Brandon Marshall could be a lucky man Sunday night

It sounds like Revis Island could be closed this weekend.

Rich Cimini of reports that that “feeling around the Jets” is that Revis will miss at least one game.  The injury isn’t believed to be overly serious, but the Jets surely want Revis fully healthy before testing him again.

The Jets head to Miami on Sunday night in a game New York needs to win to avoid a two game deficit in the AFC East.  Brandon Marshall does not seem like a fun guy to cover with a balky hamstring. 

If Revis sits out, the Jets could tempted to also rest him the following week against the Bills.

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  1. How cute that he hurt it chasing down Moss after he burned him. Maybe if you go to training camp you would be looser its an interesting way to look at it. Favre misses camp is noticeably uncomfortable. Revis gets burned must be a hamstring. He’ll be back this week he just couldnt be seen after Moss facialized him and Cro amazingly covered him even better than Revis! Hamstring is the biggest BS Ive heard since whatever comes out Favres mouth

  2. As a Dolphins fan I actually want Revis to play. It is not a true test for your team if you’re not playing your rivals at full strength.

  3. If he can’t go in the Dolphins game, I would definitely keep him out of the Bills game too.
    Hamstring injuries linger and are the kind of injury that can worsen if not rested.
    They don’t need him to shut down half the field against the Bills. Edwards will shut down the whole field all by himself.

  4. If Revis sits out, the Jets could tempted to also rest him the following week against the Bills.
    No need to proof read.. How do I get a job working for this site?

  5. I feel like every Rosenthal article is an Easter Egg hunt to find the obligatory spelling/grammar error(s). See if you can find the F-up in this one!

  6. Gregg, I am guessing you don’t know much about the AFC East. You can’t take anyone lightly when it’s an AFC East battle. That goes for the Bills also. They will play us harder at their home, than against anyone else. This isn’t baseball where you can sit your stars for a game to recharge, because you think it’s an easy game.

  7. FIRST.
    Marshall will have a field day against either Revis with a bum hammy/or Kyle Wilson.
    I think Dolphins will pummel Sanchez at their home opener Sunday Night now that they have some confidence after handing Favre and ass whooping and Vontae emerging as a stud.
    Dolphins Victory 20-10, and they finally will be recognized by the rest of the league as a true contender

  8. Revis is the lucky one. Now he doesnt have to get bulldozed and take a beating from Marhsall and get shown up for being the overrated hype machine he is. He’s not even the best corner in the division. Vontae Davis is.

  9. I’m not sure Moss or Welker were particularly lucky in the second half of last nights game with the Teddy P look-a-like sidelined….

  10. Noooo, Marshall wants to face Revis. Dolphins have won 3 straight against the Jets with Revis playing, and the Patriots played worse when Revis left the game.

  11. Wish he would play. Marshall would help all the clueless jests fan realize gilligan’s island is average at best. Overhyped and overrated. What do you expect from the stinking, lousy nyj???

  12. Cro will do just fine against Marshall. Go ahead and say Marshall owned him back in the AFC West, but truth is anyone who plays a base Zone coverage against Marshall will be doomed. Marshall will get his usual for this season so far, but the rest of Dolphins offense will play considerably worse( if thats at all possible). Henne will be pressured, Ronnie/Ricky will be bottled up. This will be a low scoring game, as Miami’s D is serious. I have to give credit when its due, Vontae is a heck of football player. Throw in Wake, Dansby, Starks, and you got yourself a Top 5 D, very impressive. The key to this game will be if Sanchez can build off his nearly flawless performance against the Pats. I doubt he will but still think the Jets will pull this one out in a VERY close one. Can’t wait for this one!!

  13. Boy , you’d think by reading this fanbases B.S rants on here Miami was scoring 30 points a game these 1st 2 games, NE could only muster up 14 points ,what you think we’ll hold your amenic offense too..

  14. Dolphins will win either way. Marshall will make some plays, but it is the Miami running game that the Jets can’t stop.

  15. Revis or not, the fins will run over the jests. Fins will run right at JT and his boo boo elbow. The beast will get his catches. By the end of the season the corner everyone will be talking about is Vontae Davis.

  16. Why would Brandon Marshall be considered lucky? Randy Moss was completely shut down AFTER Revis left the game.

  17. Let him play and play badly…. ALL we hear are excuses from gag green anyway.
    Marshall will eat him up or crow which should be funny to watch.
    Miami will run ALL over the hapless wets per usual. 3-0 bank it!

