Dennis Dixon has a torn meniscus

And then there were two, apparently.

With the Steelers poised to pick from a trio of quarterbacks for Sunday’s game in Tampa against the surprisingly undefeated Buccaneers, one of them could be unavailable.

Per a league source, an MRI revealed that Dennis Dixon has a tear in the lateral meniscus of his left knee.  Three years ago, he tore an ACL in the same knee.

The source says that Dixon will be getting a second opinion on Tuesday and determining the next steps on Wednesday.

That possibly leaves Charlie Batch and Byron Leftwich as the options for Sunday, if Dixon can’t play.

UPDATE:  Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that, if the second opinion confirms the initial diagnosis, Dixon will miss at least three weeks.

43 responses to “Dennis Dixon has a torn meniscus

  1. No word on how long the injury takes to heal or anything? Out for the year? Our for a few weeks?
    Good work.

  2. There goes that potential QB controversy you were hoping for, eh Florio? Oh well, you can still keep pounding away on that one in Philly until it actually turns into a controversy.

  3. Does not matter, Stellers only have 2 games before Ben is back and at worst will be 3-1! What u gonna say now haters!!!

  4. Dixon out for 3 weeks. Tampa Bay plays cover 2 & doesn’t pressure QB. Batch could have a OK game. Save Leftwich for Ray, MR SLICE & DICE, Lewis & the Ravens

  5. # DeluxeReverb says: September 20, 2010 5:42 PM
    omg, charlie batch or byron leftwich?
    Charlie Batch is a serviceable QB. He did a decent job when Dixon got hurt. A lot of teams would go down the tubes without their starting QB however with Steeler D what it is we don’t need a great QB. Just one who can put a few points on the board and protect the ball. Provided of course he doesn’t get slammed to the turf and break something

  6. correction:
    Per a league source, an MRI revealed that Dennis Dixon has a tear in his labium minus.

  7. @stiller43
    If the tear isn’t severe he could potentially play sunday… but in most cases they do surgery to debride the torn meniscus, if this is the case, he’ll be out for 2-3 weeks tops, barring any setbacks!

  8. Dixon out for 3 weeks. Tampa Bay plays cover 2 & doesn’t pressure QB.
    Ask Jake Delhomme and his twisted ankle about that. Or Matt Moore, who was sacked four times yesterday.

  9. stiller: the meniscus is not an easy injury to predict, in terms of when you can come back. I’m sure the med staff doesn’t know yet, so don’t take it out on PFT! Especially if the ACL was torn in previous years, that changes strategy, just google up knee ligaments and cartilage and you will see the nightmare in there.
    Bottom line for football fans: torn meniscus really will never heal, but you can still use the knee. You can take out the meniscus, you can trim it and leave the remnants in, you can just scoop out the fragments. Depends on the severity and spread of the injury. The meniscus is like a piece of teflon in the knee that helps shape the confluence of the joint, but it is very inert tissue. If it tears, it won’t heal, and you have to plot out case by case how to deal with it.

  10. Shame about Dixon. Although he showed he was not ready to be the no. 1 QB like some nitwits said, he would be better off (as the main backup to Ben) getting this current experience. Did this happen on that last bootleg run? Doesn’t sound like he will be able to play for a while, and I don’t know if Leftwich is ready to play yet. Batch certainly can hold the fort but he unlikely will be able to make anything major happen. He is pretty immobile and he has the weakest arm of the 3 QBs nows. As long as he doesn’t make mistakes, he may be serviceable. Again, they will have to rely on the running game and their outstanding defense. But since the Bucs and Ravens know they will be run-oriented, they can stack up against that like Atlanta and the Titans did, making the running game tougher to excel.
    But honestly, from a total-season standpoint, I would have been happy if they were 2-2 without Ben. Things have shaped up better than that, and considering no one else in the division is undefeated right now. Worst case is that if they do lose the next 2 (and I’m not in any way saying they will), they would be 1 game behind anybody when Ben returns. That is a far cry from what some morons said would happen. 3-1 is a good possibility when Ben returns, and 4-0 is not out of the question. Their defense is that damn good.

  11. Our Cornerback Chris Cook suffered the same thing during preseason, he is still not back from it.

  12. @ BleedingSilverAndBlack
    Do you really consider or call yourself a fan? Have you ever been accused of anything? Did people walk around calling you names for what the accused you of? Get over it. Had Ben raped any women, he’d be charged with it. It’s that simple.
    Maybe you should be charged with being an un-suportive Steelers Fan.
    Leftwich will start. He’s #2 on the depth chart and he’s able to start now. Dixon’s out untill after Ben gets back and if he got hurt, then Leftwich got hurt, then Dixon would start again. Byron knows the system, and will actually play better then Dixon has, or Batch for that matter.
    Look we all love Charlie, but, he doesn’t have the mobility (anymore) that the other guys bring. Charlie will move up to #2 in the depth chart the next two weeks. Charlie will be pushed back to #3 when Ben returns, finally, he’ll be pushed back to #4 when Dixon get’s healthy. I ask, who do they cut when the Steelers have 4 QB’s again? There isn’t enough room, and I think as long as Dixon’s healthy, they will have to cut Leftwich or Batch. Leftwich doesn’t know the system like Charlie, but his ability is better.
    It’s obvious the Steelers have built the team around Ben’s ability to roll out of the pocket and create plays. They have to stick with that as much as possible and for the next two weeks, I believe Leftwich fits our system better.
    One thing is for certain, everyone can now see how the offense stuggles without Big Ben.

