Broncos find a star in the first round

It took some patience from Broncos fans, but Denver unveiled their explosive first round pick to thrilling results on Sunday.  And Tim Tebow didn’t play a down.

Wide receiver Demaryius Thomas has barely stepped on the field since he was taken No. 22 overall in April, bothered by a troublesome foot injury.  When Thomas did suit up, onlookers indicated he could be special. Thomas proved it Sunday against the Seahawks, catching eight passes for 97 yards and a score in his first pro game. 

not a secret
, though,” Broncos coach Josh McDaniels told the Denver Post. “I understand he’s a secret to
you guys. But he’s one of a lot of guys we have.”

The Broncos receiver group is far better than expected, but Thomas is the only possible lead dog.  He’s 6’3, 229 pounds, and has picked up the Broncos offense quickly after coming from a unique scheme at Georgia Tech.  “He was ready to go with the whole game plan,” McDaniels said.

If Thomas can stay healthy, then Eddie Royal, Jabar Gaffney, and Brandon Lloyd fit better into their specific roles. Thomas has rare skills.

“He gets behind the defense when they give him an opportunity and then the thing
to me that I’ve been impressed with, with Demaryius is his ability to
accelerate once he has the football,” McDaniels said Monday.  “It doesn’t take him a long time to build
his speed.”

Kyle Orton is third in the league in YPA after two weeks.  Denver has a long way to go, but their passing game is probably the strength of the team.

Who needs Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall?

49 responses to “Broncos find a star in the first round

  1. “catching eight passes for 97 yards and a score in his first pro game. ”
    Wow, 8 catches and he’s a “Star”. 8 catches. Don’t you think he might need to play, maybe, a whole season before you annoint him a “Star”?

  2. Yes…….Kyle Orton and Demaryius Thomas are an obvious upgrade over Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall after one friggin’ game. Good call Rosenthal!

  3. “Who needs Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall?”
    I’m pretty sure the 2-0 Bears need Jay Cutler and the 2-0 Dolphins need Brandon Marshall.

  4. Hey gregg, I think you failed to mention that Jay Cutler is currently first in YPA… Oh and QB Rating…
    Who needs Kyle Orton?

  5. Thomas is unique and special in a lot of ways. His physical talent is only part of the package. I said at the time of the draft he would turn out to be the best player of the class.

  6. This dude is a stud…he was dominating at camp till he got hurt. Watch and see….hes not brandon marshall they are and will be different players…his skill set is more like calvin johnson…big and fast.

  7. Who needs Brandon Marshall? This guy had 8 catches! Ballin! Oh shoot.. Marshall set the single game reception record. But as a die hard Bronco fan, I hope this isn’t just a one hit wonder with this guy!

  8. Quote: “Wow, 8 catches and he’s a “Star”. 8 catches. Don’t you think he might need to play, maybe, a whole season before you annoint him a “Star”?”
    He certainly looked the part. Took a WR screen 18 yards on his first catch. If he stays healthy he is guaranteed 1000 yards this year.
    Not bad for a rookie.

  9. Funny how quickly the tune has changed on Josh McDaniels having sent Cutler and Marshall packing. I’m happy to see it because I think McDaniels just may be on to something here but I temper my enthusiasm with the fact that we’re only two games into the season and we’ve only won one game. If Denver goes 8-8 this season, I’ll be alot happier if it’s because we won our final seven. Hopefully we’re building a nice foundation for the future with intelligent, capable players as opposed to immature but otherwise capable players like Cutler and Marshall.

  10. @ robert Ethen
    “I said at the time of the draft he would turn out to be the best player of the class.”
    And you would be dead wrong. Have you seen Jahvid Best? His acceleration is second to none and once he’s in the open field hes virtually unstoppable.

  11. Cutler is a jerk. Once those INT’s start coming, watch the Bears implode as Cutler blames everyone but himself.
    Orton on the other hand, is doing very nicely indeed.

  12. This is no way an editorial on Thomas’ talent, but I have one comment to add. If a player has one good game, he is quickly labeled a star. If a player has several decent games and a few bad ones, he is labeled a bust.

  13. I don’t know about star yet he has to play more than one game. Not to mention there have been rookies in their first game who have had better outings. Not to mention staying consistent. Michael Clayton was ridiculous that rookie year and then was never heard of again. At minimum lets wait until the season is over to truly call him a star

  14. I like what I see from the recieving core. Cutler is a douche, but he is still a freak’n stud on the field and I wish he stayed in Denver. Marshall hasn’t had a good game with the ‘Fins’ yet. I’m starting to regret drafting him on my fantasy team.
    Denver is going to be better then most people thought, but they still can’t stop the run. Also, kick coverage is very poor.
    But still………… Go Broncos!!!!!!!!

