Report: Brandon Jacobs will ask for trade

Will Brandon Jacobs’ east-west run and subsequent helmet toss/benching be his final act as a New York Giant?

That’s what Jacobs hopes, according to a report from Vinny DiTrani, longtime writer of the Bergen Record that just can’t stop covering Big Blue.  DiTrani reports that Jacobs will meet with Giants management Monday and request a trade.

Good luck with that.  Perhaps a divorce is best for both sides, but there is no team that would remotely be interested in Jacobs considering his salary and attitude.  He’s toxic. Oh, and he hasn’t been particularly effective since the start of 2009.

The Giants gave Jacobs $13 million guaranteed before 2009 and surely regret it now.  He no longer produces and seems to take his frustration out on others.  There’s next to no chance he’ll be back in New York at $4.65 million next year, so the only question is whether the Giants keep him for the rest of this year.

Considering the money they have already paid Jacobs, we’d think they’d try to calm Jacobs down, wait for his emotions to subside, and get something out of him.   They are getting used to that.

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  1. “DiTrani reports that Jacobs will meet with Giants management Monday and request a trade.”
    Paging Pete Carroll, Paging Pete Carroll, you have a phone call from NY on Line #1.

  2. Throwing the helmet into the stands was a nice touch too, funniest thing I ever saw when you were crying to the coach about that guy not giving you your helmet back…

  3. this guy is a piece of human garbage..just a notch below haynesworth..i hope this guy dies of a bad death and i hope his parents die for seeding this wasteful piece of species into this world
    we are a better world when this guy is buried in the dirt

  4. Well the line wasn’t exactly plowing the Colts over last night, but yeah, he seems to be at a crossroads.

  5. TRADE HIM!!
    or send him to see Plaxico, and remind him, his life is still better than 90% of teh rest of the population.
    I’ll take 13 million to sit on the bench and gain one yard a game.
    Hell I would do that for 2 million.

  6. We could take him if he also came with a Free Safety and V Jax…..SKINS, make the deal happen! GET VJAX.

  7. I think the Giants are due for some big changes, this being one of them. By all means, get what you can out of the guy, but don’t even hesitate to let the door hit his ass on the way out.
    The Giants looked pathetic last night.

  8. He’s hardly “toxic”. He’s not causing a problem with the players. He’s always been emotional.
    Also remember a good deal of his problems last year were injuries and coaching. Kevn Gilbridge admitted they were having Jacobs do stuff (like sweeps) that are not his strong suite. Yet this year he seems to be getting punished for it.

  9. we are desperate for a back in NE. if they cut him, id take him even if he does suck. he would be better than anything else we have at that position.

  10. If Jacobs leaves who will chicken-step the line of scrimmage for 2 yards? That’s a staple of Gilbride’s offense. Hard to find 265 pound running backs who are afraid of contact.

  11. Jacobs stopped running hard as soon as he got paid. His run last night was typical. If he cuts it up and runs over the DB, he gets 5-7 yards. Instead he tries to outrun the other DB to the corner and gets nada. Example of why teams don’t want to pay RBs big $$$

  12. i’ve met jacobs. seems like a good guy.
    i read he’s been taking plaxicos son around town with his own on off days ( visiting firehouses, etc.)
    he’s probably not as bad of a guy as media makes him out to be.
    emotions get the best of him but at least he cares.

  13. Perhaps a divorce is best for both sides, but there is no team that would remotely be interested in Jacobs considering his salary and attitude.
    Rosenthal, once again infiltrating the minds of the GM’s and head coaches of the NFL. Do you have mind reading powers, kinda like the Alien dudes in Independence Day?
    You were spot on with your assumption that since the Rams didn’t want Derrick Ward, no other team would want him. He signed with the Texans, what, 2 days later?

  14. In a related story, Brandon Jacobs accidentaly threw his helmet at the Giants front office monday after they refused to trade him

  15. The East-West run wasn’t really that bad – he would have gotten the same hitting the wall where his outside gap was supposed to be, and the Giants’ clean (for once) backfield didn’t make it all that risky. And I think he’s less a full-blown cancer than just an over-emotional guy who’s kinda pouty over losing the #1 spot. Salary is an issue though. Still, if he could shave just some off of that, I could see Tampa Bay getting interested in some kind of alternative to Cadillac. Even Washington, who’s not shy about wasting money, might realize they’re one Portis injury away from disaster. Seattle makes sense, but they just seem to harbor a Belichick-like indifference to their backfield situation.

