Harbaugh will be fined for making contact with official

NFL_harbaugh_250.jpgDuring Sunday’s loss to the Bengals, coach John Harbaugh got a little upset regarding the officiating.

To illustrate his point, Harbaugh was a little too demonstrative.  As instantly spotted by NBC’s Rodney Harrison while scanning the nine-screen wall in the 30 Rock viewing room, Harbaugh made contact with an official.  Specifically, he karate chopped a nearby official in the chest and in the leg with 6:35 remaining in the game, in an apparent effort to demonstrate that the hit from linebacker Terrell Suggs on Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer came within the “strike zone” that applies to the passer.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Harbaugh will be fined for making contact with an official. 

Harbaugh’s lucky he didn’t get ejected.  Cardinals safety Kerry Rhodes made contact with an official while arguing a call on Sunday, and he received the boot.

In all fairness, Scott Green should have been fined for slapping Jay Cutler in the face last year.  Then again, a persuasive argument could be made that Cutler needs to be slapped in the face.

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  1. Can someone tell me why this league allows their officials to be so different from game to game?
    Look at Suggs hit as compares to multiple steeler players picking up Vince Young and slamming him to the ground….how was that not flagged…..just asking ….I am not throwing barbs at the steelers, I just do not understnad how this can be that different from game to game????

  2. The way those calls were being made…, it would have been better to demonstrate a karate chop to the throat.

  3. He definitely should be fined for that as it was harder hit then ray’s tripping call on palmer. You can hate the ravens all you want and yes they whine but those calls were both terrible.

  4. The call in question was ridiculous. The ball had barely left Palmer’s hand when he got hit. That was a really really bad call. But I guess it all evens out because T.O. got interfered with in the end zone that would have been a touchdown.
    Here’s an idea, all plays in question should get reviewed after the game and the refs should get fined. Maybe then they’ll let their prejudice at home.

  5. Hey Coach… The next time you get fined for contact of a ref, make certain you bitch slap him. Why waste a fine…right?

  6. I can’t beleive I am actually agreeing with ravenmaniac but on this one he is right. Suggs, who I can’t stand, did absolutely nothing wrong. I, however, don’t think the steelers should have been penalized either, if a qb doesn’t want to get dealt with/hit, he should drop into the fetal position like Jim Everett in that playoff game against the 49ers in the early nineties. As long as the play is still going and the qb is still trying to make something happen he is fair game til the whistle blows.

  7. Winey bunch of babies. Whenever calls go your way you never hear the Baltimorons say anything like “we got away with one there”. But boy oh boy when they get a call go against them, this tough talking team starts whining immediately. It goes now from the coach down. Even the great warrior, who has never been to war for real, starts crying in the locker room about how there shouldnt be crying on the field. I am so sick of little ray thinking hes playing soldier. Get over it Baltimorons its a game and calls dont always go your way. Hey anybody got some toy soldiers for little ray ray to play with? I hear when he gows up he wants to be a soldier. Maybe a bag of toy soldiers will make him stop throwing a temper tantrum.

  8. I am a bengals season ticket holder and i gotta say that was a shit call but,baltimore got away with a pass int. call on T.O. in the endzone in the third that would have had cincy at the one yrd line they go both ways,2 yrs in a row ravens hosed by calls against us….love it.

  9. Ravensmaniac’s point is valid. It is curious how inconcsistent the officiating can seem. I know everybody makes mistakes, but these refs are supposed to be the best. The NFL is, after all, the greatest sports league in the history of human competition!!!

  10. Could you try and contain your hatred for Cutler just a little bit? It’s not actually amusing, just annoying.

  11. why should cutler be slapped?for once again proving you wrong?like how he and martz can’t get along?or how the offense is to complicated for him?or how the bears have no recievers to make martz system work?or how greg olsen doesn’t fit or how devin hester will never work as a reciever?ask the boys how that whole failure prediction of yours worked yesterday!

  12. Hi Walt here…
    Gee everybody is neglecting the REAL issue.
    What is the ONE thing that all of these calls have in common?
    Hmmm…The Referee is inserting themselves to change the outcome of a game.
    I laugh when everybody is debating interpretation of the rules, when the only thing that they all share is that Referees changing the outcome of the game.
    Please lets debate the tuck rule, the “second move”, the excessive force. Those are all great rules, because that means that referees have some REAL say about the outcome.