  18. Nyjets31 says:
    September 20, 2010 12:18 PM
    The way miami’s O is looking right now ,let him sit and get 100%..we dont need him in this one..
    Actually a good point. The biggest hole on the Jets will be the NT, which the Dolphins will much rather exploit that Marshall having massive day.

  19. JetFan in Miami says:
    September 20, 2010 1:08 PM
    Didn’t Vontae Davis injure himself celebrating yesterday?! LOL yeah totally afraid of that guy
    He did, but he’s fine, played well after that. He isn’t on Revis’s level but he’s no “slouch”.

  20. JetFaninMiami – was that a hilarious grammatica moment or what?
    dbess – what kind of loser posts “FIRST” in a comments thread?
    a miami doll-fan.

  21. I guess you blow hole fans havent figured out that Mr. Marshall is no good if the ball doesnt get to him. If your offense is that one dimensional you need not worry about Revis…you got bigger fish to fry..(no pun intended)…and your gonna have to put up more than 14-17 points. You dont have a Wes Welker either. Cromarti can handle it……When Revis is healthy Marshall isnt going to burn him deep,nor is anyone else for that matter.
    See you on the field,until then,you havent earned any braggin rights.

  22. Jet fans are crazy if you think u don’t need revis. The dolphins weren’t showing anything offensivly the first two games because they are saving it for this week. The jets have nothing on game film to prepare for, so when Sunday night comes the jets are going to get hit right in the mouth. Good luck against the blitz sanchez cam wake is coming for you

  23. @JetFan in Miami
    Vontae Davis is more of a complete CB that anyone on your team…
    As far as him injuring himself, I’ll take a stinger after laying a big hit on a TE than pulling a hamstring getting burned for 6 any day

  24. means cromartie will cover him which is wut ended moss’s day n they will blitz less zone more henne will have to check down more to fasano wildcat will be in trouble this week

  25. Dolphins suck anyways. Can’t believe these chumps are saying they are “true contenders’ and Vontae Davis is the best cb in the afc east. Give me a break. Your team is a joke. Cromartie will be fine on Marshall. See you on Sunday.

  26. Cromartie is built for guys likie moss and marshall big tall lanky wrs who can’t run a solid route except a streak down the sidline.hense why welker blew him up and then cro shut moss down for the rest of the game forcing a pick and having his own. By the way cro is on course for 16 picks this season lol. Were gonna stuff you guys like we stuffed both these teams in the run and were gonna shut down ur one reciever, then force your joke QB to throw because if it wasn’t for one long pass on sheppard ( who sucks believe me I watched him all last season) your offense was pitiful you could barely win with favre trying to hand the game to you guys. Sanchez to keller all day next week and there’s nothing you can do about it.

  27. Fizz says:
    The dolphins weren’t showing anything offensivly the first two games because they are saving it for this week.
    this could be the single stupidest comment i’ve seen today. congratulations Fizz.

  28. RAMROD says:
    No need to proof read..How do I get a job working for this site?
    Proofread is one word. You’re Fired!

  29. Jets should expect trouble this week against Marshall. but lets stop the conspiracy theory that Revis is faking injury. This is a guy looking to already line up another huge payday. He is as confident as it gets and would have no fear going against Marshall if he was crazy enough to call out Moss, whos much better than Marshall is.
    The problem is this guy has a hamstring problem because he missed all of training camp due to being a greedy D-bag. He isnt in football shape and the hint for everyone should have been the Jets lining him up away from Boldin at the end of the Ravens game. This is what happens when you dont come to camp.
    The Jets probably have enough on defense anyway to win the game, but coming from a guy who has Brandon Marshall on my fantasy team, I would expect a big week out of the guy. way to go Revis. Next time spend your offseason getting ready to play instead of waiting around for a raise

  30. Did anyone take a close look at what Revis did when Moss burned him for that TD? As he’s running into the end zone he grabs his “right” hamstring for just a second, and then as if by some crazy twist of fate, he then goes for the left one. I guess in the heat of the moment (the embarrassing one) he forgot which hammy was supposed to be injured. And the Oscar goes to…

  31. I’d be worried about the Dolphins if they had a QB that was any good. Henne sucks and Marshall will have little impact. The Dolphins are the worst 2-0 in the NFL right now. They played down to the level of the Bills in week One and the Vikings blew 3 great chances to score TD’s. Sanchez is CLEARLY the 2nd best QB in the division.

