lastnight.
    All that said, the Giants will be in the hunt. Just look around the league. Parity.
    Worst case scenerio, is G-Men go 8-8 and Cowher comes in next year.

  23. i woulda stuck a big bird right in the security guard’s face and said i’m outta here with this helmet. the game was a blowout and over with at that point anyways

  24. I thought Matt Dodge punted pretty well for the Giants last night. What can I say? I’m a “glass one fifty-third full” kind of a guy.

  25. If that fan had been unaware and caught that helmet with his skull, that security jacka$$, as well as the Colts security staff and the NY Giants organization, would have had a slightly less agressive attitude towards him, no?
    They should have thanked their lucky stars the moron’s helmet DIDN’T hit anyone in the head, and treated the fan a hell of a lot nicer.
    Dude should have whacked himself in the head with the helmet before security found him, and asked to be taken directly to his lawyer, er, the hospital.

  26. They didn’t post my comment because I spelled out the word A-Hole !!! HAHA
    BUT Jacobs is an A**HOLE !!! He runs his mouth when he needs to be concentrating on running PERIOD !!! This dude is mad because Bradshaw took “his” spot. So much that he tried to juke some players on a run like he had skillz like that !!! That’s why the idiot threw his helmet in the first place, he is soooooo clueless that he’s tryin to change his running style mid-game !!! LOL … REALLY ?!? Get a clue, your just a downhill runner and an average one at that !!! You’r not even close to being a bruiser !!! Now he’s turning tail and wants out of NY ?!?!? I thought this was your team, your heart ?!? He’d better start thinking of life as a back-up or after the NFL cause I don’t see him being anything more than this EVER !!! BRAG AND RUN YOUR MOUTH ON THAT, JACOBS !!!!

  27. Hands down the worst player in the NFL. What a fat worthless tub of glue, he cant even get out of his own way. Glad hes on the Giants!! HAHAHA

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