  16. The guys a jerk. a guy that big launching a helmet into the crowd could have broken someones face. Kicking over the water cooler is one thing. This was just dumb. and he has a bad attitude because he has a diminished role. Guess what? You have a diminished role because your not getting it done. Hes either always banged up or hes just not effective as anything more than a big man to move the pile near the goal line.
    Whats getting traded going to do? the focus now in the NFL is on lighter, quicker guys who can catch the ball out of the backfield and make people miss. AP is the exception cause he has home run speed. this guy does not.

  17. They looked about as emotional as the Vikings did….I will say that the Jets D is for real and may spell the end of the amazing Favre continuous game streak here soon.
    Coaching changes are needed at both places…IMO.

  18. Yes the Giants should keep Jacobs. There are a lot of toilets in New Meadowlands stadium he can clean after every game, and after the Jets games too! Also he can hand scrub jockstraps as well.
    And I am a Giants fan.

  19. I agree with Chapnasty, he definitely should be fined at least two games for throwing his helmet into the stands. He could’ve hurt someone with that thing.

  20. jediwrstlr says:
    September 20, 2010 10:32 AM
    or send him to see Plaxico, and remind him, his life is still better than 90% of teh rest of the population.
    I’ll take 13 million to sit on the bench and gain one yard a game.
    Hell I would do that for 2 million.
    You would gladly take someone else’s money to be a failure?
    Soooooo…….you’re criticizing him by saying you would do exactly the same thing if given the chance?
    Got it.

  21. “pioli_for_prez says: September 20, 2010 11:00 AM
    In a related story, Brandon Jacobs accidentaly threw his helmet at the Giants front office monday after they refused to trade him”

  22. Jacobs is a passionate and not so intelligent bruising RB. He should not be trying to run like Tiki Barber. Part of that is his fault, part the coaches’ fault, part of it is the O-line who used to be awesome but now sucks.
    He is a jackass for throwing his helmet.
    He will not be traded though.

  23. As a life long Giants fan and a formerly huge Jacobs supporter, I realized last season that this guy was done. Granted, the line is deteriorating at a rapid pace, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping Bradshaw and Ware, when that idiot Gilbride actually calls a running play designed for the right down and distance. (They should have been running counters with Bradshaw from the first play last night!)
    I have a theory that RB is the most replaceable position in all of Professional Sports. The theory is proved correct every time an undrafted RB not only makes the roster, but cracks the starting lineup or even tears up the record books.
    I give you Ahmad Bradshaw (7th round pick), Pierre Thomas (undrafted) and more recently, Arian Foster (undrafted). As a RB, all you really need is speed and cutback abaility (and and IQ over 12, so you can remember which hole to hit). Thats why every season new RBs get the chance to shine and old ones die a quick death.
    The moment that Jacobs was due to become a FA, I had hoped the Giants would let him walk. Again, I was a huge supporter of this guy – I loved the way he would knock over Safety’s and run with wreckless abandon, but his 3 productive years were up. The Giants always find quality backs. The worst move Reese has made to date yet was resigning this monster. Now that he can no longer hit the hole and take it up field, the only thing that he has left of his running ability is how he runs his mouth.
    God forbid that there was a kid in the stands when he threw that helmet. Imagine how badly that kid could have been hurt? I bench my own 9 year old when he throws a fit on the sideline. It amazes me that a guy that makes that much money and is a so called professional can act like that and expect that he will somehow get his job back.
    Trade him to the Raiders or some other dumb team who for some reason always gathers other teams trash if you can JR, but once you realize that no one else wants him, send him to the practice squad just to embarass him, elevate Ware to his spot, and then cut ties in the off season.
    One more thing, dont draft another RB high, because a 4th rounder with a great O-line will get you 1,000 yards in this league. Cut ties and revamp the damn O-Line. Lord knows that is as big a problem physically as Jacobs is mentally.

  24. Helmets shouldn’t be thrown. I’ll lay that little tidbit of morality down right now.
    However. Colts fans are just the worst. People gripe about the Jets fans, but nah. Nah, man. It’s not even close.
    Indianapolis is a city that closes down at 3pm, and the utter vacuum of culture, vibrance, and diversity sucks the Hoosiers’ souls into a very dark, malignant place.
    I’ve been to a lot of games wearing the opposing team’s jersey. I can take a good natured ribbing with the best of them, after all, that’s expected. But that town is just classless and crass.
    I’m not saying I’m down with Jacobs throwing his helmet. But I understand.