  13. Hello SLOW JOE: The Steelers are no Cleveland Browns. The Brownies have no offensive weapons. Cleveland will be lucky to win 3 games. Who is Matt More ??? LOL

  14. BleedingSilverAndBlack says:
    September 20, 2010 5:55 PM
    Get the rapist back on the field and quick.
    How’s your savior Jason Campbell treating you? lmao.

  15. Any second now, Deb will comment and tell us a torn minicus is her expertise, she has dealt with many a torn minicuus etc., and the doctors have no evidence it’s torn, and just because he plays football, any injury could happen. And that Whines Ward is the biracial guru we should all aspire to be…As sure as the sun rises….And the over/under is 6….

  16. 2 words: Brister, Bubby.
    Sign him. Now.
    He’s still got a ROCKET LAUNCHER of an arm.
    And, he dresses well in white leisure suits.

  17. DanRooney says:
    September 20, 2010 6:50 PM
    BleedingSilverAnd Black says:
    September 20, 2010 5:55 PM
    Get the rapist back on the field and quick.
    —————– ——————– —————
    How’s your savior Jason Campbell treating you? lmao.
    Ok Ok , I didn’t notice he was bleeding silver and black, thought it said black and gold. It makes sense now.

  18. SteelersD says:
    “Had Ben raped any women, he’d be charged with it. It’s that simple.”
    Your fanship is admirable, but let’s not kid ourselves here… we all know our legal system has it flaws, which makes your statement laughable.

  19. DanRooney: exactly
    Our 4th string QB has more superbowl rings than like like the last 8 Raider starters

  20. The Wildcat (or Wildcard – I forget) was SSSOOOO popular last year. Just run that every play. The other team won’t have a CLUE as to what the Steelers are doing…

  21. I hate that for Dixon, but provided either gets any protection they could win with Batch or Leftwich.
    The Steelers have a chance to go 3-1 or 4-0 but 2-2 would still be fine. I’m much more nervous about the Bucs than the Ravens. The Bucs are playing well on both sides of the ball. The Ravens needed overtime at home last year to beat Dixon who just found out the day before he was starting.

  22. Ben can play perfectly for the next 10 years… he’s still a pig and a rapist. He will never outrun that cloud. He could briefly if he wins but it is sort of like a boomerang. BINGO, it’s BACCKKKK.
    Poor Dennis. PLEASE come back. He’s awesome!

  23. @TrytheVeal …
    Here’s the difference between us, Baby Heifer:
    I don’t mouth off unless I actually know something.
    Don’t claim to know unless I’ve researched or experienced firsthand.
    Don’t post the info without posting supporting facts.
    You just mouth off … about anything and everything … when you know nothing.
    Don’t know anything about the meniscus. None of my surgeries was on the knee. If I could trade my long cancer history for your ignorance … no, I’d still rather have the brain.

  24. Interesting that this didn’t come out until after we’d resigned Leftwich 🙂
    Hate it for Dixon in a contract year. Don’t think he’s a potential Steelers starter, but wish him well. Too bad.
    Those saying we don’t need a QB are being foolish. We have more difficult challenges ahead. Our defense has always been our star, but running games get stuffed and defenses tire. Will be glad when our franchise QB can come in and spell them.
    Don’t underestimate Tampa. Don’t underestimate anyone.

  25. Wow try the veal you were right, deb is smarter than you AND you are a jackass. I guess even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

  26. BleedingSilverAndBlack says:
    September 20, 2010 5:55 PM
    Get the rapist back on the field and quick.
    Very funny!!
    Apparently 4 quarterbacks are not too much. The MRI wasn’t done until the day. I imagine the Steelers organization wants to be sure of the facts before making a public statement. The Steelers were going to resign Leftwich regardless. Anything that gets torn requires more time to heal. 3 weeks is overly optimistic. How can the Steelers underestimate anyone?
    “Every game on the schedule is the most important game.”
    Marshall Faulk

  27. Don’t be too quick to di Charlie, you could have Curtis Painter as the back up! He doesn’t even get in when the Colts are up 30.

  28. A second opinion? Must not be a very big tear…
    Maybe a second opinion as to whether or not to repair(which will be the end of the season) or remove. If they remove it he’ll walk out of the hospital the same day, jog by the end of a week and able to run in less than two. Not a big deal. I had that done in my wrasslin’ days in the early 90’s…I think medical improvements, physic therapy etc. has improved since then…

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