Champ Bailey leaves stadium on crutches

It was a busy week for injuries and the NFL, and the Denver Broncos were no exception.

Starting cornerback Champ Bailey left Invesco Field on crutches Sunday night, with his ankle lightly wrapped, according to the Denver Post.  The injury appeared to happen in the fourth quarter of Denver’s convincing 31-14 win over the Seahawks.

Bailey had a spectacular interception early in the game and wound up with two pass defensed. The Broncos also lost their other starting cornerback, Andre Goodman, to a thigh injury in the second quarter.

It’s never a good thing to lose both starting cornerbacks.  It’s even worse with Peyton Manning and the Colts coming to town next week.

6 responses to “Champ Bailey leaves stadium on crutches

  1. It’s great how you and Florio leave out details or add in your own to make your articles sound better. You two are idiots. Do your job Greg. The actual report is that it sounds like its just a bruise. Champ already stated that he will be fine and ready to go on Sunday. Also in regards to Goodman. That dude has been smoked numerous times the last two weeks. Perrish Cox came in and shut down that side of the field. They are better now with Goodman on the sidelines.

  2. Two quick points:
    The Colts are overrated this year.
    the Broncos are underrated this year.
    There’s also a good chance I’m delusional this year….

  3. Sorry to hear Champ or any player for that matter got hurt…..HOWEVER, this is great news for my fantasy team as I got Peyton manning as my QB….hopefully Champ is ok ina COUPLE weeks….

  4. Champ needs to play. I have Austin Collie on my team, so it’d be nice if Wayne were covered by Bailey all game. Garcon is not getting it done and Gonzalez is looking like a wasted pick.

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