  15. I remeber reading an article the day after the Cardinals lost to the bears and it was proclaiming Matt Lienart as the next best thing and going through every team in the league wondering why the heck they didn’t draft this future HOF…
    I forget who it was but my point is that you probably shouldn’t proclaim anyone a start until they do it consistantly.

  16. You idiots obviously didn’t watch the game yet feel the need to make noise here to hear yourselves talk. Thomas looked like a man among boys out there. He didn’t even enter the game until the middle of the second quarter and the game was in hand by the 4th quarter thanks to his efforts. So yes, the 8 catches for 97 was impressive considering he did it over the course of about 3 meaningful drives.
    And to the Jay Cutler idiots: you’re 1-1 with a loss to the Lions. Congrats.

  17. There should be a pool on how many games it will be before Jay Cutler implodes. The thing is it can happen at any time!

  18. You would have thought that you would have learned from last year. Yes, Denver looks to be a WORLD BEATER LOL.
    Any other team blow all the Draft Picks Denver has since Shanny walked the media would be putting them through the ringer.
    Lets remember they were destroyed by the Jags, and beat THE MIGHTY SEAHAWKS lol.

  19. I agree it is far too early to lay such high praise on Thomas, or to think Orton is doing anything more than than grooming himself to be Tebow’s back-up. It is not too early to say that Cutler will likely chuck 3 picks in his next game and that Marshall will still have yet to read an NFL playbook.

  20. broncoMaineiac says:
    September 20, 2010 4:16 PM
    Or Dez Bryant.
    It’s gives me a sad feeling when I realize how many complete douche bags are fans of the same team as me. Dez Bryant has done NOTHING, NOTHING to seperate himself from Thomas. Might as well say Orton hasn’t done anything to prove he is better than Matt Barkley (College Quarterback at USC). Dez Bryant will wash himself out of the league just give him time and he will be back working for dad pimping mom.

  21. Keep squaking haters. DT is going to be the real deal assuming he can stay healthy.
    The Broncos did not get destroyed by the Jags. They got beat by one TD on the road and almost tied the game in the closing minutes but lost out because Brandon Lloyd only got one foot down in the end zone. Granted, they haven’t played anyone yet, but don’t be hatin for no reason.

  22. Jesus Christ. Jay Cutler has the best passer rating in the NFL. Demaryius Thomas is a star.
    Wake me up when it’s not Week 2. Vince Young and David Garrard had the best passer ratings in Week 1, remember?

  23. Grimace421 says:
    September 20, 2010 4:28 PM
    Hey gregg, I think you failed to mention that Jay Cutler is currently first in YPA… Oh and QB Rating…
    Just wait. He won’t be for long. Capt. red zone INT will show up before long

  24. orton’s more of a winner than cutler, that’s just factual throughout their careers
    cutler simply makes more mistake and is known as “the mvp of september”
    as for thomas, way too early to tell but denver should be excited that he’s looking good
    same with best in detroit, lions should be excited that he’s looking fast even though his ypc is barely over 3

  25. Good comeback Bronco. I didn’t think you had Turd till I noticed you used all caps. Really strengthens one’s argument.
    Rosenthal why won’t you approve my comments that are critical of the “journalism” you practice on here? Manbear deserves to be heard.

  26. The Donkeys haven’t played a decent team yet and they’re 1-1.
    In Denver though, that’s a big accomplishment.

  27. Best had a whopping 20 yards in 14 carries his first game. Slightly better ypc average than Tebow who averaged 1. But Best averaged a whopping 3 yards per catch on 5 catches. Suh had a grand total of 1 tackle his first game. No sacks, no pressures.
    I’ll take the BayBay, thanks.

  28. Thomas has a presence about him. Tebow is very demonstrative in his leadership qualities, but with BayBay, he doesn’t have to say a thing. The other players just know.

  29. @ joetoronto
    You’re a lil’ b**ch! Who’s your team out there in p*ssy a** toronto? No one cares about hockey punk! I’m from Denver and 2 super bowl wins is an accomplishment. Canada? Really?

  30. CHECK-1
    That would be up there to you…. sounds like you are still fuming over the Canada/US finals!
    Its OK you can admit it.

  31. ((CHECK-1……!:
    Hey, I’m impressed. Some yahoo that lives in Denver knows what country Toronto is in.
    Moma didn’t raise no fool, right fool?

  32. let’s not say he’s a star yet, but Thomas was an unknown player to begin with. Playing at with this Georgia Tech team is bad for the recievers.

  33. Jahvid Best can be the next great running back to retire from that lowly franchise. I believe Sanders was the first. D.T. is the real deal! Not to mention Lloyd, Royal and Gaffney. Now if Know-Show Moreno could make a defender miss, The Broncos have what it takes to win the division.

  34. he’ll be a good find. and, we can most assuredly say right now, he’s got more catches than dez bryant.

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