  32. Who cares, what was Miami’s record vs New York last year and how many of those games did Revis miss. Doesn’t seem like he makes that big a difference to me.

  33. The Dolphins offense has not looked very good these first two weeks. The Jets are not the team to try to turn things around offensively on. That said, this is a division game and they are always tough no matter who plays. The defenses look very good and one of them will probably score…and that could be the difference in a low scoring game.

  34. Yes, the lack of training camp is responsible for Revis’s hammy and Favre’s looking uncomfortable in the offense, because no one who went to training camp pulled anything or is having trouble getting into a rhythm.

  35. to all you mn fans in denial. the dolphns spanked you guys. we only needed to throw the ball 15 times to do it too. talkin about how henne sucks. what qb can put up great stats with only 15 attempts? you guys “blew it” 3 times? no our D spanked you 3 times (when your O has to go for it on 4th down 3 times in a game and doesnt convert, thats not you guys blowing it, thats you guys getting served) give me a break, anyone that watched that game knows the fins were handling it from drive one, they are the ones that almost blew it.
    soft serve sanchez is gonna look like a deer in headlights sunday night. 5 sacks. he may or may not nurse his knee and sit out a couple plays, or an entire half, or the entire season too

  36. Marshalll when covered by Cro last 2 years in AFC West= 9 targets, 7 catches, 74 yards, 1 TD in 4 games. He may have owned the Chargers, but not Cro. All this talk about Marshall is funny to even mention, the Jets D just dominated the most prolific offense in the history of the NFL circa 2007 that has only added talent to it since then(minus holdout Mankins), not even to mention the fact that the Jets themselves were minus Revis, Jenkins & Pace! BTW, Pace will be on the field this weekend so hold onto that ball tight Ronnie/Ricky!

  37. Even a busted clock is right twice a day. Last week was sanchez first time to be right this season. So he has one more chance.

  38. Gotta agree with Finfan68 on this one.
    Oh, one more thing, let’s see if Sanchez can make those throws when you actually have a pass rush to worry about.
    I think it will be a good game. We didn’t have a Moss or Welker or Marshall last year and it didn’t stop us from beating you do those comments are just garbage.

  39. Bleedsgreen: they haven’t had to show anything. They have never trailed and they were on the road. At home it will be a different story. Henne had 3, 300 yard games last year. All when they were trailing. Just wait. It’s hard to prepare for an offense when all you have seen this year is vinilla. P.s. Henne’s record vs. The yets 2-0

  40. The Jets are not worried about Miami well how did Revis fare last year against us, not very good. Even Ted Ginn burned him and he was not even a real receiver. Imagine what Marshall is going to do to that terrible secondary, just watch the Ravens tape. Last year Miami physically beat up the Jets on that Sunday night, they went down the field and pushed the Jets around to win the game. Anyone that watched Hard Knocks saw that the Jets are an undisciplined team from their overeating coach to their no character players. Please put Cromartie (and even his 10 kids) out there on Marshall and blitz we will put up 40 points on you.

  41. Hey NewYorkSachexchange2010, Pace was on the field last year for both your loses to us wasn’t he??? Sanchez is a joke of a QB especially when he has pressure and he will see pressure on Sunday. Favre has seen everything and he threw 3 picks imagine what deer in the headlights Sanchez will do against our pressure and secondary. Cromartie is terrible, nice pickup there, hope your owner is not supporting all her illegitimate kids. The only thing Cromartie can cover is women. LOL.

  42. “Cromartie is built for guys likie moss and marshall big tall lanky wrs who can’t run a solid route except a streak down the sidline.”
    Obviously a loud-mouthed Jet fan who doesn’t have a real opinion on Marshall but would still like to throw out a generalization.
    If you think Marshall is someone who streaks down the sideline — and you’ve actually seen him play — then you don’t know how to make sense out of what you’re watching.

  43. Jets are now on the hook for a $16million + average cb for the rest of the year. Hamstring injuries only heal with weeks of rest…many weeks.

  44. “The Jets probably have enough on defense anyway to win the game”
    They were the #1 defense a year ago and couldn’t pull out a win. What changed? Oh yeah, the Phins replaced Ginn with Marshall.
    I’ll take that change any day.