  25. The NYG’s should call Synder in DC, they’ve got an overweight/underused DT they don’t use. Portis doesn’t get it done and Larry Johnson runs like a glacier. They could use Jacobs.

  26. With the way Harrison is running & the fact that Hardesty is out for the year, I would be more than happy to send the Giants a 6th rounder for Jacobs. I would also entertain sending an 11′ & 12′ 3rd round picks with the chance of one being a 2nd based on performance to the Chargers for Vincent Jackson. Not to mention, I would trade a 2nd to NE for Logan Mankins.
    The Browns desperately need a RG, RB, & WR….. NOW!

  27. “Throwing the helmet into the stands was a nice touch too, funniest thing I ever saw when you were crying to the coach about that guy not giving you your helmet back…”
    ‘you’? I love the people who post on here thinking the players are reading their comments.

  28. He’s toxic? Where do you get this garbage from? He was frustrated after the loss but he is not a cancer in the locker room. What he did last night was very stupid and he should be fined but it’s just another poor attempt by you to make up nonsense.

  29. The comment on all a running back needs is speed and cut back ability (and cite several lower round or undrafted RB’s as examples) – is an interesting one. I don’t totally agree. I think what it shows is that you need fresh bodies and because you get so ridiculously banged up in this league that fresh, well-above average athletes in the right offensive system can temporarily (until they become banged up) outperform fundamentally better players like Brandon Jacobs – and please don’t say the guy is afraid of contact. He is a NFL RB.

  30. brandon..need a lift to the bus station??
    i love tom coughlin but god this team is on a death watch.

  31. People are commenting as though this guy has no future. I say he’s way ahead of the competition if Pissy Attitude Helmet Throwing becomes an Olympic sport.

  32. kev86 says: September 20, 2010 10:44 AM
    call on line 2 for Mr. Al Davis.
    Wow, that’s about as ignorant as it gets right there.
    I guess you’ve never heard of Darren McFadden & Michael Bush.

  33. Since you guys are the big ruler in New York should we inform the Jets that this is the proper way to act, dam this is a week to late, Greene should have beaten and kicked a fans ass for being taken out of the game last week, but we know the Giants are the classy team, and the Jets are the dirtbags, yeah right…

  34. They didn’t post my comment because I spelled out the word A-Hole !!! HAHA
    BUT Jacobs is an A**HOLE !!! He runs his mouth when he needs to be concentrating on running PERIOD !!! This dude is mad because Bradshaw took “his” spot. So much that he tried to juke some players on a run like he had skillz like that !!! That’s why the idiot threw his helmet in the first place, he is soooooo clueless that he’s tryin to change his running style mid-game !!! LOL … REALLY ?!? Get a clue, your just a downhill runner and an average one at that !!! You’r not even close to being a bruiser !!! Now he’s turning tail and wants out of NY ?!?!? I thought this was your team, your heart ?!? He’d better start thinking of life as a back-up or after the NFL cause I don’t see him being anything more than this EVER !!! BRAG AND RUN YOUR MOUTH ON THAT, JACOBS !!!!

  35. Jacobs is pissed off. He got paid starter money and while he didn’t run great last year, part of that can be put on the line not making any holes for him.
    A larger back needs somewhat of a hole to make a decent run. Bradshaw has been working better because the line play has been garbage.
    Last night they should’ve went to Jacobs more between the tackles because there is little way the fast and light Colts D could bring him down.
    Just another reason Kevin KillDrive has to be let go after this season. The offense is either really good or really predictable. The run game wasn’t working very well, but he stopped using it after they went down 14-0. Then the Colts let loose Freeney and Mathis. Game Over. The line has been playing too sloppy to allow Eli any time.

  36. Jacobs can take Kevis Boss’ blocking duties until Boss gets back on the field. Then they can turn Jacobs into a linebacker. That would make his pretty happy.

  37. Not for nothing, but I would really like to know how this story came about?
    I’m not defending Jacobs b/c his actions are down right childish.
    However, the validity of this article is in question.
    Bad job of reporting IMO.

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