  13. Ravenmaniac is a whiny baby. It WAS a blown call but the refs didn’t force Flacco into throwing 4 ints, the real reason the Ravens lost.
    As far as the Steelers hit on Vince Young, the whistle didn’t blow and Young didn’t go down. Live ball so the QB is fair game. I suppose you prefer they asked Young to take a knee instead of hit him and possibly force yet another turnover…
    I recall a similar hit during a Ravens game last year on Ben..he was trying to scramble and Suggs destroyed him….no flag, and even as a Steeler fan I understood why

  14. There were bad calls both ways Sunday.
    Funny how everytime the Bengals beat the Ravens, Ray always has an excuse. Has happened 9 of the last 14 times now.

  15. Lol at the Ravens all up in arms… Quit reading the print. As an all time great once said “In order to be the man…..”

  16. T.J. Houshmanzadah was charged with not making contact with the stat sheet.
    zero catches, zero yards, one pony tail.

  17. That was a bad call on Suggs, the hit was text book legal. This from a Steelers fan. While that call sucked, the four picks by Flacco lost it for the Ravens. Never put yourself at the mercy of the fickle zebras.

  18. Macadamia says:
    September 20, 2010 8:11 PM
    ham1, you win the d-bag award of the day. Go crawl back under you rock you tool!
    you first cry baby…you got nerve Macadamia NUT….you come on other teams threads all the time and talk your crap…..what…you can dish it out but not take it……BIG BABY!!!!

  19. okay ham, who on your team did ray destroy that has you so bitter? was it ocho? keller? mendenhall? I’d love to know, bc if you seriously went out of your way on a post about Harbs and Suggs bad call to discuss Ray, you have serious issues bud.
    aside from this moron, Suggs’ call was a disgrace, as was Ray’s. And these 2 included, I can give you about 5 game changing/deciding penalties called in 2 weeks that were bogus. Insane. It’s looking like with each season, more and more the refs have decided to take the game into their hands.
    My biggest gripe here is with the Ray penalty; the refs all huddled up and discussed it and STILL called a trip. I cannot even fathom how a whole group of officials saw that as a trip when even the announcers saw it as nothing more than Palmer falling. It all goes back to Carson Palmers playoff injury…

  20. The officiating has become atrocious since Emperor Goodell took over. He has a legion of overpaid vice
    presidents whose job is to ruin football with terrible personal foul calls and fines.
    I don’t blame Harbaugh for being upset. The last time I looked quarterbacks and wide receivers still wore pads.
    “If I was a little bit dumber and a little bit blinder, I could be an NFL official.”
    Bum Phillips

  21. 2nd game in a row against the Bengals where a very bad call turned into the points that won the game.
    People say the Ravens whine, but man those calls are just not even close to legit, and they’re always ones that directly affect the outcome of the game.

  22. I don not for one moment understand all the “love” for ray lewis. he was after all involved in a murder. he may not have been guilty but he was involved in a murder.

  23. I think John Harbaugh is a ok coach, but the first year he started coaching Baltimore I said then he was a cry baby winey coach and still is to this day. I guess the team takes on the coaches trates.

  24. Florio is officially obsessed with Cutler. Mentioning him, and blasting him in a post that has absolutely nothing to do with him? Check. Posting “Cutler picks up where he left off” after one INT, and then not saying anything about the 374 yards and two TDs he threw in the complete game? Check. Not to mention, that picking up where he left off means throwing 4 straight 100 passer rating games, and throwing 13 Tds and 2 picks.
    Florio, I’ve been a follower of yours since your website layout made me want to claw my eyes out with a spork, but this unfair Cutler obsession has me pretty damn close to going elsewhere for my news info.

  25. “T.J. Houshmanzadah was charged with not making contact with the stat sheet.”
    LOL! Seriously! The announcers on TV said something about not getting the ball to him, and I told my TV “No, he just hasn’t caught anything yet.” He was terrible yesterday.
    As far as the supposed pass interception against TO, I didn’t see it. It looked like a clean play to me, but at the very least, I don’t think it was a clear-cut call, so if the officials didn’t see it, they didn’t see it (and we all know that happens quite often in the NFL).
    “It WAS a blown call but the refs didn’t force Flacco into throwing 4 ints, the real reason the Ravens lost.”
    One COULD argue that the two blown calls added up to 6 points that would have changed the outcome of the game. I do think both were bad calls. However, bad calls do happen in the NFL, and that’s life.
    You can blame Flacco for those interceptions if you like but the fact is that he was getting no protection the entire game, despite having 7 lineman blocking as few as 4 guys, meaning his receivers didn’t have much of a chance of getting open, either. Really, as well as the defense played, I think this loss falls squarely on the shoulders of the O-line.
    Maybe if Housh caught one or two of those catches though, the Ravens could have scored more. So still, it’s probably not entirely their fault. It was just an amalgamation of entirely crappy performance on the part of the whole offense. But I’m really sick of people blaming Flacco for this.