  45. Forget it. Fish aren’t nearly as good as the Patriots and the Jets b*&%tch slapped them all over the Meadowlands.
    Fish got no offense. Realistically, there is no way Fish score over 10 pts vs. stout Jets defense and Henne may not live thru the entire game.
    How great will it be when Jason Taylor sacks henne on Sunday Night!
    Then we will hear ALL OF THE EXCUSES why the Fish lost the game.
    Rex predicts SWEEP of the Fish in 2010, lets get it started in our 2nd home in South Beach.

  46. I have to admit I was upset when Jason Allen was named a starter over Smith…but he has been awesome. Nolan’s defensive schemes have placed Miami players in position to make big plays…they already have 3 picks (should be 5 but two were called back via penalties away from the ball) they have forced 3 fumbles and recoverd 1 for a touchdown. They also DROPPED 2 pick-6s. The defense has put pressure on the QB also. Smith has talent but has never been seen as the sharpest knife in the drawer. I don’t care for Sapp (how does a DB get an offsides penalty to DQ an INT) and I hope Smith can play nickel on keller (height needed there). Both defenses have played very well. Miami has not thrown that much and I expect they will throw more often on Sunday…home field (finally) should help a little. One thing that I see coming against the Jets aggressive defense…Ronnie Brown will throw from the wildcat and catch them off guard for a big play or two. Great rivalry with some of the greatest games…hopefully there will be another epic battle with the Dolphins getting the win and finally getting some well earned respect.

  47. Missed you all last week bleedinggay, gang gay, and jcyets! Welcome back!
    It’s great to see all the delusional, inbred Jests fans out again!
    Now take your stupid asses back into hiding after the Fins show you how it’s done. You guys all jump up and talk trash this week about how the Fins are going to need more than 14 points to beat the YETS, but it seems to me that you only scored 9 points against a defense that wasn’t born in the 90’s! The Ravens shut you down, and the Dolphins are going to do the same. You think SanCHEESE’s game against the Ravens was ANEMIC (that’s for you nyYets31 – write it down) against Ray Lewis and the Ravens, wait until Dansby, Wake, MISI, and Odrick (if he’s healthy) get a hold of you!
    I can’t wait until the average IQ of this site goes back up when the Fins spank your sorry asses and all the Yets fans shut up and go back to masturbating with old Broadway Joe photos.
    Yeah, the same Broadway Joe that isn’t even drinking the local kool-aid on that chump filled OTHER team from NY.
    J – E – T – S SUCK SUCK SUCK!!!!!!!

  48. “By the way cro is on course for 16 picks this season lol.”
    And the Miami D is on pace to average 3 sacks and 3+ turnovers per game.
    “The dolphins weren’t showing anything offensivly the first two games because they are saving it for this week.
    this could be the single stupidest comment i’ve seen today. congratulations Fizz.”
    Yeah, it’s not like Miami did exactly that 2 years ago against NE or anything… (Don’t think it’s an accurate comment but certainly your comment is stupider than the parent.)
    I would think Jets fans would be prepared for the unexpected after last year. Miami hadn’t been racking up the points last year either but then Henne had a field day, Ginn had like his only successful bomb for a TD, the TEs and Bess moved the chains all night, and Ronnie slammed the Wildcat down your throat to end Monday night. Then when you stopped the Fins offensively and defensively, Sanchez played up to his true capabilities and gave us the game with a bit of help from that 3rd, nonexistent phase of the game known as special teams. The Fins can be a low scoring grinder, they can keep pace with a high flyer, they can let a team march up and down the field but never get in the end zone, they can be a front runner or come from behind. Wouldn’t make much of what you seen in two games.
    “See you on the field,until then,you havent earned any braggin rights.”
    Looks at last years Miami-Jets record, looks at this season’s records for both teams, wonders what the Jets have to be bragging about…

  49. Oh, and welcome back to you GayAsAss. Nice to see you’re still alive, and completely stupid.
    Where were you last week after that loss? All piled in a room with the rest of the self sucking Yets fan base I assume?

  50. It’s too bad the Jets section of this website doesn’t have as many readers as the Dolphin’s seems to. It’s just like living here in South Florida New Yorkers, you talk like you own the place, but you don’t really belong here. That’s why 95 runs North as well as South.