  26. Oh yeah, forgot to comment on the story.
    I do think that Harbaugh was a little over the top with his protest. I don’t think a fine is out of order (especially since he wasn’t ejected, which is what I was expecting). But he was right to get mad, because that was a dumb call.

  27. The call on Suggs was pretty bogus, but I remember Justin Smith doing the same thing to a TB QB about 3 years ago and getting called for it. Something about driving the QB into the ground, but that is the point, isn’t it?
    As for the Lewis call, I can totally see how while he was flailing on the ground after being blocked he spread his legs to get some height and they incidentally made contact with Carson’s legs, causing him to trip. And tripping is tripping, regardless of intent. I am fine with that call.
    And the TO pass interference call could easily have been called, and could easily have not been called. Pass interference can be a very judgmental call, while tripping happens and is called.

  28. Bmore Styles says:
    September 20, 2010 9:49 PM
    2nd game in a row against the Bengals where a very bad call turned into the points that won the game.
    People say the Ravens whine, but man those calls are just not even close to legit, and they’re always ones that directly affect the outcome of the game.
    Or you could face reality and realize that even if those penalties weren’t called, our D would have stopped your half assed offense led by Succo. You guys wouldn’t have scored on either of those drives. Stop being a typical Ravens fan and realize that the refs didn’t lose that for you. Your overrated Offense/QB lost it for you. Your offense flat out sucks. Yeah ours isn’t much better but apparently we were the better team that day. Sorry son.

  29. PARavensJeff says:
    September 20, 2010 10:31 PM
    Does Palmer wear his skirt all week or just on Sunday’s?
    Last I checked, Palmer didn’t pull a Brady and jump up asking for a flag. The ref threw it on his own. Palmer took the hit and kept trucking unlike that sissy Brady. Quit hating on us for those penalties. We didn’t ask for them. Anyhow, like I’ve said over and over again, your offense was so inept that even if you had gotten the ball on those drives you wouldn’t have scored anyway. Quit crying. We’ll beat you again in your stadium this year too just to prove that we are in fact a better team than you. As if our record since Palmer has been here doesn’t already prove that but anyway.

  30. As a Ravens’ fan I did not expect to win this game, Bengals have our number for whatvere reason, it was the second road game on a short week after a game we won hard fought and the Bengals were already one in the hole against a conference opponent.
    4 INTs gets you beat everytime. You have to protect the ball. Okay one ball was tipped and the final INT was on the final 4th down and pretty much a hail mary attempt. We have another go at it in Baltimore and we see then who pervails.
    The refs calls are worse than ever though. Even last night when at first they called that the SFO punt receiever touched the ball. What is going on with those refs???
    As for the Suggs call, he had his arms wrapped around Palmers waist while he still had the ball. Clearly seen in the freeze frame during the game. Further he just continued with his forward motion and brought Palmer down. He did not pick him up and did not unnecessarily slam him down or “bounce” off of him, he just went down with him. The roughing the passer call was for Palmer being hit too hard, not for being a late hit. That in itself is just nonsense. How are you supposed to bring Palmer or even worse Rothlisberger down especially when they start to scramble to make a play??? How about the Flacco sandwich????
    Agian these calls did not cost the Ravens the game. We had chances, we had a TD, on the road and the Bengals are supposed to win at home even if it takes 5 field goals. Close games are just that, close games, you win some, you lose some. Ravens have yet to allow a TD. Ravens will be 2-1 and 1-1 in the division after this weekend and then meet the Steelers to determine who has the best D.

  31. “Or you could face reality and realize that even if those penalties weren’t called, our D would have stopped your half assed offense led by Succo.”
    Last time I checked, the score was 15-10, not 15-0. Oh, and Cincy didn’t score a single touchdown.

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