  51. “MN beat them all over the place but the turnovers killed them again….”
    Did you watch the game? The only thing that made it close was Miami’s fumbles in horrible field position. In the first half and into the 3rd, Miami would frequently get into good enough field position on 2nd and short so they would try to pound the middle because that’s what they like to do (demoralize and soften up a defense). They had already had success running to the edges and passing and their defense was in control, so they could elect to pound it and play field position. Even without much offense in the second half, all they had to do to win the game was regain the field position battle that the 2 fumbles very briefly put them behind on. At no point yesterday, could anyone sense any urgency from the Fins to put up 35 points … because they aren’t the Patriots.

  52. “You know damn well that the vikes were the best team on the field yesterday…”
    A team that gets inside the 25 yard line of the opponent 7 times and never scores a TD, a team that’s stopped twice on 4th and short to take control of the game, a team that needs to be given the ball on the 2.5 yard line to get into the end zone… such a team is never the best team on the field.

  53. How has nobody mentioned this juicy little nugget?
    Cromartie once gave up 18 catches to Brandon Marshall in one game.

  54. Yeah, Marshall will be just as lucky as Moss was in the second half yesterday. He must be on his knees thanking the Lord for his good fortune.

  55. At around 11:30 Sunday Night a reporter will ask JT what Henne looks like and Taylor will reply, “I have no idea”.

  56. i am going to laugh my ass off when the dolphins come out on the first series sunday night with henne in the shotgun and 4 wr on the field, and then just start airing it out every play. the look on rex ryans fat face with his horse teeth will be priceless.

  57. i love how all the jet fans talk about our offense where had 1 lucky game by sanchez and no running game this year also vontae jason and yeremiah will dominate sanchez who had 1 lucky game and henne will unleash like he did last year towards the end like 4 straghit 300yd games and ow many has sanchez had and also ive never seen henne throw for 70yds against a bad secondary so a fuc off pussies

  58. maybe marshall has been average with cromartie but he had a 18catch 160+yds and a TD but he who got sweeped last year did i see revis get burned by GINN i think so and now marshall good luck fagits

  59. This guy is averaging 6 catches, 62 yards and 0 TDs per game……and that includes one 46 yard catch….
    I don’t see why the Jets should be concerned.

  60. 2 playoff appearances in 10 years….both losses and you dolfags keep running your mouths…..thats what is hilarious

  61. Hate to say it but the jets will win this game! the dolphins barely beat the horrid vikes after favre gift wrapped 4 TOs. for them. NO chance for fins to win.

  62. It doesn’t matter! We saw how Bouldin and Moss peed on that “Island”. So his hammy got bad!!!
    To the rest – keep saying that Fins will loose. Everybody was saying we can win with Vikes.

  63. @myrek2008 – Boldin (who’s last name has no u in it) wasn’t covered by Revis for a single snap in the Baltimore game, so I really don’t think you know what you’re talking about. Boldin went off because he was covered mainly by the rookie Kyle Wilson. Moss played well against Revis, but Revis already had his injured hammy going into last week, made it worse on that Moss TD, and now isn’t playing for two weeks. If that was a BS injury someone was trying to use for an excuse as to how he played, why would he simply not play against the other two division rivals? further, Randy Moss is a top 3 WR in the league right now, with a top 3 QB throwing to him. Miami doesn’t have either luxury. Cromartie shut down Moss in the second half, and he’ll do the same to Marshall.
    The Dolphins will lose because they won’t be able to put up numbers on offense. Sanchez is coming off a great week in which he threw 3 TD’s. and he STILL has no interceptions (while I know that Henne hasn’t thrown one either, he has only 1 TD between two games). The Dolphins defense has seen the Bills, who I wouldn’t expect to score more than 10 points against anybody, and the Vikings, who have terrible offensive line play and a QB who’s still shaking out some cobwebs. They also don’t have their #1 receiver (or a decent receiver to fill in for him). Am I impressed with their defense? Nope. The Offense? Definitely not. They don’t even have their bail-out package, Ted Ginn Jr, who single-handedly won the game for them in the Meadowlands last year, when the Jets were kicking the Dolphins @sses up and down the field on offense and defense. LT is averaging 6.3 yards per carry. Dustin Keller averages 14.2 yards per catch. Cromartie has 2 picks in 2 games. The Jets are ready to go. Everyone is saying “oh, the dolphins have their number,” well you think the Jets are gonna walk into a game against the team whose fans talk the MOST sh*t about the Jets of anybody in the NFL? Come on now. Both teams are gonna be amped, it’ll be fun to watch, and the Jets are coming out on top.

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